Friday, May 29, 2020

Blaxit--Time to leave Babylon, return to Motherland

Muhammida El Muhajir shares a compelling story on migrating to Africa.

Is BLAXIT to Africa an Option for Black Americans and is the time NOW?

During the final days of Ghana Tourism Authority's 2019 historic Year of Return, a TED Event was held to explore the impact of the campaign. Muhammida El Muhajir, who moved to Accra, Ghana in 2014 presented a talk called BLAXIT to share her experience, challenges returnees will face and explore the idea that Africa just might be the destination for African American's next Great Migration.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affecting Blacks in America, low infection rate across the African continent and no end in sight to racial violence and terrorism, some are viewing re-locating to Africa as a viable option.

"It's much worse being a second class citizen in the 'first world' than being a first-class citizen in the so-called third world," says El Muhajir in the 15 minute talk which also highlights the motivations for past black migrations and the realities of modern life in Ghana.

El Muhajir is also completing a documentary showcasing the experience of 5 young African American professionals who have decided to BLAXIT.  
Read more about Muhammida El Muhajir's Blaxit experience in this Al Jazeera article 
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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tarik, a filmscript by Michael Satchell

Jim Crow North

Dad used to talk about Jim Crow South
Black Belt southl cotton curtain
he and moma used to chant n double a cp all night long
all day long n double a cp
n double a cp this n that
as a baby boy i used to think n double a cp was a person
i was three or four
watching my parents publish their black newspaper fresno voice
same office was their real estate business 1948
i thought jim crow was a man too
but he lived down south
not in central valley fresno
not in oakland when we moved there
but moma and daddy still talked about n double a cp in oakland
on sundays we drove to the berkeley hills
see how rich white folks lived
didn't excite me
i wanted to hear dad say we going to the black belt
fillmore fillmore
seemed like it was more exciting than west oakland
seemed like there was more energy on fillmore street
but 7th street was jumping too
but i loved driving down fillmore
bumper to bumper cars
horns blowing neon lights flashing
black people styling n profiling
pimping n simping
my brother ollie wanted to b a pimp
never wanted to b nothin else
never was
except a client in the department of corrections
they never corrected him
cya didnt
san quentin soledad folsome didnt
mcneil island didnt
he said he had to kill jim crow in prison
said if he didnt kill jim crow
jim crow was gonna kill him
no ifs ands r buts.
--marvin x

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Notes on the consent of the governed

Marvin X at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, 2019
photo Adam Turner

On the consent of the governed

Isn't it amazing how people flip the language. I call it the psycholinguistic crisis of changing the narrative. Consent of the governed has morphed into consent of the governors by the astute students of The Prince, the chief ideologue of political chicanery. Consent of the governed has been completely, yes, critically, separated from political policy, most especially on the issue of taxes. If there are policy issues involving taxes, the consent of the governed is ignored as if the people's money is not the people's money, but the treasury belongs to the governors, i.e. politicians, especially whatever political party holds power at the moment, and most often the party in power and the opposition agree to share in the ownership and disbursement of the people's treasury based on taxation. Such political chicanery is only possible because the people lack advocates (as if the politicians were not voted into office for the express purpose of advocating for the people, i.e., the consent of the governed). But alas, the lobbyists control the governors, i.e., politicians, who bow down to lobbyists to the detriment of the people who are perennially duped, Hoodwinked and Bamboozled (Malcolm X, on his b day, May 19). Lobbyists overpower the people and politicians because they do not run for office but are sycophants of corporations who endow politicians beyond a vote, they enrich politicians with kibbles and bits beyond the value of a vote. Even the Congressional Black Caucus is often steeped in Democratic Party ideology, i.e., loyalty, so deeply that they will vote for party above loyalty to the agenda of North American Africans. Right wing conservative Rush Limburg labeled them the Caucus of Black Caucasians. Perhaps he is politically correct, after all they voted to kidnap black revolutionary Sista Asata Shakur from Cuba, but reversed their vote when the consent of the governed informed them she was a member of the BLM or Black Liberation Army. 

Recently former Black Panther Bobby Rush of Chicago voted to allow the government to invade homes of the people to make sure they submitted to Covid19 globalist regulations. Can you believe his legislation was labeled HR6666. 

One day I asked my revolutionary comrade, Amiri Baraka, do we have lobbyists? He said yes we have lobbyists but they don't lobby for us! I said well what will it cost for them to lobby for us? He didn't answer me.

Not long ago I had lunch with some friends and colleagues, including a Washington DC lobbyist. An art professor asked him what he did since she didn't know him although most of us did. He informed her he was a lobbyist. She asked for whom? He said, "For anybody who pays me!" The professor went silent. But he informed me after lunch that the Republicans paid better than Democrats, although he came from the radical Bay Area, from Merritt College, although after I had departed but not to get usurped into the Black Panther Party that consumed student politics soon after I departed, 1964. He became a leader of the Soul Students Advisory Council that became the Black Students Union at Merritt and later throughout the nation at black and white colleges and universities.

But let us return to the main subject: are we not in a quagmire, a conundrum, a matrix of which we will need to have expertise beyond rocket scientists to extricate ourselves from the box, the black hole or white hole of Pax Americana. With our myriad mental and physical toxicities, we can't comprehend the complexity of interlocking directorates oppressing our liberation, yes, from a host of institutions that are often beyond our comprehension. Even the linguistics (fake news, fake blues, fake jazz, fake women with blond hair, dead hair, pants sagging of asses, men and women, fakism is a maze of word magic with ever changing identity confusion. Am I black, am I white, am I man, woman, trans, what? This identity confusion results from lack of manhood and womanhood training or rites of passage. See Jomo Kenyatta's ethnography of his Gikuyu tribe, Facing Mt. Kenya. 

We came here as kidnapped African victims of the American slave system (American slave system, Ed Howard term). Then we became niggas/negroes, an invented phenomena of the slave system. There is no Negroland. So since there was no Negroland, we became Colored, although there is no land of colored people, in fact we discovered the colored people are the white people since black is not a color, black is the prime from which all colors derive. Elijah Muhammad had to inform us the colored man is the white man and we are the aboriginal people of the planet earth. Black is the prime from which all colors come. Black is the aboriginal in all cultures throughout the planet earth. In Europe the first white man was the black man, known as negrito and/or Grilmaldi. Elijah told us wherever you go on the planet earth you will find evidence we were there first, no matter China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Arabia, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Cambodia. And dismiss the white suprematist fake narrative that we were slaves in all the lands where we were the aboriginal inhabitants. The Arabs will tell you that black people were in Egypt before they came. Diop said the Egyptians and Canaanites were brothers. The Jews/Hebrews do not appear in Canaan until Abraham wanders into the land and mates with Sarah, producing Isaac from which the Jews or Hebrews originated. Then Abraham mated with his Egyptian servant and produced Ishmael, from which the Arabs descended. There were no Jews or Arabs before Abraham wandered into Canaan. The Egyptian empire extended from the Nile to the Tigres and Euphrates, from Yemen (Queen of Sheba land) to Palestine or Jerusalem, i.e. Canaan. See the classic study on Aboriginal Arabia, Wonderful Ethiopians of the ancient Cushite Empire, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, Black Classic Press, 1985.

Thus we cannot be Colored people or people of color since we are the prime from which all colors come or originate. Please do not refer to us as people of color. 

Lawn kuli min sudan
all colors come from black
ka umma sudan
your mama is black
ka abu sudan
your daddy is black....

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Medical Dictatorship

Covid19 has demonstrated Elijah Muhammad's Myth of Yakub was no myth, if we define myth not as a story but as a lie. The main workers in this Covid19 pandemic are the same three workers Dr. Yakub utilized in his biotech lab to create the white man, aka, white Devil, by separating the dominant gene from the recessive. In his genetic engineering experiment, his three workers were the doctor, nurse and undertaker. Are not the doctors in WHO (World Health Organization) orchestrating the solution to Covid19? Ironically, the WHO or Voodoo or Dodo Medical scientists have been associated with the lab in Wunan, China to the research labs at UNC, Chapel Hill, the University of Texas, Austin and elsewhere. The so-called head medical officer to solve the Covid19 pandemic in the US, Dr. Fauci, has received multi million dollar grants from the Bill Gates foundation to experiment with viruses. Eldridge Cleaver told us one is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Not with the Neo-Yakubian medical workers. They are the problem and the solution. Bill Gates is a Eugenicist like his parents who worked with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, whose ideas of population control were emplemented by Hitler to exterminate the Jews.  Gates puts on his hat to create the Covid19 vaccine and the implant to track the population in the best Chinese Communist model that Sillicon Valley co-created. 

Welcome to the Yakubian medical dictatorship. Your life is under the control of the doctor, nurse and undertaker. The US Constitution has been thrown into the dustbin of history. Without the soon to be issued medical passport, you shall not be able to leave your house. Any violation shall be your ticket to the concentration camp.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

When life gets back to normal

when life gets back to normal
will the hip hop negro pants still sag off his ass
will a black bitch still be a bitch  or will she transcend to goddess
queen of universe
mother of civilization
when life gets back to normal
will you hug kiss yr mama daddy real tight
will you make love to yr woman man late into night
will you raise high yr children and teach them right
will you stop trusting the devil and hold God up high
will you walk the lake
dont b lazy like marvin x
when life gets back to normal
will you do 4 self first
self and kind
will you drink wine with buddies who survived covid one nine
will u fight 4 freedom
end of patriarchal domination
no wife beating
child sex abuse
clean water to drink
no gmo food
no bill gates global vaccine eugenics
kill nigga african plan
planned parenthood
margaret sanger hillary clinton obama hitler
implant white supremacy dna who china plan
when life gets back to normal
will you kiss yo mama
hug yo daddy real tight
keep home schooling yr children
spare them white edumakation.

--marvin x

Monday, May 11, 2020

From the archives: Resurrection of the Dead by Marvin X, 1972

 In 1972, Marvin X's Black Educational Theater in San Francisco's Fillmore District, produced his myth-ritual dance drama Resurrection of the Dead, choreography by Raymond Sawyer, music by Juju. Lead actor/singer was Victor Willis ( who went on to become the lead singer of the Village People). Victor said, "Performing in Resurrection gave me the energy to tackle NYC." In this scene, dancers Jamal and Charlene Hunter, aka, Jamilah Hunter, perform The Lost Queen of Egypt. Jamilah went on to dance with Shirley McClain and Alvin Ailey.
Marvin was also teaching at UC Berkeley in the Black Studies Department, along with Sun Ra and his Myth-Science Arkestra. Together they performed the musical version of X's Flowers for the Trashman, renamed Take Care of Business in a five hour concert ( without intermission) with a cast of fifty, including his actors, Sun Ra's dancers, the Raymond Sawyer and Ellendar Barnes' dancers.

BAM Co founder Marvin X and Sun Ra, Father of Afrofuturism

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Angela Davis - May Day Address (5/1/2020)

Wes Montgomery - Round Midnight

Round Midnight
Marvin X

Monk's gone
I ain't blue
where he's gone
you goin too
Monk's gone
I ain't blue

always round
tryin' ta steal life

Death always round
tryin' ta steal life

If it don't get husband
get da wife

Monk's gone
but I ain't blue

Death always round
tryin' ta steal life
Death always round
tryin' ta steal life
If it don't get husband
get da wife.
Monks gone
I ain't blue.
--Marvin X

Marvin X parents attended the 1945 Peace Conference in San Francisco

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Photographer Adam Turner captures writer Marvin X "Round Midnight"

Marvin X writing "Round Midnight" when he is at his best, more precisely around 3AM.
photo Adam Turner

In the wee hours of the morning, Marvin X, poet, essayist, editor and publisher of Blackbird Press,  does much of his best work. Silence and solitude is golden for him. We were privileged to capture this moment in the life of the master poet.
--Adam Turner, photographer

wanda's picks interview with marvin x and TARIK author michael j satchell

Wanda interview with Black Bird Press Publisher/Editor Marvin X and TARIK film script writer Michael J. Michael James Satchell

Is China Going To Have The Decency to Apologize?