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San Francisco Celebrates the Life of Dr. Julia Hare by Marvin X

San Francisco Celebrates the Life of Dr. Julia Hare, Queen of Black Consciousness

Marvin X
photos Adam Turner

Left to right, Mildred Hare and her young brother, Dr. Nathan Hare and Marvin X.
photo Adam Turner

Former San Francisco Mayor, the Honorable Willie Brown and Rev. Amos Brown
photo Adam Turner

Dr. Julia Hare, 
Educator, Motivator, Inspirator, Agitator, Liberator

Today, Saturday, March 30, must be declared Dr. Julia Hare Day, especially since the City of San Francisco celebrated her transition to the ancestors during Women's History Month. What manner of woman was this, this female Malcolm X as a black newspaper in England named her in a full page article some years ago. The consensus of speakers at Third Baptist Church said again and again, she was a phenomenal woman who gave all she could to enlighten, educate, inspire and motivate our people to be their very best selves. 

Left to right Wilford Ussery, Emory Douglas, Dr. Hare,Terry Collins, Benny Stewart (man on back left unidentified)
photo Adam Turner

Firstly, we must give honor and praise to Amelia Ashley-Ward for organizing and officiating this grand home going ceremony at Third Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Amos Brown, mentored by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Third Baptist is known for it liberation theology and Civil Rights activism, the perfect space to honor and praise our modern Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Ida B. Wells. 

Before Barack and Michelle Obama, Beyonce' and JayZ became known as power couples, Julia and Nathan held the honor, they enjoyed 62 years of marriage.Dr. Nathan Hare has said, "Half the people not married are trying to get married and half of those married are trying to get unmarried!"

Speaker after speaker confirmed the Hares were the supreme model of black love and successful male/female relations, inspiring and counseling others to have positive relationships. Amelia Ashley-Ward, Publisher of the Sun Reporter Newspaper, shared her remarks after the Delta sorors gave Julia last rites. 

Amelia Ashey-Ward said she and Julia used to converse every morning at 6AM. on a myriad topics, including relationships and child rearing. 

The Honorable London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco and former Mayor Willie Brown
photo Adam Turner

Amelia introduced the first African American woman Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed. Mayor Breed made it crystal clear how critical Julia was in her career advancement, the unconditional love Julia gave her and all who came into contact with our beloved Queen of Black Consciousness and Upliftment. 

Mayor London Breed was followed by the Honorable Willie Brown, first black mayor of San Francisco and the undisputed god-father of California politics. The god-father showered more honor and praise upon Dr. Julia Hare. He referred to Mayor London Breed as the boss of San Francisco, but we have it from a reliable source that the god-father is still alive and well, executing his role as the king of San Francisco and California politics. And he looked so well, someone noted he must be taking a stay young pill!

Ernie Fields was in the first grade with Julia
photo Adam Turner

The singing and music was out of this world, revealing the genius of our black classical tradition, from the Sheryl Davis operatic rendition of "You're The Best Thing," to  Ricardo Scales on piano to saxophonist Ernie Fields, Jr.'s "Soul Serenade" and "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." 

Sangin' Sarah blew us away with "My Way"
photo Adam Turner

Ernie noted that he knew Dr. Julia Hare before everyone in the audience, he knew her in the first grade, Tulsa, Oklahoma. His melodic sounds had the audience rocking. His "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" touched me deeply because my "adopted" aunt used to give me a private concert whenever I visited their apartment in the high class section of Jackson Street, where they have resided since 1973. Several people noted that although Julia and Nathan lived high, they always associated themselves with the people in the  hood. In 2004, I produced the Black Radical Book Fair in the wretched multi-cultural ghetto called the Tenderloin, only blocks from the affluent Union Square area of downtown San Francisco, attended by the black literati as well as pimps and hustlers who'd written books or were in the process of doing so, such notables as Fillmore Slim, Gangsta Brown, Mickey Moore, Rose Bud Bitterdose, et al. The pimps and hustlers said if they had known they could be successful writing books they would have never entered the sex trade. 

In her response to them, Dr. Julia Hare said, "Don't feel guilty about your pimping and hustling life because we got ecclesiastical pimps as well!" 

And as per male/female relations, our undisputed Queen of Black Consciousness told women at the Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness Concert, San Francisco State University, 2001, "Sisters, I didn't wait for my ship to come in, I swam out to meet it!" Then she called out her husband in the audience, "Nathan, didn't I swim out to meet you?" And blew him a kiss! What manner of woman is this? 

Amelia called up Dr. Mary Ann Jones, Director of San Francisco's Westside Mental Health Services.
Dr. Jones said Drs. Nathan and Julia Hare saved her life while a teenager because she was headed to destruction; she thanked Nathan and Julia for their guidance and making her the successful woman she is today!

After the King of Africa, Rabboni Selah, gave his inspirational, motivational remarks in praise of Julia, Amelia called forth my home-girl from Fresno, the founder and president of Black Women Organized for Political Action, Dezi Woods-Jones. 

Amelia Ashley-Ward, organizer and officiator of memorial, and Dezi Woods-Jones, Founder of Black Women Organized for Political Action
photo Adam Turner

In her coming into consciousness, Dezi noted how such black nationalists as Jimmy Garrett, Kwame Toure and Marvin X, and most especially Julia gave her the consciousness to be the woman she became as head of BWOPA, and she did not leave out the legendary Edith Austin, god-mother of Bay Area politics.

Rev. Amos Brown, presiding Minster, Third Baptist Church

Rev. Amos Brown gave critical historical remarks on Julia's attendance at Langston University and called for the full support of Historical Black colleges, especially Howard University, of which brother Langston should have been the first president. 

Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III
photo Adam Turner

Rev. Brown introduced, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III, who delivered a powerful message of celebration. In the manner of Dr. Julia Hare, Dr. Haynes, III, stole the show! In the grandest tradition of black Christian oratory, Dr. Haynes placed Julia in biblical historiography, the story of Tabitha, Acts 9:36-42. One translation of Tabitha is a woman of energy, grace, beauty and quick movements. Rev. Hayes asked was this not Dr. Julia Hare? Tabitha is also translated as gazelle, an animal who was swift even among rocks and hillsides, and he said, "Was not Dr. Julia Hare Tabitha?"

Before Rev. Brown's benediction, Amelia announced the Oakland Celebration will be Saturday, April 6, 3-6PM at Geoffrey's Inner Circle, 410 14th at Franklin, downtown Oakland. For more information: 510-575-7148

Dr. Nathan Hare and Marvin X
photo Adam Turner

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Three first cousins of Marvin X join ancestors within three weeks, two in three days

Cover photo Alicia Mayo
Cover and book design Adam Turner

WTF, I am in total shock and disbelief that three of my first cousins have joined the ancestors within the last three weeks, also my "adopted" aunt, Dr. Julia Hare. My cousins, Stan, Faye and Sandra Murrill, were children of my mother's brother, Stanley, who raised them as a single father after divorcing his wife due to alcoholism. The remaining siblings are Patsy, Connie and Cathy, all of whom except Connie resided in Sacramento. Their father was my mother's baby brother and my surrogate father after my parents separated. My maternal family suffered high blood pressure and the resultant strokes. Faye and Sandra were on dialysis and transitioned yesterday and today. When my sister Judy called to inform me Faye passed, I thought she was joking since we have yet buried cousin Stan, my most radical cousin who combined revolution and the hustling life. Faye and Sandra lived quiet lives, even more reclusive than I am, though this is a family trait, introverts. Faye's son, Byron, works hard as the manager of a DMV in Oakland. All of my cousins support the family radical, especially when I make appearances in Sacramento. Stan and I last kicked it together when I was a featured author at the Sacramento Black Book Fair. Stan never hesitated to tell all he knew that I was his cousin and he spread my books throughout the hood. When I stayed with him at his apartment, he rushed me to his neighbor's house, Fillmore Slim, legendary musician and master of the game.

Stan, also known as Butterball in the hood (especially in Sac's Oak Park neighborhood) was the inspiration of his five sisters, which makes me think they enjoyed an unconscious pack to depart together since they most certainly did. If I am correct, Stan, Sandra and Faye were the eldest of the six children. I thank them for the loving times we shared and know, yes, they are in a better place since I have no knowledge of their doing wrong to anyone. Surely we are from Allah and to Him we return. Arrangements are pending. As the eldest of all my cousins, I say please pray for the Murrill/Jackmon family in our hour of grief. Thank you.
--Marvin X

And the beat goes on
Marvin X 75th b-day tour
b. May 29,1944

Saturday, March 23
Benefit for Haiti

Malonga Center, Oakland, 7pm
book signing

Sunday, March 24

Marvin X joins Bay Area poets in honor of the
50th Anniversary of the BSU/Third World Strike at SFSU
San Francisco Main Library, Larkin Street

Sunday, March 24, 6-10PM
Marvin X at Oakland's Blue Dream
1300 7th Street, West Oakland
The Art of Storytelling
a reading and trans-generational conversation with Marvin X
conducted by Hip Hop comic Langstyn Williams

"Marvin X is a National Treasure!"--Blue Dream
"Marvin X is Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland!"--Ishmael Reed, Master Writer 

"He's the USA's Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz!"--Bob Holman

"When you listen to Tupac Shakur, E-40, Too Short, Master P or any other rappers out of the Bay Area of Cali, think of Marvin X. He laid the foundation and gave us the language to express black male urban experiences in a lyrical way."
--James G. Spady,
Phiadelphia New Observer Newspaper

"Marvin X was my teacher. Many of our comrades came through his Black Arts Movement theatre, e.g., Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, George Murray, Samuel Napier, Emory Douglas, et al."--Dr. Huey P. Newton, co-founder, Black Panther Party

Saturday, April 6, 3-6PM
Memorial for Dr. Julia Hare

Minister-poet Marvin X officiates
Geoffery's Inner Circle
14th and Franklin Streets,
downtown Oakland CA

Tuesday, April 9, 4PM
Davey D's Hip Hop Class
San Francisco State University

photo Davey D

Marvin X with students in Davey D's Hip Hop class, San Francisco State University, 12/4/18

Marvin X received his B.A. and M.A. in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, 1974-75. He was a TA in the English/Creative Writing Department, 1964-66, also a member of the Negro Students Association that morphed into the BSU, 1964-66. 

He graduated from Oakland City College, aka, Merritt, 1962-1964. His fellow students were Black Panther Party co-founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. The entire Bay Area was inspired by the black radical consciousness of the Afro-American Association under the leadership of Attorney Donald Warden, aka Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour. May he be forever praised! Without the AAA there would be no Black Panther Party, Black Arts Movement or Black Studies in the Bay Area. I wish sombody would hep me in the spirit of JB.

The SFSU Drama Department produced his first play, the Black Arts Movement classic Flowers for the Trashman, 1965. In 1966, he dropped out of SFSU to found his own Black Arts West Theatre in the Fillmore, later worked at the New Lafayette Theatre in Harlem, New York, while underground as a resister to the USA war in Vietnam. 

May 29, 2019

Honorary Philly Poet Marvin X 
celebrates his 75th b-day in Philly
at the University of Penn

hosts: Maurice Henderson, Gregory Walker, Tony Montiero, Pam Africa, Sonia Sanchez, Elliott Bey, Sun Ra Arkestra, Muhammad Ahmad, Nisa Ra, et al.

June 2019
Marvin X reads and signs Notes of Artistic Freedom Fighter
Seattle, Wa
host: Hakeem Trotter

October, 2019
Marvin X production
How We Got Ovah
celebration of the 400th anniversary of  our presence
in the wilderness of North America, English colonies
a myth-ritual dramatic dance drama/mixed media production
by Marvin X
Six Square Black Cultural District
Executive Producer
Austin, Texas

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bay Area Poets honor San Francisco State University Strike, Reading at San Francisco Main Library

Join us on March 24, 1-4 p.m., in the Latino/Hispanic Room (Lower Level) of the San Francisco Public Library for a celebration of the SF State Student Strike of 1968.

From November 6, 1968 until March 20, 1969, hundreds of protesting San Francisco State College students, faculty, and staff went on strike to demand equal access to public higher education, the hiring of senior faculty of color, and a revised curriculum that would embrace the histories and cultures of all people, including ethnic minorities. The efforts of these activists led to the creation of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State.

Come hear a stellar roster of Bay Area poets, including SF State strikers, express solidarity with the spirit of the Strike, as the poets take us along on their journey to experience the depth and beauty of all cultures and to end racism in America.

Val Ibarra (aka Global Val) of KPFA's Mutiny Radio will emcee this program. Featured readers include: Tongo Eisen-Martin, Q.R. Hand, Judy Juanita, Avotcja, Genny Lim, Kitty Tsui, Alejandro Murgia, Aja Couchois Duncan, Leslie Simon, Gary Goch, Ernie Brill and Marvin X.

Related exhibit: Strike! Ethnic Studies Now, on view March 23–June 20, 3rd Floor, Main Library. This exhibit explores the events leading up to the strike, the campus strike and the need and enduring legacy of Ethnic Studies.

Langstyn Avery 

Event Curator

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Surreal Absurdity of American Democracy and Law

They told us North Americans if and when we violate US laws, we go to jail and prison. And in fact, as I write, there are nearly three million North American Africans, Brown and poor white people in the jails and prisons of America. And yet the Democratic Party and their progressive and right wing Republican sycophants want to convince us that illegal immigrants can come across the border freely and obtain refugee status, health care, education, and, alas, voting rights, no matter their illegal status.
Without giving due consideration legal immigrants, we are propagandized by the fake news media that only presents news of North American Africans as criminals, yet in concert with the pseudo liberal, progressive Democratic Party and their Communists and Democratic Socialists sycophants, and don't leave out the right wing Republican capitalists, along with the Pope (Remember Bishop Las Casas who requested the importation of Africans into the slave system in the Americas); yes, this immigration false narrative of left/right propaganda for the benefit of all concerned, i.e., Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Socialists, Catholic Charities, Drug Cartels, global sex traffickers and sellers of  body parts, what hope have the common people, the poor righteous teachers and the 85 t0 90 % of the deaf, dumb and blind?

FYI, I stand on the side of truth that transcends political, ideological and religious dogmatism. I just reviewed Field Marshall Donald Cox's memoir of the Black Panther Party in which he delineated the tragi-comedy of strident ideological Communism, Marxist-Leninism and Democratic Socialism. Field Marshall Cox describes the horror of dogmatism that turned brothers and sisters against each other to the extent we couldn't speak to each other, even with comrades we loved!

So we hope and pray this generation does not fall prey to Stalism that allowed us to murder comrades and jail them in our private jails in the name of revolution.

BPP Field Marshal Donald Cox told us of how black brothers were divided by bald heads and black leather jackets. He did not delineate how bald heads and black leather jackets morphed into the fratricide of the Bloods and Krips. Furthermore, he did not fully describe the west coast/east coast fratricide of the Black Panther Party.

FYI, when I produced my play One Day in the Life at Sista's Place in Brooklyn, NY, one day they pulled me aside and said, "Marvin X, we love you and are so happy you have recovered from Crack and are back on the battlefield, but as per your drama depicting your last encounter with Huey Newton, just know this: on the East Coast, we don't give a fuck about Huey here. This is Eldridge's turf and we are still soldiers in the BLM of Eldridge Cleaver.

Marvin X

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Marvin X book review: Just Another Nigger by BPP Field Marshall Donald Cox

As an unrepentant user of the N word, Donald Cox's memoir of his life in the Black Panther Party made me sympathetic to the book from the title alone, even more so when I learned he gleamed the title from W.E.B. DuBois who said the same when introduced by Chairman Mao before a million people in China's Tienanmen Square, "Thank you, Chairman Mao for your gracious introduction, but in my country, i.e., USA, I am just a nigger!"

But at the memorial service for BPP member Elbert Big Man Howard, DC's former wife and BPP member Barbara Easley Cox, told me about the book and said she was not a happy camper about it.
I forgot about the book until, Bob Mason, a supporter of my Academy of da Corner, Lakeshore Ave., Oakland purchased the book and after reading it, passed it onto me, requesting my critique. Only a few days before, my dear friend from Oakland City College, aka, Merritt College, Sister Ann Williams, had gifted me a copy of Donna Murch's history of the Black Panther Party, Living For the City. Ann was featured in the book. Donna had tried to interview me for the book at Amiri Baraka's house in Newark, NJ, where she is a Professor of History at Rutgers University. Ann didn't press me to review Donna's but Bob Mason did so I took up his offer even thought I read very little these as I am blind in my left eye.

Bob told me he especially wanted to know what I thought of DC's ungracious comments about Eldridge Cleaver and David Hilliard. As per Eldridge, I told him when I wrote my memoir of Eldridge Ceaver: My Friend the Devil, people were aghast, but I replied, "Didn't you guys call him the devil from the beginning, i.e., after I was the first person he hooked up with  upon his release from Soledad Prison, late 1966; organized the political/cultural center with him, Black House; introduced him to my friends from OCC/Merritt College, Huey Newton and Bobby Sealse, after which he joined the BPP as Minister of Information. He and I hooked up again when he returned from exile as a Born Again Christian. I was variously his chief of staff, secretary, photographer, bodyguard, driver and organizer of his ministry Eldridge Cleaver Crusades. After he joined the ancestors on May Day, 1998, I officiated his memorial service in Oakland. In Stanley Nelson's documentary film: Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, after interviewing me for several years coast to coast, the only footage Nelson used was my comments about Eldridge.

Thus, I knew quite a bit about Eldridge but DC's filled in some gaps in my knowledge as per EC in exile, although EC had told me much more than DC revealed in his memoir of the BPP, yet I am thankful for what DC did reveal, after all, it was from another horses's mouth. And yet one must be careful about information presented from primary sources, e.g., at the memorial for Elbert Big Man Howard, Chairman Bobby Seale had to be relieved of the mike when his remarks about Big Man morphed into Bobby as the solitary genius of the BPP, originator of all BPP programs, policies and wisdom! Yet, we love you Bobby Seale, just know that!

With my visual disability, I was yet able to devour DC's book as it was an easy read, in simple language. DC noted that many of the BPP members were totally illiterate and this was true in the Black Arts Movement and Black Studies as well. Alas, when I taught English on the university and community college, when I asked my mostly white students to read orally, I discovered, much to my surprise, white students are equally as illiterate as black and chicano students.

His narrative is a coming of age or coming into consciousness journey of that white supremacist terror inflicted on North American Africans. DC descended from John Brown Abolitionist roots in the Kansas area, including biracial heritage. Alas, what North American African doesn't have biracial roots, after all the motherfucker fucked our mothers, fathers and us? And don't leave Miss Ann out of this interracial drama cause she was fucking niggers too!

What becomes clear from DC's narrative that must be instructive for young generations if they are to transcend the patriarchal mythology, the revolutionary woman were as busy as the men sexually. DC relates Eldridge's infatuation with a 14 year old Algerian girl, no matter he was married to Kathleen, yet declined to participate with the BPP International Embassy when the BPP members demanded
he end his relationship with the 14 year old, even after it was disclosed she was having a sexual relationship with a fellow BPP member. Most critically, of course, was the BPP member Rahim who was killed after EC learned he had a sexual relationship with the love of Cleaver's life, his wife, Kathleen.

I think what younger generations of men and women need to understand as I delineated in my 18 page monograph The Mythology of Pussy and Dick, DC made it plain in his treatise that men and women were equally sexually free during this era, except the men suffering the patriarchal mentality and mythology couldn't accept the fact that were equally as free sexually as the men, yet the men sometimes resorted to homicide to claim their masculine superiority.

My Mythology of Pussy and Dick tried, yes, 2009, before the #Metoo era, to let men know they don't own the female as chattel property, i.e., personal property as per the slave laws, and likewise, the women don't own the men, no matter they claim ownership to the point of cutting off the man's penis for sexual transgressions as per the marriage rites, i.e., til death due us part!

What disturbed me and yet what I appreciated most about DC was his honesty and sincerity no matter how much the internal and external rats tried to devour him mind, body and soul. No matter how deeply his soul, mind and body was submerged in the rat hole of revolutionary socio-pycho-pathological madness, whether internal or external--for sure, the Panthers and the FBI/CIA and international governmental institutions  attempted to destroy the BPP, DC kept his head up high, even though he suffered revolutionary "negrocities" himself.

He was honest enough to delineate the contradictions of BPP members when they became victims of Marxist-Lennist-Stalinist ideological dogmatism that made them don the persona of revolutionary romanticism and domination that made them feel superior to fellow members below the Central Committee and masses or lumpen. We hope that in the present era of neo-Communism and Democratic Socialism the present generation does not fall victim to such ideological madness that will lead them to such actions as imprisonment and homicide.

We wonder why DC did not describe the brutal murder of Samuel Napier in the west coast/east coast struggle of the BPP. He comes close in his narrative of the New Haven BPP madness and the NY Panther 21 who were eventually expelled in the BPP fratricide.

He tried to explain why the New York Panthers did not accept the official BPP line of "integration" because of Harlem's long history of Black Nationalism from Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. We appreciate his narrative of Chicago's Chairman Fred Hampton's attempt to involve his rainbow coalition of Puerto Ricans and poor whites into the black liberation movement.

DC was ultimately overwhelmed by BPP psycho-pathological personalities and external forces, including the FBI, CIA and other global entities.

BPP Co-founder, Dr. Huey P. Newton

BPP Co-founder Bobby Seale in Sacramento at the State capital.

Left to Right, Stanley Nelson, director of the documentary film Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, Marvin X who appears in the film, and Fred Hampton, Jr., whose father was murdered by the Chicago police while Fred, Jr. was in his mother's womb as his father was killed in bed with his wife.

Angela Davis, Marvin X and Poet Sonia Sanchez

Cover art by BPP Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas

Ann Williams, member of the Afro-American Association

Bobby Seale and Marvin X

Marvin X

Donald L. Cox, who was at the center of black radical politics as a member of the Black Panther Party high command and who earned a moment of celebrity in 1970 when he spoke at the Leonard Bernsteinfund-raising party in Manhattan made notorious by the writer Tom Wolfe, died on Feb. 19 at his home in Camps-sur-l’Agly, France. He was 74.
His wife, Barbara Cox Easley, did not specify a cause. He had been living abroad since the early 1970s, when he fled the country after being implicated in a Baltimore murder.
Known as D. C., Mr. Cox held the title of field marshal with the Panthers, the socialist movement founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, Calif., in 1966. Mr. Cox was living in San Francisco at the time and became part of a group known as the central committee, which included Mr. Newton, Mr. Seale, Eldridge Cleaver and a handful of others.
Mr. Cox’s job was to travel the country to establish and supervise branch offices. But he was also the Panthers’ arms expert — writing about the proper use of guns in The Black Panther, the party newspaper, teaching party members to shoot and even procuring guns. The Panthers embraced the use of guns in defense of what they saw as black liberation from a white racist establishment; Mr. Cox liked to say he was in charge of the Panther military.
He also served the Panthers as a spokesman, and in January 1970 he appeared with a handful of Panthers and some 80 other guests at the Bernstein apartment on Park Avenue. The occasion was a fund-raiser for the legal defense of the New York Panther 21 — 19 men and 2 women who had been indicted on charges of plotting to kill police officers and blow up several sites, including Midtown stores, police precinct houses and the New York Botanical Garden.
Continue reading the main story
“Some people think that we are racist, because the news media find it useful to create that impression in order to support the power structure,” Mr. Cox told Mr. Bernstein’s guests. “They like for the Black Panther Party to be made to look like a racist organization, because that camouflages the true class nature of the struggle.”
The fund-raiser was notable for its clash of cultures. As Charlotte Curtis of The New York Times reported, “There they were, the Black Panthers from the ghetto and the black and white liberals from the middle, upper-middle and upper classes studying one another cautiously over the expensive furnishings, the elaborate flower arrangements, the cocktails and the silver trays of canapés.”
Among the conversations Ms. Curtis noted was an exchange between Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Cox.
Mr. Bernstein: “Now about your goals. I’m not sure I understand how you’re going to achieve them. I mean, what are your tactics?”
Mr. Cox: “If business won’t give us full employment, then we must take the means of production and put them in the hands of the people.”


From left, June Hilliard, Donald L. Cox and Elbert Howard, all Black Panthers, around 1970.CreditStephen Shames & Alan Copeland/Polaris

Mr. Bernstein: “I dig absolutely.”
The event raised nearly $10,000, Ms. Curtis reported. In May 1971 all 21 of the accused Panthers were acquitted. In June 1970 Mr. Wolfe’s article, “Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny’s,” was published in New York magazine. A skewering of Mr. Bernstein and his guests, it advanced Mr. Wolfe’s career as a leading proponent of the so-called new journalism. But it was reviled by Mr. Cox. The guests that night, he told Roz Payne, who documented the history of the Panthers in a series of films, “were really a concerned bunch of people.”
He added that “it was those media freaks and that bloodsucking Tom Wolfe” who exploited the cause of black liberation to make money from it and “to be part of the machinery that tried to ridiculize it.”
Donald Lee Cox was born on April 16, 1936, in Appleton, in west central Missouri, where he grew up hunting small game and reading everything he could find about nature and the outdoors.
“I read all the books in the library about snakes,” he told Ms. Payne for her film series. (That series has been released on DVD under the title taken from the Panther party platform: “What We Want, What We Believe.”)
He moved to San Francisco at 17, by his own account an ignorant country boy who was politically naïve until he joined the Panthers.
But as he explained in interviews, anger had been building up in him over attacks on black people, like the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963, which killed four black girls, and, closer to home, the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by policemen that set off a riot in the Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco in 1966.
“It was a steady accumulation of pressure, like a volcano,” he said.
Shortly after the Bernstein dinner, Mr. Cox was charged as a conspirator in the July 1969 murder of Eugene Anderson, a Panther who had been a police informer in Baltimore. Mr. Cox said he had had nothing to do with the killing. One of several co-defendants was convicted of the crime.
After a warrant was issued for his arrest, Mr. Cox left the country, first living in Algeria and then in France. His first marriage, in San Francisco, ended in divorce. He met Ms. Easley, who lives in Philadelphia, in the 1960s, and though they had not lived together since he left the country, she said, they married in 2006 so that she would have legal standing in his affairs.
In addition to Ms. Easley, he is survived by a daughter, Kimberly Cox Marshall of Vallejo, Calif.; two sons, Donald, of Dallas, and Jonathan, of Philadelphia; five grandchildren; and a great-grandson.
“He created a very comfortable life here,” his wife said in a phone interview from Camps-sur-l’Agly, where she was tending to her husband’s matters, though she added that the isolation had begun to wear on him.
“Exile will do that to you,” she said.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Parable of pitiful ass white folks and their global sycophants

Firstly, let us establish that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it best for all times, "The white man is the devil!" But let us be clear that this does not mean to suggest that there are not black devils since Elijah told us we are the father of the devil, although we are gods, the Aboriginal Asiatic Black man. So we enjoy a kind of schizophrenia in that we can don multiple personalities, god and the devil among them. In our acquired skills of shuffling, dancing and head scratching, we can perform as the devil's imps! Such has been the role of house negroes so eloquently delineated by ancestor Malcolm X and demonstrated by neo-colonial Pan Africans from the Motherland, throughout the Americas and Caribbean or Diaspora.

But the arrogance of the blue-eyed white devil is unsurpassed. Alas, we have been hoodwinked and bamboozled (again, Malcolm X term) into believing the Euro-American-Latin system of slavery was long ago terminated. Yet, we know full well slavery or "human trafficking" is alive and well as I write, especially sex trafficking of children, women and men, as in the old days. Even babies in the womb and immediately out of the womb are being sold for body parts and human sacrificial rituals.
In this global trade of bodies, body parts and sex for religious myth/ritual and satanic rituals, there is an almost universal consensus by all religions and mythological societies and institutions that human beings are expendable. Among this global cabal, in the name of Jesus, tell me who is without sin? Jews, Christians, Muslims, Yoruba, Buddhists, Hindu, same gender loving people?

Alas, I did not begin this discourse on the theme of sexuality but rather the pronouncement that the white man is the devil. Let us congratulate President Donald Trump for his profound desire to stay white as in MAGA, and every sensible person can decipher the meaning in the deep structure of his remarks, especially those of us cognizant of psycho-linguistics. But is it not clear in the surface structure of President Trump's white nationalist pronouncements that he does not distinguish between Democrats and Republicans when he rants about draining the swamp? We are fully aware of the Never Trumpers in leagues with the traditional political establishment that is ultimately not loyal a party but to lobbyists, lobbyists for globalists, lobbyists for the military-industrial-university-technological complex that transcends what President Eisenhower warned us about.

Moving closer to my point, there is so many contradictions and conundrums in the multiplicity of tricknology designed by the devil to snare the deaf dumb and blind that one would and must indeed be a rocket scientist to extricate oneself and most especially one's people from the snares of the devil.

As I more toward my conclusion, I want to expound on the latest news from academia, especially since the only employment I ever had was mainly in academia, yes, it was short-lived but I enjoyed enough temporary tenure to speak with limited authority on the subject, after all, at 25 years old I was invited to teach Black Studies at Fresno State University but removed on orders of Gov. Ronald Reagan, 1969, yes, 50 years ago, the same time he demanded the removal of Angela Davis from teaching at UCLA. And three years later I was invited to lecture in Black Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, then San Francisco State University where I obtained my B.A. and M.A. in English/Creative Writing, then was a Visiting Professor at the University of California, San Diego, also University of Nevada, Reno, Mills College, Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland.

Therefore, do you think I am not qualified to speak on the mythology and rituals of American academia? After all, I married two of my students who gave birth to three of my most wonderful daughters. Do you think I am shocked as America pretends to be at the power of wealth in academia?
I am not. I was told to give a passing grade to athletes who were totally illiterate and the entire university knew so, faculty, students, alumni, trustees, everybody, but these "slaves" were worth millions to the university.  Enough!
--Marvin X

The Blue Dream proudly presents the Honorable Poet Marvin X

What is it?
The Art of Storytellin’ is a concept created for people to be able to share stories. The objective is for people to be surrounded be like minded individuals and share stories from their past. Good, bad, positive, negative, non-fiction, or real life everyone has a story to tell. This platform is also a community bonding event. Made for people to be able to meet people who actually live close to them. The bazaar is a collective of various vendors who range from jewelry makers, painters, app builders, 3D designers, and other creators. This event will be able to empower our small businesses in giving them a place to build clientele, as well as sell their respective products.
This Art of Storytellin' installment will feature West Oakland Native Marvin X
He grew up in Fresno and Oakland, in an activist household. He graduated from Thomas Alva Edison High School in Fresno in 1962. His parents published the Black-owned paper of Fresno, California, called the Fresno Voice.[1] The 1947 paper advertised community events, local businesses, including their own real-estate business, and focused on national and state events including: the promotion of anti-lynching laws, Jackie Robinson Day, New York Freedom trains being integrated, the mission work of the Catholic church with Indian and Negroes, and the $350 million expansion of PG&E in California.
Marvin X has four living children and one son who preceded him in death.

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