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Taylor visits Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland CA

Taylor just moved to Oaktown from the ATL Taylor holds her copy of the Marvin X classic Mythology of Pussy and Dick. Someone said you may not be a best seller in the New York Times, but you a best seller in da Hood. Taylor, welcome to Oaktown where we git down fada git down.
On Black Friday, Academy of da Corner issued the following:

Love Black! Love Black!
Buy Black! Love Black!
Live Black!
Die Black!
--Academy of da Corner teachings
14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland

Notes from Dr. Nathan Hare to Marvin X on Dr. E. Franklin Frazier (Black Bourgeoisie, 1957)


Just want to say E. Franklin Frazier was president of the American Sociological Association (then called the American Sociological Society until they realized the initials were ASS) in 1948. Six years later the Supreme Court Decision 1954. Then came Montgomery and Emmitt Till circa 1955/56.  Bourgoisie Noir (France, 1956). Black Bourgeoisie (1957). Sit-in movement, 1960, Freedom Riders, 1961. Frazier king if the hill at Howard in 1961. Five years later Black Power (1966), Howard rebellion they like to hide, 1967. Echo/building takeover in 1968 they like to applaud. If Frazier had been alive he would have been president of ASA twenty years before. It would take more than four decades (twenty-eight years after Frazier’s death) for another black person to be elected president of the ASA (1990), William Wilson, who today holds one of the top twenty professorships at Harvard. But Wilson does not have the quality of national fame and charisma that Frazier had in his final days at Howard. Frazier was a giant any university would be proud to have, although I overheard a conversation in the summer of 1960 when a white chairman of a leading sociology department suggested hiring him away from Howard but another professor remarked snappily that he didn’t’ “think he’d be happy around here.”  I’m sure Frazier had a l.ot of critics and distractors around Howard, but the University felt blessed. Having spent several years in Paris, he always wore a beret, the only one on the campus, at Howard, like some of the graduate students at the University of Chicago in the 1950s and S.I. Hayakawa at San Francisco State in the 1960s.

Probably you were thinking of William Leo Hansberry, the popular Howard Africanist who allegedly got a lot of opposition and blocking of his advancement at Howard by Frazier, no less, other higher powers there whose identity is too vague to name at this time. It seems to have also been connected to the famous conflict between white anthropologist Melville Herskovits (The Myth of the Negro Past) -- who created the first African Studies (1947) and Afroamerican Studies (1957) programs in America -- and E. Franklin Frazier over the amount of African carryovers retained by the slaves and their progeny in America; with Herskovits taking the view more contemporaneous to the afrocentricity of black intellectuals today. Unfortunately Frazier almost got knocked out of polite black intellectual society by the anti-Moynihan anti-pathology strong-black-family mythology of the 1970s and early 1980s that dovetailed with the white feminist domination that emerged to obstruct inadvertently a forthright and uncompromising black intellectual focus on the prevention of black family decay as opposed to singing a song of African-oriented and derived black family strengths.

But in the late spring of 1962, when Frazier died, Howard was much in the press over who in the world could they get to replace him. Meanwhile, there was one of his students, G. Franklin Edwards, who had largely been responsible for getting me there on behalf of one of his colleagues at the University of Chicago, Otis Dudley Duncan, in which they presumed my continuing focus on demography to provide data for the lucrative consulting work Prof. Edwards did for high level government agencies there in Washington. Edwards would eventually tell me it was his idea to take “Negro” out of the census and to make Howard 60 per cent white, though it was said during a conversation in which he was angrily discouraging my open criticism of them.

While Edwards thought he should replace Frazier, Howard selected Daniel Thompson, a member of the New Orleans Creole elite from Dillard University who had just done a book that was getting a lot of media coverage, The Negro Leadership Class, as the best they could do to replace Frazier. But Edwards had enough pull (for one thing he was married to the daughter of one of the wealthiest black real estate tycoons in the city) to block the naming of Thompson as chairman, though Thompson came on to Howard as a professor, but at the end of the year he returned to Dillard, after which Edwards became chairman. I was telling you yesterday that Edwards and his friends had disliked The Black Anglo Saxons when it was published in 1965, but Frazier had praised the 1962 Negro Digest article by that name to his class in “The Negro in America“ (which required a small auditorium).

The years went on and I happened circa 1987 to write an article on the destruction of the black male child for the New Orleans Tribune, a local black monthly vying to be national. The New Orleans Tribune was published by a Creole physician who was vice president of the Board of Education (and like Thompson, also one of the nicest individuals you lever met) invited me to speak to an audience convened by the Board, after which they had me to a lunch, and there Daniel Thompson was the speaker and said kind things about me publicly but told me privately that if he had been chairman he would not have handled my case the way Edwards did and I wouldn’t have been fired by Howard.  Not knowing all the details or the background that developed after his departure from Howard, Thompson seemed to be talking about my involvement in the “black university uprising” in the spring to make Howard “relevant to the black community and its needs” that was fomented by me and the Black Power Committee --- a campus student coterie of the Philadelphia based RAM (Revolutionary Action Committee) -- that broke out in the winter and ensuing spring after Edwards refused to submit the letter mandated by his own handpicked departmental hiring and retention committee to give me tenure at Howard.

Frazier would probably have backed up our criticism of the distancing of Howard from the black community he seemed to have in mind when he spoke of the new Negro middle class’s frenzy to put social distance between itself and the lower strata of the black race foretold by him in Bourgeoisie Noir and so famously translated a year later as Black Bourgeoisie.


Will You Buy Black on Black Friday???????????????????????

Most North American Africans will rush to white supremacy stores to spend their hard earned "slave" wages with people who hate their guts and often spit in their faces while taking their money in the name of white supremacy. Surely we suffer White Supremacy Type II for spending our money with those who have no respect for us whether they are white, brown or yellow. And when Black businessmen or women don't treat us with respect, don't shop with them either.

In our mental illness (we're in denial of course) we will spend thousands of dollars between Black Friday and New Year's Day --
the most dreaded day in the life of Africans caught in the American slave system--the day we were sold on the auction block and separated from our loved ones, mates and children--therefore New Year's should be a day of mourning for our ancestors but we will party and bullshit and party and bullshit as the Last Poets said.
--Marvin X

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Axis of Evil: America, Israel, Saudi Arabia

The hotspot in the global village is the Middle East, especially with the on going war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.  Of course this is simply the rise of the Persian empire and the demise of  Israel and Saudi Arabia along with her cohorts in the Persian Gulf and other Super Sunnis (Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, et al) in their eternal war with Shia Islam as represented by Iran or the Persians.

We said long ago that the war in Iraq would not truly begin until the Americans departed, although there are still 16,000 American “contractors” hanging around the US embassy. We knew the Super Sunnis would never allow the Iraqi Shia Muslims to establish a stable regime, so the sectarian battle is just warming up with the Axis of Evil, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel fanning the flames of sectarian chaos in Iraq. Meanwhile the battle has now engulfed Syria with the same major players on the battlefield or supplying all the necessary men and weapons of war.  Events have spilled over into Lebanon, especially with the entrance of Hezbollah in the Syrian quagmire and the counter offensive by the reactionary Sunni forces now bombing and maiming in Lebanon.

Those who are shocked to see Israel and Saudi Arabia uniting should have known they have always been in league otherwise Arab oil money would have closed down Israel decades ago and we would have seen an independent state called Palestine.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are now even closer due to the recent   American/Iranian agreement  over nuclear weapons, although there are no facts the Iranians have such a program. 

It is shameful and hypocritical that Israel has the gull to protest the agreement while she possesses  a nuclear arsenal free from inspection by the global village.  And the deaf, dumb and blind Americans suck the Zionist’s asshole, supposedly out of guilt for what Hitler did to them. Ironically, the Zionists are out doing Hitler with their treatment of  Palestinians who exist in nothing less than concentration camps in Gaza and the West Bank.

Who do the Jews think they are, surely not God’s chosen—what God would have such devils for his children, only the God of  Evil.

Why should not Iranians have the Muslim bomb? Jews have the Jewish bomb and Christian Americans have their bomb, so in all fairness and a level playing field, why should not Muslims, no matter what sect, have the Islamic bomb? For sure, the only people who have used such weapons of mass destruction is the white man upon the Japanese Asians.

To prevent the Iranians from having such nuclear weapons is more reason for them to obtain such weapons, since it is clear there are those who want to subject others to nuclear blackmail, who want to be the hog with the big nuts while others must submit to them in the manner of stunted men and women, in the best condition of the colonized man and woman.
--Marvin X

Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Bird Press News & Review: Invite Marvin X to Speak/Read for Black History Month, Feb 2014

Black Bird Press News & Review: Invite Marvin X to Speak/Read for Black History Month, February 2014

Marvin X will perform at New York University on Feb. 4, 2014, hosted by Amiri Baraka. Marvin X is available for booking in the New York area. Call 510-200-4164. Back on the west coast, he will speak at Fresno City College, Feb 24, 2014. The Fresno chapter of the NAACP will host an evening with Marvin X, Feb 15. March 1-2, 2014, he will participate in the Black Arts Movement Conference, University of California, Merced.

Mythology of Pussy and Dick a hit at Berkeley Flea Market

Marvin X, aka Plato Negro, Rumi, Mark Twain, at his Academy of da Corner, Berkeley Flea Market, the cross roads of North American African culture in the Bay Area. A young Berkeley white woman came to the booth and said she didn't know such a world of Black consciousness existed. Marvin X told her welcome to the Black World, we've only been around a few trillion years! She thanked him after viewing the Black Consciousness literature. Well, he said, there are some Blacks who don't know there is such a thing as consciousness literature. They are satisfied to purchase one dollar movies from Hollywood that perpetuate the world of make believe by spreading white supremacy consciousness, infecting North American Africans with the virus of White Supremacy type II, a condition known as Negritis, an inflammation of the Negroid gland at the base of the brain due to an addiction to bad habits or Negrocities (Amiri Baraka term: "Where the soul's print should be there is only a cellulose pouch of disgusting habits!"from A Black Mass by Amiri Baraka).

Nathan Hare on Marvin X's love letter to Dr. Julia Hare

Come to think of it, maybe you should come by the office anyway when I’m not at home, so you wouldn’t have to be writing love letters to elderly women and carrying on. Dr J and I probably wouldn’t have been married fifty-seven years if I had let the ice man and any and everybody who took a notion come by and hang around.--Dr. Nathan Hare

Greetings, Plato Negro,

...Anyway, as I said before but don’t know if you got it, I was planning to write to remind you you’d missed a lot of addenda to the archives by coming at random and I wasn’t at home, so you only got the big box of videos of Dr J’s speeches;. but I just noticed pictures of her and her mother, ad infinitum, including when Dr J was the keynote speaker for the Centennial Commencement and the simultaneous celebration of Langston University’s first one hundred years. They had to hold it in the football stadium, with folding chairs covering the field on top of the stadium seats, and still there were African-Americans lined up four or five deep outside the fence all around it. It was an unforgettable event that would set fire to the notion that black people aren’t interested in education, as most of the thousands had come out to the middle of a red clay pasture in Logan County, Oklahoma, to see their friends and relatives graduating, as they of course had not, and they were cheering like it was the Mardi Gras. It was worse than a football homecoming against a rival team.

There’re a lot of other pictures here, including my mother’s father, who was his slavemaster’s son, and maybe, cause there used to be, a small one of the slavemaster (my great grandfather) himself is still among them. No use for me to lie, it’s a world I never made. I think I’ll try to take them over to the office myself, and they’ll just be there, and if you miss out again, you can drop by the office and box with me over whatever is there.

By the way, I see the Bantam book on the 1968 black studies conference at Yale, Black Studies in the University, is here. Surprisingly, I think it’s out of print and little known for a Bantam Book on Yale of a historic academic occurrence. Maybe you got a copy earlier, I think I had two -- where Yale had me and Harold Cruse and Maulana Karenga and Charles Hamilton (Black Power, with Stokely Carmichael) and Gerald McWorter, McGeorge Bundy , Alvin Poussaint, and Armstead Robinson, then the mentor of a Yale freshman in the audience, Henry Louis Gates, and at least a couple of white Yale professors; yet titled my presentation “A Radical Perspective on Social Science Curricular.” I think I got the meaning of black studies in there (Cf. e.g.,  The Graduate Journal, circa 1970), but I had only arrived at San Francisco State a month or so earlier and hadn’t yet imbibed it to the extent that I would later, in my observation and discussion with the students and street (mostly ex-con) intellectuals and five months of striking, plus months of pre-strike plans and post-strike negotiating (I used to call it “Negrotiating,” because the BSU had pitched the strike on a principle of “non-negotiation” (which was so divergent, it got in Pogo’s Sunday strip), based on their reading of Lenin’s distinction between “Autonomy” and “Self-Determination” and the “Little Red Book” of Mao Tse-Tung.

Come to think of it, maybe you should come by the office anyway when I’m not at home, so you wouldn’t have to be writing love letters to elderly women and carrying on. Dr J and I probably wouldn’t have been married fifty-seven years if I had let the ice man and any and everybody who took a notion come by and hang around.

What did I do to be so black and blue?
Bear with me.

1 415 672 2986

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Bird Press News & Review: Mythology Defined or Don't Say Pussy

Black Bird Press News & Review: Mythology Defined or Don't Say Pussy

The New Jim Crow at San Jose State University

San Jose State suspends students accused of tormenting black roommate

UPDATED:   11/21/2013 08:43:45 PM PST

SAN JOSE -- Anger and disbelief fueled a protest beneath San Jose State's towering Black Power statue Thursday and echoed across the nation, as the school announced it has suspended three white students charged with a hate crime over allegations they racially bullied their black roommate.
"No justice! No peace!" students shouted, protesting the treatment of a black student by his white roommates, three of whom could go to jail for year if convicted of the misdemeanor charges.
The roommates are accused of clamping a bicycle lock on the student's neck, taunting him with a racial epithet and slurs, and barricading him inside his bedroom in the suite they shared.
Gary Daniels, a student at San Jose State University, speaks at a rally Thursday afternoon Nov. 21, 2013 protesting a reported racial hazing of an African-American freshman by his dormitory roommates last month. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

Facing mounting pressure to take action after this newspaper on Wednesday exposed the alleged hazing, university officials held an extraordinary news conference. They apologized for what happened but stopped short of saying what they could have done differently -- or what they will do in the future.
"It's stunning to me that it would be able to continue for a period of time without somebody saying, 'This isn't right,'" said William Nance, the school's vice president of academic affairs.
But Nance stopped short of blaming housing employees for failing to protect the student, despite reports that at least two residence assistants knew about a Confederate flag displayed in the room and asked the residents to take it down. He described the ordeal as "a learning experience" for the department.
"Were there other actions that could have been taken? Perhaps," he said.
Nance also spoke at the rally, announcing the three students' suspensions, which could lead to expulsions after a disciplinary hearing. Students at the rally demanded to know why San Jose State President Mo Qayoumi wasn't there to hear their concerns. He was out of state Thursday, but the school released a statement in which he said the allegations "outraged and saddened" him.
"They are utterly inconsistent with our long cherished history of tolerance, respect for diversity and personal civility," he said.
Prosecutors have charged the men with misdemeanor hate-crime and battery for the incidents. One of them -- Logan Beaschler, 18, of Bakersfield -- turned himself in Thursday. He declined to comment when reached by this newspaper. The others -- Joseph Bomgardner, 19, of Clovis; and Colin Warren, 18, of Woodacre -- are expected to surrender this week and could not be reached.
In just the single day since the story broke, anger boiled over among students, professors, instructors and alums.
of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, San Jose State alums who famously raised "Black Power" clenched fists on the medal stand at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. The ethnically diverse crowd passionately called for the university to swiftly strike down open racism.

At noon on Thursday a large gathering of students marched across campus to the famed 22-foot-high statue
"This is the Bay Area, and it's easy to live in a bubble and believe there is no racism, no sexism and no homophobia," said Chris Cox, a San Jose State sociology lecturer. "But the truth is we live in a society that has a long way to go in the realm of race relations."
The students demanded the university include ethnic studies and zero tolerance for racial harassment in all major programs. About 3 percent of San Jose State's 33,000 students are African-American; 32 percent are Asian, 25 percent are white and 21 percent are Latino. Student protesters on Thursday also insisted the university write a letter of support to the bullied student.
In an exclusive statement to this newspaper, the victim's parents condemned the three men's behavior as "horrific" and noted they were responsible for reporting it after seeing the racial slur and Confederate flag during a visit to his suite.
"As a family, we are deeply disturbed by the horrific behaviors that have taken place against our son. WE have taken a stand on this matter. Our response prompted the community to be alerted of the appalling conduct of the students involved."
They also expressed gratitude for the community reaction.
"We appreciate the outpouring of support from our family, community and the efforts put forth by the Black Students Union."
"I'm still in shock," the freshman, now 18, told this newspaper in a brief telephone interview earlier this week. He said he tried not to spend much time in the suite and did not got to campus police in the hope the conduct would stop. I tried not to dwell on this. But my family is upset, and I'm upset."
According to police reports, the white roommates nicknamed the black freshman "Three-fifths," referring to the way the United States once counted blacks as a fraction of a person, according to police reports. When he protested, they dubbed him "Fraction."
They outfitted the four-bedroom dormitory suite they shared with a Confederate flag. They locked him in his room. They wrote the N-word on a dry-erase board in the living room.
Students are asking how the abuse went on for as long as eight weeks, in plain sight, before anyone stopped it.
"University housing needs to make it apparent that they know what's going on in those dormitories," said Tierney Yates, a former president of the Black Student Union and co-founder of the Black Unity Group."There's no reason why that flag should have been up."
The alleged bullying alarmed many parents whose children go to San Jose State.
"It shows that nothing has really changed for African-Americans," said Los Angeles resident Derek Holt, whose son is a San Jose State student.
"It could have been my son," said Chema, a Nigerian parent who asked that his last name not be used so his son doesn't become a target. "One of the things that attracted us to San Jose State was the diversity. The university needs to take action to show this will not be tolerated."
One leader on the 30,000-student campus said Thursday, "I'm shocked, but I'm not surprised."
Similar incidents have been bubbling up around the country, said Ruth Wilson, chairwoman of San Jose State's African-American Studies Department.
"We just cannot, as a civil society, allow people to unleash these hostilities on other human beings," she said. "We must act to make sure our students understand this type of thing cannot be tolerated."
Shock over the racial bullying spread across the country. District Attorney Jeff Rosen appeared in a CNN interview Thursday. He charged only three of the seven young men who lived in the suite but criticized the others.
"They did not stand up and do what was right here," he said, adding that there was no way these were mere pranks.
"I can't believe in the year 2013 we're talking about an African-American being treated like this."
Contact Katy Murphy at 510-208-6424 or


Academy of da Corner--
the most dangerous classroom in the world!

Marvin X with elated fan Tianti Richardson who was overjoyed meeting the poet for the first time. When Tianti informed Plato Negro he was a member of the Church of God in Christ, Plato replied, "Go with the Holy Ghost!"

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Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Delta Alpha Alpha Chapter


Politics and Business

Governor William H. Hastie
Governor L. Douglass Wilder
Congressman Kwesi Mfume
Congressman James E. Clyburn
Congressman Kendrick Meeks
Earl Graves
Mathew Knowles

Civil Rights

Benjamin Mays
Robert C. Weaver
Roy Wilkins
Benjamin Hooks
Jesse Jackson, Sr.
Khalid Muhammad
Vernon Jordan
Bayard Rustin
Grant Reynolds

Education and Medicine

Dr. Ernest E. Just
Dr. Carter G. Woodson
Dr. Ronald McNair
Dr. Nathan Hare
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Dr. Percy Julian
Dr. Charles Drew
Dr. John Hopps
Rev. Herman Dreer


Judge Togo D. West, Jr.
Judge Hayzel B. Daniels
Judge Arthur Burnett, Sr.
Atty. James Nabrit, Jr.
Atty. Wiley Branton
Atty. Vernon Jordan
Atty. Oliver Hill


General Roscoe Robinson
General William E. Ward
Major General Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
Colonel Charles Young
Colonel Frederick D. Gregory
Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.

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Count Basie
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Michael Jordan
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