Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Parable of the Honest Man

 Parable of the honest man

Marvin X reading at the University of Chicago, Sun Ra Conference

The young man seeking wisdom came to the wise man for the truth of the world. The old wise man informed the young man that there was little truth in the world. He told the young man to take off his rose colored glasses so he could see clearly. Didn't you hear God tell the people if they could find one righteous man He would save the whole town? Did they find one?

Seeing the young man was of sincere heart, the wise man said, "The world is full of illusions of the monkey mind. We seek happiness in 99 things that are pure illusions.
Yes, the world of make believe, Dr. Frazier said. Why do you fill your closets with clothes and shoes you never wear?
Why do you want 10 women when you don't know how to love one? You don't even know how to love yourself? Who are you and what is your purpose in life?
Why do you waste the precious years of your life drifting without aim or purpose? Discover your life purpose and all things will come to you. Few men or women follow their Bliss as Joseph Campbell said we must do to achieve spiritual Consciousness or the Divine State of Mind. The wise man ended the conversation with the young man with the wisdom of his elder woman friend, "If you ain't doing something that you love, you don't know what's going on!"
P.S. Don't worry about the corruption in the world. Those are they of the low information vibration mentality. Their corruption consumes them until the judgment day arrives and they are overwhelmed by the Big Payback.
Does not the law of physics teach that for every action there is an equal and corresponding reaction?
 God is good to you. Are you good to God?

Donald Lacy interviews Marvin X, KPOO Radio, San Francisco, 89.5FSM, KPOO.COM

Tuesday, June 29, 5PM

Donald Lacy interviews Marvin X

KPOO Radio, San Francisco



Monday, June 28, 2021

Revised: Parable of Should I Go into the Valley of the Loveless

Revised: Parable of Should I go into the valley of the loveless

Why should I go into the valley of the loveless

with everything but love

together decades

overflowing retirements

real estate


40 years love

talking past each other

no conversation 

pure meeting of minds

dutiful ugliness

sadness silent madness

golden handcuffs tolerate contradictions

She love Jesus

He love Allah

no unity here

dead god vs living god

no good

mansion fine

antique furniture

cruises everywhere

no where else to go

Russia too old

China ok

walk the wall be happy

come home to niggas deaf dumb and blind

can't tell niggas bout world tour

nigga know west deep east oakland 


tenderloin sf hunters point

where is Spain Jamaica Grenada Trinidad Brazil Cuba

Nigga know West Oakland back streets

Adline Pine Magnolia Center Peralta

7th and Campbell in the night

love ain't love  at all

mess of pottage

think they being true

both lying

she do and he do

both dodo

where is love constipation

he say you want another nigga

She say no

another entry level nigga like you no

At the club man say to friend

Man, don't you want that woman hittin on you?

hell naw, I got a woman at home I been wit 30 years I don't want

Let that woman hittin on me go somewhere else

terrorize another nigga

I got one terrorizing me.

Married friends so happy got everything

material things ain't love

swimming pool stocks bonds real estate

no matter

he likes casino

gambles all night

$200,000 gone so what

tomorrow another day

stop following me around casino bitch

play yo one-arm bandit

leave me lone

I'm doing ma thang

go your room to sleep

I b there directly

let me gamble all night long

what else a nigga do

kill pain of nigga life

everything and nothin

nigga life ain't shit

no friends

woman hate ya guts

jealous envious

can't wait till ya die

Buddy say when he get in his casket he gonna spit in his wife's face when she come up to view him

He go say bitch

 I hate you I hate you I hate you

nigga love a motherfucker

Nigga love is hate


Physical verbal emotional violence

Violence is black love

Sick love 

Did we come here to this wicked land for love

Or eternal labor under the sun

How could we love past New Year’s 

Auction block day how

Massa sold ma woman/his woman down river

Sold ma/his children down river

Never see again love

Yeah, now we got everything

and nothing

Ain’t got black minds of African myths rituals

Ain’t got liberation minds

We kill every weekend city to city

Not one white man killed touched

Sick love/hate self and kind

Niggas scared of revolution Last Poets said, still scared

2021 run when popo comes

Thought this was yo turf gangsta

Why you run when popo come

Popo bitch slap yo ass

You cry like the little bitch you are

Pants off yo ass bitch

Scared of revolution

Who is the original man

Who is the white man

Who is the white woman

Why don’t the white man want you to have social equality

with him

Dr. Fauci is Dr. Yakub fool

Covid19 ain’t the virus

You the virus and the vaccine

Problem and solution

Black man and woman in america

Problem and solution of the world

Free the black man and woman

Palestine free

Iraq free






You the key nigga negus

But you the lock won’t use the key to say the world

How you save world pants off yo ass

How you save world 

kill yo brother over dope and girl

Kill brother kill self

After all this time you don’t know yo enemy

Woman ain’t enemy

She give you babies

Wash yo drawers

Cook yo food

Suck ya fuck ya

Got ya back and front

You swear she yo enemy

Nigga you don’t even know the enemy

Don’t even know yourself

Man in the mirror Michael said

Remember the Time Michael said

Who the original man

Who the mother of civilization

Black woman want you to stand tall

Liberation or death

“Oppression worse than slaughter”--Al Qur’an

Fanon said liberation is sanity for oppressed

Man woman

You weak bitch ass nigga brain dead motherfucker

God send angel to yo motherfuckin house

You don’t have clue deaf dumb blind

You tired of God in yo house  talkin black shit

You can't take it

Took forty years of the white man’s slave job

Can’t take minute of truth

Run yo bitch ass to bedroom slam door shut

watch football baseball basketball niggaball

Anything but that black truth ball upside yo ignut brick head 

You can't take it bitch


stop trying to turn me and my wife out with that black panther shit

I can’t take it

Just wanna relax drink my jugs of Vodka

Breakfast lunch dinner

Let me gamble and lose $200,000 

so what I slaved forty years

It’s my money

Do what the fuck I want

Ain’t leaving no legacy to these ungrateful bastards

Little somethin’ somethin’ fa ma son

Don’t know what he go be

Pants off his ass

Need manhood training

Hell, I ain’t had none

So I’m fuckin’ off da rest

Wife got hers

She been wit me when I ain’t been wit maself

But fuck that black shit

I can’t take it

Give me headache

let me go groom my garden

I’m at peace

Trim plants clean weeds

Water plants thirsty

This my peace


I know I ain’t nothing

Wife call me entry level nigga

But I took care of my mom and dad

Put ‘em in one of my houses no rent

Still don’t think they loved me

Never said they did

Never hugged me no matter what I did

Girlfriend told me when her mother died

Daddy came into her bedroom drunk

Wanted to make love

But he’d never hugged her

She said if he’d hugged her

She might have made love to him. Wtf

Part II

Sent poem to my Lover husbands and wives 

did not appreciate my poem

don't write about them again they said

Didn’t use their names but they know I was talking about them

they missed my poetic cry for love

Is this why Elijah told me not to write poetry

“Poetry is a science my people don’t understand.

I am only after the plainest way to get the truth to my people.”

Elijah was probably right. As per English we suffer

The psycho-linguistic crisis

Nigga I live you

Why I gotta be a nigga

Bitch I love you

Why I gotta be a bitch

African I love you

Why I gotta be African

Oh, lovers

Young old

Let me see

hugs kisses

talk is good

First be friends not lovers

My married friends only have each other

They love when I visit bring joy laughter

Barakas said the same

They laughed when I came

Then drifted into madness 

Ancient age old buried shit

Resolved then unresolved when Jack Daniels starts talking

Rum Hennessy Miller Lite late into the night

All my friends suffer pain of nigga life

Amiri Baraka said “Negrocities”

Told me not to steal his term

So I defined it: Negrocities, 

Inflammation of the negroid gland at base of brain

Caused by bad habits

even black petti' bourgeoisie life sad

Frazier's world of make believe

Conspicuous consumption of things things things

Still she is not happy

Watching man self-destruct

Drifting an’ driftin’ (Charles Brown)

steel sharpens steel

2 become 1

1 plus 1 =1 in the name of love math

Mama told son she made dad go to church to

Control him 

and it worked 

marriage lasted 

Tough love?

Stallion donkey don't mix

donkey can't win derby

Donkey love disappears

blistering sumner heat

Too hot for love

In summers of my youth

Hot valley girls

mumu dresses

Loose fitting accessible to da hot valley girl funk

Too hot for panties

Hot dripping love

115 degrees midnight love

Roadside cotton patch love

Walnut Ave

Fig Ave


Roading Park car fog love

Police flashlight on nigga ass love

Drive-in theater love

How many Drive-in theater babies?

Grapevine love babies

Cut raisins in the land of Sun Maid 

Born in the land Sun Maid

Fowler CA

Mama too 

model black businesswoman mama

real estate broker spiritualist of Mary Baker Eddy

no medicine in our medicine cabinet nothing

no the truth

truth will free you from all disease

disease is negative attraction

God is Perfect without sin and disease, Mama said

Mary Baker Eddy said

"What happens to a raisin in the sun?"

grapes dry in sun

cut grapes lay on paper tray in the sun

7 cents tray

100 trays day 

for school clothes

else go school naked

Girls cut grapes too

Hot grapevine love in the vines

Mexican shout vamanos

Day is done


back in da hood

Come here gul friend in yo mumu

Stop car across from Hunt's grocery 

cotton field love

Rainer Ale green death love

Gul gimme some sweet hot pussy gul

Rainer Ale make her pee side cotton patch

pee gul hurry up gimme dat sweet hot funky love

Let's go Roading park

Steam up car windows hot summer love

Black love lives

Black love matters

God is Love

4th quarter love dead

Lovers tired too ignut to love

old sick crazy love

My friends, 

You think I come in hate

I hate the love I don't see

love is my mission

I speak in the name of love

You say you love

You stay for love

let love live

don't hide love

Let people see love

Let people see the love of God in your eyes

time is precious

yesterday is gone 

today almost done

what will tomorrow bring

Better ax somebody.

Bakersfield pitching watermelon love

No watermelon pitching after noon

Bakersfield sun blazing

Sun burn nigga ass

Vamanos Vamanos

Love is mean these days

Covid19 love

mask love

stay in house love

I don't know you wife

I don't know you husband

"We had a chance to know each other

before we made love

before I gave you some pussy

before you gave me some dick....."

Lovers dld sick tired exhausted 

with neveknowness

Childhood issues unresolved

love impossible

no rite of passage back from insanity

social angst shattered cultural strivings (Dr. Nathan Hare)

Some lovers drown in drink drugs

some stuck on esoteric mythic tales of supreme wisdom

First Resurrection narratives of God Allah

They got supreme wisdom

but didn't get it

no Nation of Islam no land no sovereignty just talk

Jews got Israel 

nigga Muslims talk

Where is the land of Shabazz five states and mules

no wonder imams wife goes to church in fine hat Gucci bag

Sycophant of preacher

Imam husband home in bed

mad cause Mother Ship ain't come

but he see it every morning in the sky

See that morning star moving that's her I swear

wife don't believe imam husband

Believe preacher 

What husband know

Preacher knows all 

he know Allah God too


"Will you hide truth while you know?"--Al Qur'an

Preacher won't tell me 

give him 10% Sundays

tell me Jesus is God

God need money

God need my W-9

I take God's money from my husband's stash

his money my money

my money my money

my money preacher money  

My imam husband old sick silly

Full of anger 

at me


white devils

black devils

Saudi Arabian devils

Supper Sunni devils

Mexican driver devils 

road rage everyday

he don't understand Valley is. Mexico

Negro days are over

White man days are done

Todo es La Raza La Raza 

Nada para los negros

lo siento mucho

I can't take his black rage everyday every hour

I can't take it

it's too much

estranged from his children grandchildren

they never call visit

when they do he says fuck you

ungrateful bastards fuck you

don't wish me hapi b day and I never see you

you never bring my grandchildren to hug kiss fuck you

my anxiety attacks confound him

nothing wrong with me he say doctors say too

I know my blues 

fuck him and the doctors

fuck the ambulance too paramedics too

he ain't touched  me in years

Kissed me

doesn't know sweet smell of my pussy

don't want to know

my mouth turns him off

his dick silly putty

he say it might get hard

If I just shut up

stop saying no at every turn

he might kiss all of me if I shut the fuck up sing Silent Night

I can't shut up

To save my life my love I can't.

Why do I dwell in no zone

first thing out my mouth is no

our love is war eternal

He needs me

I need him

We have everything except two souls united.

why fight when battle won day we  met

our love was sealed

Still we fight

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson hollywood style

In fourth quarter of lives

old fools in paradise

Do we need a break?

a minute or two break  for RR

come up for air

Before we kill each other in these hot summer nights

He had a gun sold it

he pulled it on me

I pulled it on him

(thankfully, he'd taken out the bullets)

He sold it

Thank you Jesus/Allah

Did Slavery do this 

white supremacy type II (Dr. Nathan Hare)

unresolved grief trauma

Too much toxicity systemic white supremacy Type II

I love him so

He's told me go

Million times

Told him go

We stay

Problem stays

No solution but the grave

We love the perks

golden handcuffs

Prisoners of love

together but Distant Lovers (Marvin Gaye)

our love a distant cry

Let us hear the Adhan  

let it crawl into our hearts 

healing healing 

Let the Muezin cry for peace and love at summer dawn 

--Marvin X


About the Poet

Some call him the USA's Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Bob Holman);

some call him Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland

(Ishmael Reed); some call him Socrates teaching in the

hood, a combination Thelonious Monk and Marianne

Williamson (Dr. Cornel West); his love poems will resound

as long and as deeply as any love poems ever

written by anyone, e.g., Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett

Browning, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou or any others.

(Fahizah Alim); he is Father of the genre known as

Muslim American literature (Dr. Mohja Khaf);

Marvin X is one of the innovators and founders of the

revolutionary school of African writing (Amiri Baraka, RIP);

when you listen to Tupac Shakur, E-40, Too Short, Master P

or any other rappers out of the Bay Area of Cali,

think of Marvin X. He laid the foundation and gave us

the language to express black male urban experiences

in a lyrical way (James G. Spady, RIP).

Marvin X reading at the University of Chicago, Sun Ra Conference on Afrofuturism, 2015

photo Burrell Sunrise

For readings/speaking engagements 

send letter of invitation to 


Tentative engagements 2021

Oakland BAMFEST, Black August 2021

Duke University, North Carolina

Conversation with Dr. Cornel West and Marvin X

Palestine and Black America, TBA

Opens for Donald Lacy's Color Struck, New York City, TBA

Poets Marvin X and Dr. Neal Hall in Concert

Philadelphia TBA

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Breaking News

Poet, Planner, Organizer Marvin X, M.A.

has been awarded a $100,000 grant to organize the Black Street

Vendors of Oakland. If you are a vendor, get in touch with him or

James Copes, Director of the Black vendors at Lake Merritt.