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Black Bird Press News and Review: Books Received

 Black Bird Press News and Review: Books Received

The Poetical Works of W.E.B. DuBois, Edited by J. Vern Cromartie

Beyond the Car-Window Sociology Approach, Eight Essays by W.E.B. DuBois

Edited by J. Vern Cromartie

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Waycross, Georgia

Edited by J. Vern Cromartie

Hubert Harrison

The Struggle for Equality, 1918-1927

by Jeffrey B. Perry

Sorrowland Oracle by  Ayodele Nzinga

Revolution or Death, the life of Eldridge Cleaver by Justin Gifford

Notes of Artistic Freedom Fighter Marvin X, essays by Marvin X

In the Black World, Thomas Fleming's 20th Century, 1907-1932, Thomas Fleming and Max Millard

Yusef Iman, BAM Revolutionary director, producer, minister, singer, actor, poet

Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Building Socialism, Edited by Jack Hirschman, et al.

Tarik, The African Moorish General who Conquered Spain, Michael J. Satchell, Edited by Marvin X, Black Bird Press

Living for the City, Migration, Education, and the rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA

by Donna Jean Murch, University of North Carolina Press

The Execution of Sun Ra, Thomas Stanley

The Black Seminole Legacy and North American Politics 1693-1845, Bruce Edward Twyman,

Howard University Press

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Publisher Marvin X

Revised toward a solution: Parable of Global Insanity

 Parable of Global Insanity

"Let's go crazy!"--Prince
"It's a wonder we all haven't gone stark raving mad!"--James Baldwin
"Tales of the Out and Gone"--Amiri Baraka
"Mental disorders are epidemic in America!"--Center for Disease Control

Covid19 exacerbated an already 
severe mental health condition among the population in full blown denial of it's rabid and pervasive racicity, compounded with legal and illegal drug use, which classifies them as dual diagnosed. The Covid19 Plague is pandemic, thus as Ray Charles said, "The Danger Zone is everywhere!"
Whether Covid19 is a bio-weapon of the Globalist and their desire for population control, time will tell, but it has been a long held dream of the Eugenicists, e.g., Margaret Sanger, Hitler, the parents of Bill Gates, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton (her shero is Margaret Sanger, fact check), and last but not least, Bernie Sanders who called for population control in Africa. The above named personalities represent the most diabolical frenge of the mentally insane, especially so since they represent the leadership class. Added to this group are the psychotic Zionist in Israel who believe there version of white supremacy is an acceptable form of Nazism and Apartheid. And in their world of make believe, think their weapons are greater than the spirit of the Palestinians they oppress, especially in the Gaza concentration camp. Mythology is often the harbinger of insanity, especially communal, religious and national. 
India appears to be in mental atrophy with the racist leadership in severe psychosis, not only by championing the racist religiousity of the Hindu caste system, but the denial that the Covid19 viruse would devastate its population if it continued mass political rallies and religious festivals. The supreme irony is that India was producing the vaccine but exported it to the detriment and deprivation of its own citizens. Does this sound like the Modi regime is walking on solid ground? We will end this discourse with the Governor Coumo of New York who seems to suffer a well known sexual pathology that caused his myopic decision to send Covid19 patients back to rest homes only to infect the residents and cause untold death. Meanwhile he's biting women on the neck and pinching their butts. In the immortal words of Prince, "Let's go crazy!"

Toward the Solution: Revolution

Of course Dr. Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth, taught us that revolution is the critical route the oppressed must embark upon to regain their sanity. Dr. Nathan Hare said essentially the same, i.e., revolution is the necessary potion or anti-toxin for the oppressed to regain their mental equilibrium. There is no other prescription other than escapism into Dr. Frazier's "world of make believe," which is no prescription based on reality. As per recovery from the addiction to white supremacy, Dr. Hare says we must first distinguish Type I, i.e., the oppressor's addiction, and Type II, the addiction of the oppressed.
As per Type I, especially in light of Critical Race Theory, the oppressor's children are astounded to know they bear the shame of their ancestors, along with their inheritance of wealth accumulation from the fruits of capitalism and slavery. In their utter denial (from which they can never enter the process of recovery, since denial is critical to the maintenance of addiction in any form), they wish to claim innocence yet seek to deny the umbilical cord of their ancestors is yet connected to them, if only symbiotically since they wish to keep their social distance from the deeds their ancestors. But, alas, they cannot achieve this attempt to disassociate themselves from their past as addicts of White Supremacy Type I, just as North American Africans cannot severe their roots as descendants of the American Slave System (Ed Howard term), no matter that it is fashionable today for North American Africans to declare their Moorish roots or nationality, suggesting many of us were living freely throughout the Americas long before Columbus set sail to India but in his abysmal ignorance claimed he discovered India in America! We do not deny the African presence in the Americas before Columbus, since there is ample evidence Africans during the Ghana, Mali and Shongay empires traveled and lived throughout the Americas. We do not deny the Africans known as Moors were prevalent in the Americas. Alas, the first US treaty was signed with
the Moorish Kingdom of Morocco, and the US navy was formed to contain the Moors known as Barbary pirates. Clearly, all of us North American Africans did not arrive here on slave ships, i.e., the Good Ship Jesus. We did not endure the Door of No Return. Yet, no matter our presence, there is only slight evidence of our presence as independent nationals. Palmares in Brazil was a liberated territory for a century and preceded Haiti as an independent nation of North American Africans, whose liberation was possible because their Vudun religion enabled them to have a democratic society, wherein all voices were represented in the Vudun myth-ritual. And, as per North American Africans regaining their mental equilibrium through the process of revolution, there is the similar need to allow freedom of speech that will allow all voices to be heard, thus a consensus derived that shall usher us into a unified voice for that final trek up the hill to liberation, yes, transcending the Sisyphusian tragedy that is a Greek formation and as Cheikh Anta noted, is not a Southern Cradle myth-ritual. Thus, we are not doomed to eternal victimization by the myth of white supremacy or white lunacy. Alas, when I wrote my manual How to Recover from the Addiction of/to White Supremacy, several well meaning persons emailed me to suggest I change the title to How to Recover from White Lunacy, i.e., insanity. Someone reminded me our elders used to say, "Leave dem white folks 'lone cause de crazy." Another elder woman added, "Being black ain't so bad, it's just inconvenient!" Alas, inconvenience is a critical moment in our Part II addiction process. We must submit to abject humiliation as a survival technique.  I often tell of the Oakland police department's Tone Test when stopping North American Africans. Based on your tone of voice, when the OPD stop you, one of three things can happen: arrest, release or death. OPD Chief Hart denied the tone test but one of my Mill's College students who became an OPD officer revealed the tone test in the Oakland Tribune Newspaper interview. Of course she was fired for frivolous reasons after revealing the Tone Test. But I tell young brothers and sisters, be aware of the Tone Test when stopped by the police. Their DNA derived from the slave catchers (see the History Channel's documentary Slave Catchers and Resisters) and police have not evolved from the slave catcher mentality, except in Newark, New Jersey under the administration of Mayor Ras Baraka and his Chief of Staff, Amiri Baraka, Jr. They have revolutionize police behavior in Newark, New Jersey. I have recounted during my East Coast book tour, February 2020, when I arrived in Newark, the people overwhelmed me with such declarations as, "This is the first time in my life I have felt free of the police dominating my life." This was said to me repeatedly by the citizens of Newark and I claim this city as one of my East coast homes, so I know the people would not lie to me. Even the Mayor's and Chief of Staff's Mother, Amina Baraka, said, "I don't know how to act when police walk through the hood smiling," (as her sons have demanded they do). Further, in my interview with Amiri Baraka, Jr. at City Hall, he said, "Marvin, my brother is elected, I am not, so if the police get out of line, I can chop off their heads. When my brother, the Mayor, put a white supremacist in head of the police, I didn't immediately understand that my brother was letting the white supremacist know he knew who to call upon if some funky shit went down. I appreciate my brother for his insight."

As per Mayor Ras Baraka, in my interview with him at City Hall, he noted that there had been no police shootings during his administration, although we heard there was a police shooting at the beginning of his second term. But as per the police killings and the riots that followed, nothing happened in Newark, New Jersey. The Mayor said that not only has he reduced police murder under the color of law, but he has reduced gang violence as well by hiring the gang bangers to secure the hood. Many of the brothers and sisters have received employment checks for the first time in their lives. The Mayor has arranged for the brothers and sisters to get their GEDs and acquire land vacant since the Newark Rebellion on 1967 for housing. Mayor Baraka and Chief of Staff, Amiri Baraka, Jr. did not think much of abolishing police. Apparently, they have devised a model to recover the police from their addiction to White Supremacy Type II. 

Unless America desires to persist in denial, the Newark, New Jersey Model must be considered as a true solution to the addiction of white supremacy Part I and II. 

Why we separate Recovery from Parts I and II

Under the facilitation of Dr. Nathan Hare, PhD., Sociology, PhD, Clinical Psychology and Sister Suzzette Celeste, B.A., MSW, MPA, we began a peer group based on my 12 Step Model to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy. We immediately noted that subjects in Part I and II must be segregated unless they were deeply infused in Black consciousness, even though they were white. Subjects in Part II had no desire to share their testimonies of white supremacist trauma with whites, and this was especially true for Black women who were the angriest as a result of their trauma under white supremacy. They were angry to the point of homicide, particularly when it came to the survival of their sons, for whom they worried about excessively as per would they return from a night out in the hood. Although I am a father who had two sons, I never worried about my sons, rather my three daughters who used to leave out late at night to attend hip hop events, especially when they were scantily dressed. And I was in deep trauma when one of my daughter's came home drunk and her daughter was up to see her mother in a drunken state. Of course this has nothing whatsoever to do with whether sons make it home at all, the most serious fear of black mothers coast to coast as I have witnessed in conversations at Howard University and in the Bay Area. Many years ago I attended meetings with mothers who'd lost sons in drive by killings. Attending such meetings was overwhelming to me and my trauma is so great, years late I cannot find the strength to attend such rallies as the Oscar Grant, et al., celebrations of the untold martyrs who continue to suffer police violence under the color of law.  

But during the intervening years since I attended meetings with the mother's who'd lost sons to police and drive-by killings, when I set up my Academy of Da Corner at 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland, the police harassment was minor to the people who came to my book stand to share their suffering and trauma. Although I was mainly selling my books, it wasn't long before it became clear to me I had a greater mission. For sure, I had made myself accessible as few writers have done in our history. Alas, I soon discovered many of our people have never met a writer in their lives and were in total awe of us and humble before us. I soon recognized my task and mission was far beyond autographing my books, which I didn't enjoy anyway. I saw my task was a healer, teacher of adults and youth, mothers and fathers. 

I knew my task was critical when a young man suffering trauma and grief got up in my face eyeball to eyeball to share his testimony. He wanted to make sure I was listening to him. 

Understand, people came to me at 14th and Broadway because they sensed I would listen to their trauma and grief, while no one else would, including the police who often wouldn't bother to visit them. to make a report on the loss of their loved one. They asked me to explain to them why there was no rally, march, police investigation, indictment for those who killed their loved one, whether police or hood related, and yes, often it was a hood related incident I remember one time a brother came to me in a rage and was determined to kill his brother, but I do believe I talked him out of it.

Alas, there was a time when people came to kill me, more than once, and beyond the OPD who road down on me three cars deep at 14th and Broadway, supposedly because they "heard" I was selling pornographic literature. Of course they were referring to my 18 page pamphlet The Mythology of Pussy and Dick that became a classic with youth and parents. Parents told me they put it on the beds of their sons and daughters to make sure they read it. A 16 year old female read it with her mother but said she wished she'd read it when she was eight! One young lady read it and announced loudly that she was happy to discover she owned her pussy since she had been under the illusion somebody else owned her pussy and body as well. She was overjoyed to discover she owned her body.

Can you understand only we can heal us. If drug addicts can heal each other in peer groups, I surmised those of us suffering the addiction to white supremacy, yes, Type I and II, can recover. As per Type I, today I heard a young white girl cry out that she didn't want to be a racist. While my primary concern is recovery from addiction to white supremacy Type II, in my manual How To Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, I apologized for whites, even though in a combined peer group session, a white girl absolutely refused to accept any white guilt and charged me with being a racist for suggesting whites were in anyway guilty of addiction to white supremacy, especially her generation so infused with Black Lives Matter. Yet, how many Black Lives Matter marchers leave the march to purchase a home in the hood that displaces Blacks, no matter the pseudo progressive whites put Black Lives Matter signs in their windows?

In recovery, we are taught addiction is cunning and vile, so even when we enter recovery, residue persists in the deep structure of our minds, and often a slip on the tongue reveals our addiction to white supremacy is alive and well. Thus, as per recovering from the addiction to white supremacy, consider a long term recovery program, and this is for those suffering Type I and Type II.

And do not be overly concerned about can we recover together. If you suffer Type I, concern yourself with the maladies of Type I, including denial, false narrative, residue, desire to dominate as per white privilege, and other issues.

Type II addicts should concern themselves with denial as well, but in the Kemetic wisdom, De Nile is not the name of the Nile River, alas, it is Hapi, so if the Type I and II addicts came out of De Nile they would be Hapi. The Type II addicts might consider our psycho-linguistic crisis that will transfer us, alas, transform and transcend us from niggas to Negus, royalty. We suspect this psycho-linguistic transformation will alter our consciousness and elevate us into the Upper Room of our Father's and Mother's House. I wish somebody would say Amen, Ache', As-Salaam-Alaikum.


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The Niggafication of America

Marvin X in Harlem, 1968
photo Doug Harris


James Baldwin in Harlem, cerca 1968

Harlem Notes

In my 1968 interview with James Baldwin at his New York apartment, he stated emphatically, "We the only thing that happened here, nothing else happened here but us!" It was a cold December and his apartment was without heat, but he continued, "Imagine, we are celebrating the Prince of Peace while bombing the hell out of Vietnam. These people don't believe in Christianity, your condition proves it!" And what is our condition, then and now--the same with superficial changes, mainly at the top, i.e., niggas in high places do not reflect the condition of the masses. Have you heard it will take 240 years for North American Africans to achieve equity with whites? Wow, 240 years? And they cry crocodile tears about reparations for 400 years of free labor allowing them to accumulate untold capital wealth, enough for them to dispense such wealth to generations of their children who boldly deny they have not benefited from the abject exploited wealth of their forefathers and mothers, por favor, please don't leave Miss Ann out of this political/economic drama greater than the greatest Shakespearean tragedies. 

Shakespeare and Niggas

Was not Lady MacBeth as much a terror as MacBeth? Who do you think ran the plantations while Massa was fighting the Civil War?

Diop on Northern Cradle Tragedy and Southern Cradle Comedy

But as per tragedy, we must note that in the Cultural Unity of Africa, Cheikh Anta Diop made a clear delineation between Northern Cradle Tragedy and Southern Cradle Comedy, for the former derives from murder while the later evolves from the annual flooding of the Nile or Hapi River and the renewal of crops symbolized with the Resurrection Drama of Osiris and Isis, that was, essentially, a comedy, the essence of Southern Cradle or African dramaturgy. The annual renewal of the Nile Valley or Kemit was a source of faith in resurrection of agriculture that reimagined this myth-ritual in the deep structure of Kemetic culture, i.e., it was eternal unless interrupted by Seth or the forces of darkness. 

Akhenaton and Monotheism

Darkness brought about disruption, challenges to the throne over succession, perhaps by the pharaonic Queens or the priesthood, especially those Amen priests during that critical reign of Akhenaton, whose Sun Hymn initiated monotheism, a challenge to the Amen priests. Thus in their successful conspiracy against the socalled heretic pharaoh, upon the termination of his reign, all acknowledgment of his reign were destroyed. Yet, ironically, his attempt to establish monotheism is the prototypical event in the monotheism of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  See his notes in the Yusef Ali translation of the Holy Qur'an in which he devotes extensive notes on the rise of monotheism and Islam with its roots in the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton. But I must interject that as per monotheism, I agree with the Egyptologist James Henry Breasted, who stated in his classic work The Dawn of Conscious, "Monotheism is but imperialism in religion." This statement made plain to me that religion in general but monotheism in particular cannot be seen, and most certainly not understood, except as a religious and political phenomena. Those who are dumbfounded by the murderous acts of certain dogmatic religious sects and cults such as the Boku Haram, Isis, Somali rebels, Taliban, et al., will continue to be dumbfounded because such groupings are simply seeking power in the manner Henry Breasted described, except we doubt he imagined the global scope of such groupings, and even more so, the level of their murderous and heartless endeavors in the name of religion. 

Niggafication of America during the Obama Era

Even I was overcome with passion at the election of Obama as President of the USA, yet I had full knowledge of the plethora of African presidents and prime ministers, along with those African rulers in the Caribbean, most of whom were/are victims as was that great Caribbean scholar/politician of Trinidad, Dr. C. Eric Williams, who wrote the classic Capitalism and Slavery, only to become a victim of capitalism and slavery himself.

So a black face cannot save our race. We indeed suffer the Sisyphusian myth/ritual, that eternal trek up the mountain only to fall down again generation after generation. And now we see even the majority of whites, along with the other ethnicities, are being reduced to the niggafication of their political, economic and psycho-social condition. As per whites, Critical Race Theory has them in a severe traumatic condition with their whiteness under question or more exactly, under nullification and negation as happened to the Africans who arrived in chains and their descendants who yet exist in economic and psychological chains at this hour. Of course I cannot neglect to mention we yet live under the boot of slave catchers parading as police, i.e., peace officers, who murder freely under the color of law. 

And although we applaud the generation of socalled progressive whites who march under the black lives matter banner and often experience the terror of police violence, we must recognize a majority of whites symphatize and emphasize with the police, no matter the video seen around the world. These whites suffer severe denial to the degree their mental condition is athrophized beyond repair. Thus their condition is beneath that of the niggas they despise so deeply. Perhaps it equals the wretched ignorance of their poor white brothers and sisters whose condition is acknowledged to be beneath that of niggas. 

Negation of Niggafication

Shall we therefore retitle my essay since whites may never approach the endurance level of socalled niggas, call them Negus if you are enlightened enough to know who we really are, African royalty, if for no other reason than because we survived centuries of the most wretched treatment ever experienced by human beings on the planet earth. 

Niggafication or what nomenclature is proper

Such terms as Genocide, holocaust, ethnic cleansing, do not approach the depths of our experience in the United States of America and throughout the Americas. So it may be a misnomer to suggest any people, white, brown, yellow, can ever approach the deep structure of our suffering. Let us then dispense with the niggafication nomenclature to simply state that those who persist in the grand denial of white supremacy as the integral, systemic and most pervasive element of American society, i.e., the essence of institutions, political, economic, religious, educational, military, interpersonal, those persons have an awesome date with their destiny called reality, and such reality shall shake them to their bowels and beyond, from which they may never be able to recover, no matter how well meaning they pontificate to the world new found pronouncements of good will to the world.
--Marvin X

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Politricks, the Art of Deception

 1 Politricks is simply the art of deception or how to gain power with lies, for as Ancestor Dr Julia Hare noted, "I know of no politrickcian with truth at the top of their agenda!" A politrickcian will say one thing to one group in the morning, something different to another group at noon and contradict himself with another group at an evening dinner, depending on which lobbyist is paying the tab.

2. Politrickcians have no permanent friends only permanent interests. Call it the hidden agenda. 
3. The Piper calls the tune for the politrickcians, i.e., lobbyists remain on the down low while politrickcians come and go. It would be more beneficial for the consent of the governed to know the lobbyists or to become lobbyists themselves to advocate for their interests because lobbyists will tell you straight out they lobby for anybody who pays them. Alice Huffman, just retired as a chief California lobbyist, often did so in the name of the NAACP of which she was the State Secretary, but lobbied for issues in contradiction to NAACP policies. So who can lobby for us except us? And we must keep a 24/7 watch on whose representing us. 

4. Politrickcians love problems not solutions. If crime was ever solved what would police have to do, prison correction officers, social workers? A correction officer told an inmate upon his release, "Keep coming back. I got me a yaucht, now I got to get one for my son, so keep coming back!"

Except for NewArk NJ, you have heard of police killing of Blacks. Mayor Ras Baraka has almost eliminated this problem in Newark.
If he can solve the problem, why can't other cities? And why haven't you heard of the NewArk Model?
Why hasn't the fake news media told you about the NewArk Model?
You are bombarded 24/7 with depressing problem news, almost never solutions, to the point you no longer believe in solutions. As Malcolm X said, you have been Hoodwinked and Bamboozled, yes, by your politrickcians. How many presidents have promised to upgrade America's decaying intrastructure? And what percentage of President Biden's trillion dollar bill shall go for rebuilding the USA'S roads and Bridges? Finally, have your politrickcians told you about the dark side of the Green revolution that shall create a new scramble for precious metals that shall cause the continued devastation of Mother Earth, e.g., the scramble for graphite, lithium, copper, etc.?

Chew on the above and send me your comments.
Marvin X

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dr. Cornel West Analysis of police violence brings Don Lemon to tears on live TV

I am the New Black Man

 The New Black Man

For James, Jordan and Jahmeel

I am the New Black Man

I respect women

Demand they respect me

I love my grandfather but do not speak his language

My mother taught me better

I love my grandfather

But love my mother better

Mama taught me how to walk

Hand in hand with my queen

We are the ma’at generation

She is my friend first of all

We got each other’s back and front

Steel sharpens still

We bow down together

We do only God’s will.

--Marvin X


Outlaw Magazine, Spring 2021

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Parable of the stray cat

 Parable of the Stray Cat

After I lost my left eye as the victim of partner violence, my daughters begged me, "Dad, please, no more stray cats in your house, please Dad!" Yes, I am guilty of loving stray cats. I must surely like the role of Captain Save a Ho since I am addicted to saving stray cats.  Of course my billion dollar daughters cannot understand why I desire stray cats rather than women on their standard, billion and multimillion dollar women, international women. For sure, my daughters challenge me to get beyond stray cats since it has proven to be a lost cause. I have fed the stray cats and watch their asses grow from my food, yet they told me not to look at their asses. One stray cat told me, "You don't know what somebody can be thinking when they sitting at your dinner table. They can be thinking about killing you." Another told me, "If I kill you, I'll be famous, huh?

After losing my eye to a stray cat, I had to think seriously about playing the role of Captain Save a Ho. Ok, soon after meeting her I knew she was mentally ill but I had to play the Captain, so I gave her money for herself and her children, bought her clothes so she could attend plays, art galleries, blues festivals and other events to raise her consciousness since her love was so sweet and clean. Yes, she was one of those clean freaks so I appreciated clean pussy. But cleanliness was only one of her obsessions. She told me they often threw her out of the hospital because they immediately and routinely found out there was nothing wrong with her. 

And it was her hypochondriacal condition that led to the loss of my eye. After making love, I asked her to go sleep in the living room with two children. Truly, I was exhausted from her coming to bed nightly withy a different ailment, so after making love, I asked her to depart my bedroom and sleep with her children. When. I tried to push her out the room, she froze and then turned to hit me directly in my eye with the strongest blow I'd ever received although I grew up gang fighting.

I went to the hospital with a dislocated lens and she went to jail. The DA wouldn't prosecute her for partner violence because of my domestic violence record of 30 years ago. He said the 12 wouldn't believe or have sympathy with me, even with the loss of my eye. I guess they would consider it the pay back for my shit. Ok, what goes around comes around. Every dog has his/her day. I figured she was the payback for all the women I had physically abused in my life, let alone emotionally and verbally abused. And as my Mom would say, "Especially, the mother's of your children."

Despite all the above, I was still addicted to stray cats, especially those little black chocolate chicken wing cats. But since we know insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting different results, I had to think hard about my addiction to stray cats, especially after it became clear to me when I connected with my stray cat and tried to get a nut, most often I was rushed to the point my dick turned to silly putty and soon I had to get a shot for some STD, lately with a big needle in my ass, supposedly for syphilis. So I never got a nut, only an STD. 

These days I ask myself do I want an STD if I connect with a stray car, since more than likely I will not get a nut because you know how long it takes for niggas to cum and girls are on a tight schedule with their pimp on the phone while the girls are taking care of business. You can't get a nut with the pimp all your business:

"Bitch, dat nigga ain't came yet? Bitch, I told you don't fuck wit dem niggas, white boys only, I told you bitch. Bitch, make dat nigga cum and hurry yo ass up. Bitch, you got da money, right Bitch? Ok, you been too long wit dat nigga bitch, come on out Bitch!"

Endgame: Bitch and pimp got they money. No nut fa me but for sure I got an STD. Yes, when I saw blisters on my dick, I went to the hospital for another big needle shot into my ass. I hope and pray it will be my last with the stray cats I love so much. 

WTF, I saw one this morning in my hood, chocolate chip, chicken wing. I kept going yet knowing I will drive by where I saw her. Ok, I'm addicted to stray cats. Or am I addicted to getting big needle shots in my ass for STDs?

--Marvin X


Guilty bitch killer pig devil, Guilty on all charges


Marvin X at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

photo Adam Turner

Preface by Marvin X

Sadly, there are those who suffer the low information vibration mentality. No matter what, they support pig murder of North American Africans and all other Africans in America for that matter. Shot Diallo 47 times cause he held wallet in hand. Shot the young brother in Chicago  and his hands were up. 

I am here in my beloved Oakland today as the verdict was released. As I live near Lake Merritt, when I hear helicopters, I know something is up, some rally or protest. So after I heard the verdict, I went out and drove around the lake to see a few vendors hustling their goods. I drove to 14th and Broadway but nothing was happening. FYI, as a Co-founder of the Black Arts Movement, I am so honored to see the hip hop generation express their visual art in the name of revolution as we did in the 60s. Yes, hip hop has gotten the concept of using art as a vehicle in the liberation of our people. It is beautiful driving through the streets of downtown Oakland and seeing how black revolutionary art has relegated the facade of corporate America to the background and projects radical black art to the foreground. The Latinx and Asian community has followed suit as they did in the 60s after the Black Arts Movement kicked down the doors of Academia to establish Black Studies, soon followed by Ethnic and Gender Studies. So as we ride through the streets of Oakland, we give all praise to the Black Arts Movement babies and the Black Power babies, especially the Black Panther Party Cubs, in particular those under the influence of my dear son, Fred Hampton, Jr. We praise the European American radical artists although some of their shit is questionable as per the radical esthetic. We don't understand skull and bones art. Is this some death shit or what? Death and revolution are diametrically opposed because revolution is for life, for love, though we understand liberty or death, but death is not the primary motive, theme  or leitmotif. Huey Newton wrote about Revolutionary Suicide but every revolutionary must be prepared for revolutionary suicide or more properly martyrdom. Of course in our youth, we have no fear of death, in fact, it was never a consideration, no matter that we were confronting the awesome power, yes, military power of the state, the domestic colonial master, with its police, national guard, army, airforce, marines, fbi, cia, agent provocateurs, snitches and mentally retarded wannabe revolutionaries. And yes, even in our ranks were those who suffered mental illness and drug abuse, i.e., the duel diagnosed. But as Fanon and Dr. Nathan Hare taught us, it is through the process of national liberation that the mentally ill and drug addicts regain their mental equilibrium or sanity.  

As I write at this moment, I hear helicopters hovering nearby at Lake Merritt down the block from me. As I noted above, I already made my reconnoissance of the area but there maybe protests at the lake or 14th and Broadway, i.e., Oscar Grant Plaza, the rally area in front of Oakland City Hall. 

Now that George Floyd's death has been adjudicated, are we supposed to be placated, satisfied, pasteurized and homogenized? Alas, there is a plethora of new  cruxifixction  cases, even in the land of George Floyd, i.e., Daunte Wright and the nearby pig murder of the 13 year old in Chicago, Adam Toledo. And yet no matter how long our cruxifixction  persists, those on the low information vibration mentality continue drowning in full blown denial that our cruxifixction is real, or worse, that the villains are the victims, no matter that the world saw murder under the color of law and these pinheads are adamant that the pig murder will be overturned by the Supreme Court. Clearly, there are those who support the pig police no matter what. Sadly those who support the police no matter what, very often claim they stand on the US Constitution as bonafide conservatives, yet in their hypocrisy steeped in white supremacy  they stand blindfolded as Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, except Ray and Stevie were crystal clear in their blindness that, as Ray said, "The Danger Zone is everywhere...." Stevie can see so clearly beyond the myopia of the white supremacists and their sycophants, who persist in their support of the police. Alas, don't we have a grand tradition of America supporting slave catchers, climaxing in the 1857 Supreme Court's  Dred Scott Decision that said "A black man has no rights a white man is bound to respect!" 

Today's court decision finding the pig guilty on all charges does not ameliorate our perennial social injustice. It does nothing to heal the political and more importantly, racial divide. America must come out of her grand denial that she is steeped in white supremacist mythology and ritual, from the the east coast to the west, from the north to the dirty south and midwest. The low information vibration mentality whites on the Right and the Left, i.e., pseudo progressive, undercover Zionists, et al., may need to undergo a long term recovery program to deprogram and reeducate themselves from their addiction to white supremacy and any residue in the deep structure of their minds, yes, in. the subconscious that controls 80% of the conscious mind. 

Again, I hear the helicopters hovering above and nearby on Lake Merritt as i write. Do you think there is a drone observing me as I write. I don't think so since I post everything I write daily. All agencies only need to visit my blog, emails and facebook page. So I write because Allah is the ink, I am the pen. If Allah wasn't the ink, I might write more stupid shit than what you just read if you are inclined to imagine the above is stupid shit.  I welcome any comment from you that is based on facts, not believe. Please don't reply to me about what you believe. Alas, the sun is shining but I believe it is raining outside my window. And, yes, I hear the helicopters hovering nearby. Perhaps there are indeed protests or perhaps even celebrations at the lake or Oscar Grant Plaza. 

I shall end with this: a friend said the O.J. trial put the entire Black Nation under stress. And then came Rodney King.
In Oakland and the Bay Area, workers were evacuated before the verdict was announced in the pig murder of Oscar Grant. This was clear evidence of Black Power, i.e., just the thought of Black Resistance shut down the Bay Area. And just the thought of a Black Power, or, a multi-cultural reaction global reaction to the verdict probably saved America and the world a night of violence.

But do not be deluded with the focus on the police or pigs. The police represent corporate and societal institutions, they do not represent themselves. In the 60s we defined the pigs as representatives of Domestic Colonialism, so they are merely the front line in the Motherland's line of defense to resist the resistance of the oppressed. In short, police are not the root of the problem, it is the institutions they represent and defend. And it is actually traumatic to hear the ruling class and its sycophants defend the police no matter their debauchery under the color of law.

The copters are still hovering above and by the lake. I am thinking I should make another reconnaissance mission but maybe not. It's been a long day and I savor my writing assignment for the day. For sure, there are more George Floyd days to come until we make it plain police violence, black on black violence, partner violence and military violence must end. The murderer pig of George Floyd was simply a metaphor of the violence the USA comments 24/7 with 800 military bases around the world, supported by an annual 700 billion dollar defense budget supported by the Democratic and Republican parties.
Marvin X/El Muhajir

Guilty bitch killer pig devil

Who are you bitch killer pig devil crucify nigga jesus

no need to wonder when jesus coming
jesus been in america 400 years
crucified lynched tarred feathered
testicles pickled
African woman's womb foundation of gynecology
Read Medical Apartheid as you obtain your medical passport to nowhere 

and you wonder is jesus coming back
he been here all the time
crying out to his father mother
help me please
to no avail
How can God sing Silent Night
What God is this
Whose is this
The oppressor's God
Or God of the oppressed
And you wonder is Jesus coming back
you saw jesus on the news
crucified before your eyes
yet some lie
We didn't see what we saw
The devil didn't do what we saw him do
Jesus was a dope fiend
Jesus took medication for pain
was it pain in the brain
pain in the neck
pain in the dick
configure his pain
who don't need drugs to medicate addiction to America
what ain't toxic in Americana
you wrapped in toxic plastic every turn
plastic clothes cars furniture food water plastic air
can you detox from pervasive plasticity 
your mind is plastic
you love plastic dicks and pussies
plastic assholes I suppose
your lips eyes hair plastic
nothing about you is real
phony as a one dollar bill
that ain't worth shit
my friends used to print dollar bills
but didn't get killed like Jesus George Floyd
Will Biden get killed for sending you worthless dollar bills
backed by air
You got $1,400 so you don't care
Gave it to the dope man
had to medicate the pain of years centuries
Dr. Nathan Hare said, "No amount of money, sex, drugs can
assuage the social angst and shattered cultural strivings."
You want to call it divine discontent?
Oh, we should be happy eating watermelons in the Caucus of Black Caucasians
perennially begging for voting rights 
you get last rites at the cemetery 
Sun Ra taught me
Sunny told me stop talking bout rights/rites
stop talking bout freedom justice equality
Maavin, don't you see all them people talking bout freedom
is dead? You wanna be dead? Keep talking that freedom stuff.
I teach discipline not freedom. discipline.
And so it is. Devil found guilty of what the world knew was murder. murder. murder.
---Marvin X

Monday, April 19, 2021

New Poem by Marvin X: American Ghosts


Marvin X reading at the University of Chicago Sun Ra Conference on Afrofuturism, 2015

photo Burrell Sunrise

Sometime long ago

back in winds of time

after hollow declarations of freedom

liberty or death

soon come slavery reality

negating holy documents

signed by slavers in white wigs

who visited women, men, children cotton pickers in the night

seeking love from Africans  in the American slave system

exhausted from can't see to can't see

Sunrise to dust

No matter slave master rape  love

Chattel property love

I own you love

Men women children slave master love 

Yet sold New Year's Day

Chitterlings gumbo day into the now

We celebrate New Year’s

Black eye peas

Gumbo to honor New Year’s auction block day

Worst day in American slavery system

And we dance on New Year’s?

We should pray all night long

For many thousands gone

Lovers gone

Children gone

Wives husbands

Dis massa care bout love

Tina said what love go ta do wit it?

Did slaves enjoy massa's love

white kind loving hands

tender rapist touch

African men women children

even his children raped sold

nothing to him his precious seed


commodity for auction block

Massa  humans you say

ghosts to me

long gone 

yet alive today

blood soaked white minds

suffering denial

addiction of the first kind

Didn't Baldwin say

To solve a problem

first is recognition of the problem

Inheritance no problem for gentrifiers

A check from daddy grandfather

Buy a house from a nigga

Walk dog late into night in nigger hood

Don’t say nothin’ nigga

I walk my dog don’t say shit to me

Would walk my cat if he let me

Cat say fuck you bitch

Leave me lone

Check dem niggas call you miss ann

Becky karen siris

Fake white girls know everything

Ask becky karen siris

Hate crime talk crazy to siris

She say,  “Would you talk to your mother like that?

But Siris ain’t real

Ghost 24/7

Bitch know everything in the motherfuckin’ world

Ghost bitch know everything


ghosts don't recognize humans

Don’t give a fuck

Will hang up on you

Ghost spirits travel absent hearts souls

devoid of minds

no there there

Amiri Baraka said it best,

"Where soul's print should be

...only cellulose pouch of disgusting habits!"

We pray kneecaps off to no avail

wail wail

ghosts say 

would you like to go to jail?

Maybe, if I can make bail!

Ghosts say, "I can shoot you in the head.

Or release you. 

Depends on your voice

Don't you know the tone test?"

Dear brothers and sisters, know the tone test:

1. kill you

2. jail you

3. release you

Depends on your tone of voice.

Please listen to me so I can save your life.

Didn't Jesus give up his coat and cloak to live another day?

Ghosts love death don't you know?

Again, Amiri Baraka said,

"The king sold the farmer to the ghost!"

Baraka said, "In the middle of the Atlantic ocean

is a railroad of human bones...."

Oh, Baraka, you told us, "Don't let them take your UM BOOM BA BOOM!"

You said, "If they take our um boom ba boom 

we in deep trouble. 

Probably take us a few centuries to get out!"

Don't listen to the ghosts

they sold the farmer

rice growers

iron workers



holy mothers

children of divine

African ghosts of the kingly kind

Europeans ghosts of the Good Ship Jesus

Can you believe John Hawkins had an Amazing Grace

on the Good Ship Jesus

Can you believe

God saved a wretched wretch like him

John of Amazing Grace

Ghost ship captain

you enjoyed his journey through the door on no return

just remember you ghost lovers

AB said, "The king sold the farmer to the ghost!"

Alas, the black ghosts live as the white ghosts

they are one

what did Nkrumah say, "Neo-colonialism is colonialism playing possum!"

You give us a flag, national anthem but our banks belong to you. IMF is you.

WHO is you! You send the virus and vaccine Covid19. 

This is how ghosts dream. Their dreams do not lose do not end

and never do you win with ghost captains of the Good Ship Jesus

you suffer

you bleed

can't breathe

can't breathe

ghosts foot on neck after you dead no pulse dead

foot on neck ghost

hand in pocket ghost

no heart no soul ghost

and you swear they human!

--Marvin X


Marvin X reading at Laney College Theatre (his former classroom, 1981)
photo Alicia Mayo, 2005