Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Congresswoman Barbara Lee will share remarks at the Dr Cornel West and Marvin X in Conversation at Geoffrey's Inner Circle December 7 at

Congresswoman Barbara Lee will share opening remarks at the Dr Cornel West and Marvin X in Conversation at Geoffrey's Inner Circle December 7, 6PM. Her office is a co-sponsor of the event.

I Miss My Real Niggas

I ride through the streets
Looking for my real niggas
Where you at real niggas
Huey Bobby Eldridge
Alonzo Batin
Ali Sheriff Bey
I cannot find you in Acorn
Where are you
Why you not at home
Why do I drive the streets alone
You are not in the Tenderloin
On Jones Ellis McAllister
Not in Bodecker Park
6th Street where I lived
Every alley doorway
Cardboard box house
Cracked out with Crack ho
Sucking on me and pipe
We recited Al Fatihah
Sucking and fucking
Where are you JB
We tried to save you
But TL was your lover
Hindu Hilton your love bed
Funky room incense
Crack smoke drowned the incense
Crack smoke made flies
Crawl on the floor
Cracked out like you
Miss you JB
Huey in the Acorn projects
Eldridge too
We smoked
Revolution gone
In smoke
Outsmarted ourselves
My daddy said
I ride looking
No revolutionaries I see
Streets dark empty
Men in hoodies command corners.
No KKK needed
KKK killed for hatred.
We kill for nothing
Where are you Huey
Lil Bobby Eldridge
Sam Napier
Dessy X
Have you been by her street
Rashida Muhammad off 20th/
Tom Berkley Way
Where are you Dessy X
I want to hold your hand
As you killed that white man who raped you in dirty south
Oakland know you as midwife
Rashida Muhammad
Don't know Killer Dessy X
Lover of Marvin X 
Where are you tonight
Streets of Oakland need you
Can't find your street
I drive on deep east
Streets bleak
Where are you Huey Bobby Eldridge
Kathleen Erika Tarika Elaine
The Lupen sit on corners
Want answers solutions programs
In our first meeting Huey said
What is your program?
Who has program for International Blvd?
Child ho's tricking with policemen
Garbage tents every block
Wretched of the earth crowd liquor stores
Medication for the night
Kill pain trauma grief
Jesus saves
Jesus saves
Jesus and liquor stores
I ride I ride
No bothers at home
Sisters gone too
What shall I do?
--Marvin X

Parable of the man hated

His family wondered why he spent all his lifetime trying to save people who hated him for trying to save them. They wanted him to come be with his family sometimes, but he told his family they hated him more than the people he was trying to save. His family denied they hated him but he knew they did not want to hear any of his radical thoughts. They wanted him to sing Silent Night when he came around. Don't criticize them for drowning in their negrocities, conspicuous consumption, the world of make believe!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Yo soy Mo Negro El

Yo soy Mo Negro
General Tarik Jabaltarik
Crossed into Spain
Across the rock
Jabals's rock
Stepping stone
Africa wake up savage Europeans
Dark Ages gone now
Moors arrive
Timbuktu University
Africa studies alive
University of Sankore
Scholars of myriad genres
Europeans caving
Dog best friend
Syphilis from woman dog
Woman dog missing.
Reward for dog!
White man philosophy.
Othello tragic Moor
Moor blackness
Europeans walk in the light!
Take a bath funky savage!
This is a tooth brush!
This is a camisa shirt
These pants
Latuka lettuce
Umm Mama
Abu father
Ukhi sister
Akhi brother.....
Shatain devil!
Oh Europeans
White yet black
Yr God is Black
Saviour Jesus
Isis and child Black!
Virgin Mary Black
Hindu Khrishna
Blue Black
Hail Khrishna
Blue Black God!

Columbus destroyed Moorish Spain
Discovered Moorish America!
I was here
Before Ghana Mali Shonghy
I was here
Africans in the Americas
Vera Cruz
Yanga came
Yanga so bad
Spanish gave him town
San Lorenzos de Los Negroes
Vera Cruz
See my Olmec lips nose
I'm Joe Louis in Chetumal
Joe Louis in Alcapulco! Oxaca, Guatemala, Honduras, Choco Columbia,

I discovered you! You damn sure didn't discovere me.
Threw me out of Moorish Spain
Shit ain't been the same!
--Marvin X

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Endgame of Homelessness

Imagine, the billions spent to solve the homeless problem that continues to festor like a sore. Is the solution the shelter, transitional housing, tiny houses, bunk beds for the homeless techies, what?

Without any doubt, many if not most of the homeless suffer the dual diagnosis of drug abuse and
mental illness. I have been among them, sleeping in cardboard boxes, allies, doorways, East Bay Terminal, BART trains and stations. Yes, I was drug addicted and mentally ill. I took myself to the mental hospital four times but they threw me out, said there was nothing wrong with me except drugs. They said my presence was the waste of a bed the tax payers money of Alameda County. They threw out of the nut house! (See my docudrama One Day in the Life).

But let's get to the final solution. The correct first thing a drug addict needs is a place to rest. The first thing the mentally ill person needs is a place to rest. Rather than force them into a shelter, or mental health facility, or a transitional housing situation, take them to the end game: give them a life estate to a
tiny house, dog house, SRO room with the life estate, with said property under a land trust so their life estate is no subject to gentrification and eminent domain.
Their life estate cannot be sold rented, subleased or transferred but upon their demise said property shall revert to the landtrust.

Said owner of the life estate shall not be forced to seek treatment for their addiction and/or mental illness until ready. The Harm Reduction Model shall by employed, but not said persons shall not be subjected to any search of their body and property to enter their life estate abode. When they are ready for case management and drug recovery, such services shall be available.

To conclude, I repeat, the life estate is the final solution rather than the myriad of solutions costing billions of dollars.
Community Planner
Co-founder, National Black Arts Movement, Oakland's Black Arts Movement Business District

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Have you ever

Have you ever shot
A nigga's brains out
with the power of yr mind
Splattered his brains on sidewalk
with power of yr thoughts
No need kill nigga with guns
Mind power enuf
Fidel Castro said
The weapon of today is
Not guns
Kill with beauty and truth
Beauty and truth
Set you free of
Ugliness lies
Shootllp nigga's eyes out with beauty truth
His ugly ass fall dead
He dead before yr thoughts hit his fake ass mind
Full of make believe
Fake news
Fake politricks
Fake religion
Fake history
Fake women
Addicted to world of make believe
Ungrateful bastard children
Addicted to same world of
Nothingness dread
Cell phone addicts
Worse than Crack heads of old
Running through ghetto streets
Fist balled with crack
At least Crack heads stopped for cars
Cell phone addicts no stop
Keep walking talk loud saying nothing
James Brown said
Thank you God Father
Two thousand pounds of steel and plastic coming at cell phone addicts
Keep walking talking
Talking loud saying nothing
Bsm Bam Bam!
Steel and plastic hit they stupid asses
Talking loud saying nothing
Zombie driver hit zombie walker
When blind hit blind
Both fall into ditch together
So why kill nigga
Even with yr mind
Nigga already dead
Why kill dead fly
Already dead
Friend said ok
Let dead bury dead
Jesus said
Al Qur'an say
Dead in this life
Dead in hereafter
Al Qur'an say
It matters not
Whether you warn them
Or warn them not
They shall not believe.
Allah has sealed their hearts
Their hearing
Deaf dumb blind
Qur'an say
If theyppp flee from darkness into light
They would find many places of escape and abundant resources. Yet they linger
In Jerusalem til' the fire
Consumes them
They are fuel for the fire
Men women and stones
Al Qur'an say
If your wives chicken
Wealth you acquire
Dearer to you than Allah
Wait til His command comes to pass
And He guides not the unjust!
--Marvin X, El Muhajir