Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Smart People and White Supremacy

 Marvin X reading at the University of Chicago, 2015
Photo Burrell Sunrise

You are so on point.I tried to warn activists of the rise and return of the white nationalist right. There are approximatlely 40 million .many with military training.
--Muhammad Ahmad

Very mature (comprehensive) analysis, Marvin. As always well written. 
Li'l Joe

You are so right, my brother!
--Dr. Cornel West, Harvard 

O, the smart people, smarter than God people,why couldn't they predict the explosion of pervasive white supremacy as the natural reaction to the Obama presidency? Didn't you smart people listen to the white right fan the embers of white supremacy every day of the eight years of his administration? Didn't you learn in physics 101 that for every action there is an equal and corresponding reaction? After the initial Black uphoria of his election, many North American Africans were soon disappointed with his policies of soft white supremacy or globalism, a continuation of American imperialism. My more radical friends tried to tried to check my emotional response to his election. They tried to tell me not to be blinded by a black face, after all, they warned me, African and the Caribbean is awash with black face white supremacists. And we've had decades of black elected officials who did nothing for the hood, but became domestic neo-colonialists under the facade of black political power, a betrayal of the revolutionary black power we fought for in the 1960s. After organizing to elect the first black Mayor in Newark NJ, Kenneth Gibson, ancestor Amiri Baraka told me Gibson sold out before inaugratipn day to Prudential Insurance, and the Black mayor's who followed were convicted of corruption. We suspect the present Mayor Ras Baraka may break the black political tradition of corruption. 

But back to President Obama who assassinated American citizens without trial or conviction; who expanded American military hegemony in Africa, yes, a son of Africa; who murdered Col. Gaddafi of Libya, unleashing the ephemeral Arab Spring and the migrant crisis with the concomitant upsurge in neo-slavery and Sunni Muslim terrorism from Africa to Afghanistan, inspite of Obama's right wing Globalist policies that caused black disillusionment with our first black president, such matters of black concern were not the spark that ignited the flames of white supremacy that resulted in the election of Donald Trump. Our jubilation at the first black president was equal or surpassed the jubilation of white supremacy nationalists at the election of President Donald Trump, even though his mantra of MAGA is the delusional cry of a people steeped in their addiction to white supremacy and in full blown denial of USA demographics that are essential to the survival of the USA itself as per economics. America needs immigrants since the white birth rate is declining. Alas, white people of all classes and political stripes prefer dogs as children these days. And the MeToo Movement may stop the sexual abuse of women, but it will surely cause men to decline the chase ritual thus exacerbating the already problematic mating ritual leading to marriage rites. Men addicted to the patriarchal myth-ritual are deficit in knowledge of how to deal with their so-called toxic masculinity since they have not been taught the necessary manhood training for the MeToo Era.

This social phemona is not divorced from the MEGA madness, it is an essential part of the psychopathology of white supremacy nationalism that if not addressed in a communal recovery program, long term, we see the Second Civil War as the final solution.
After all, it is the height of romantism and idealism for anyone to expect white people to dismantle and deconstruct their fantastic notion of white supremacy over night. And let me be clear, this is true for the Right and the Left. Alas, for North American Africans as well who suffer, according to Dr. Nathan Hare, Addiction to White Supremacy Type II.
--Marvin X


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Marvin X new poem: The Smart People

The smart people
smarter than God people
God did not create Smart people
Smart people created God
gave birth to the God idea
There was no God before smart people
They are the mothers and fathers of God
Smart people made God in their image power glory
They define God
He does not define Smart people
Smart people marry trees dogs horses cows
do anything their hearts desire
murder lie steal rape plunder lands
destroy souls of men women children
The lands of smart people
havens of every filthy unclean bird
God cannot save smart people
nor will smart people save God.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sponsorship for the Dr Cornel West and Marvin X in Conversation

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Sent: Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 8:37 PM
Subject: The greatest enemy of the Black man is the Black man

Let's go to the root of the problem: in any business transaction there are buyers and sellers. Africans sold us, Europeans and Arabs bought us, and this is still going on, down to the present moment. 

One of my North American African brothers visited Africa not long ago, only to discover anyone could be purchased for $35.00. This reality broke his Pan African heart!

 I was humbled a few years ago when a Ghanaian brother said to me in Oakland, "Marvin, I want to apologise to you because my people sold your people!" 

At my Academy of da Corner Lakeshore, Pan Africans meet and discuss all matters. One North American African said to a brother from the Montherland, "Hey man, you ain't never apologized for selling us into slavery!" The brother from the Motherland quickly apologized, and our conversation continued on other matters, such as the fine women who come through Lakeshore by Peet's Coffee and Trader Joe's.

Sun Ra, Black Arts Movement Master Teacher and father of Afrofuturism, used to teach (listen to the audio version of his lectures at UC Berkeley on YouTube) that Africans owe us reparations along with the Europeans, Arabs, et al. 

But as his student and associate (he told me I would be teaching in the Black Studies Department at UC Berkeley, along with him, 1972, even though Governor Ronald Reagan had me removed from lecturing in the Black Studies Department at Fresno State University, 1969, same time he removed Angela Davis from lecturing at UCLA)--I say North American Africans need to give ourselves Reparations for the pain, suffering, trauma and grief we have caused each other during our 400 year sojourn in this wilderness of North America. Our Reparations to each other transcends money, we need to ask for forgiveness for all the wrongs we have done to each other throughout the centuries down to the now: for the snitching during slavery down to the now, turning state's evidence on each other; for violating the laws of trust, love and respect that should have existed between us brothers and sisters; for inflicting emotional spiritual and physical abuse on our partners and children, siblings and parents, friends and others whose trust we betrayed in our persona as ungrateful bastards.
I wish somebody would hep me!

But let us stay focused, Harriet told us she could have freed more slaves if they had known they were slaves!"

How many more could Marcus Garvey have freed if they had known they were slaves? Negroes sold him out, yes, the Negro leadership, don't make name them!

We were not with Elijah, Malcolm X or Mlk Jr. Who are we with?
Nobody! Democratic party, Republican? Who? Democratic Socialists? White Supremacy Nationalists?  Who?

Who can save the North American African? Can he save himself?

As Langston Hughes titled
his book I Wonder as I can Wander! 
Black man in the wonderland, do not drift without aim or purpose!

Islamic teaching says the greatest Jihad is to win one's own soul! 
 So your greatest challenge is to conquer your own soul!
Thus your greatest enemy is yourself!
Forget about the white man, focus on you, yes, you are the priority!
--Marvin X.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Dr. Justin Gifford interview with poet-playwright Marvin X

University of Nevada, Reno, Professor. Dr Justin Gifford, conducted his second interview with poet-playwright Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner Lakeshore Dr, Oakland. Justin had a few final questions as he concludes research for a biography of Eldridge Cleaver, essayist and Black Panther Party Minister of Information. Marvin was the first person Cleaver hooked up with upon his release from Soledad Prison, 1967. They co-founded the Black House, a political and cultural center that became chief venue for the black cultural revolution in the Bay Area, visited by Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Apprentice Bunchy Carter, Sarah Webster Fabio, Chicago Art Ensemble, Reginald Lockett, Judy Juanita, et al. Playwright Ed Bullins and Marvin's partner from Black Arts West Theatre, Ethna Wyatt, aka, Hurriyah Assar, lived at Black House, along with Eldridge after he was forced to move there from the white house he shared with his white woman, Attorney Beverly Axelrod.

In his research, Gifford discovered Cleaver lifted Charles Colson's conversion testimony for his own story of discovering Jesus Christ in the moon. Marvin informed the Black Studies professor that he transcribed Cleaver's "Moonshot" and Cleaver instructed him to entitle it The Golden Shower!
Dr. Gifford, author of books on Iceberg Slim, told Marvin, "You were with him at critical points in his life, so you are critical throughout my biography of Cleaver."

Marvin was shocked to learn from the professor that Eldridge Cleaver's son, Ahmed Maceo Eldridge Cleaver, joined the ancestors last October, leaving behind three wives and fourteen children.

Photos Adam Turner

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Of Fathers and Daughters

  Nisa and Muhammida, daughter of Nisa and Marvin X

Three daughters of Marvin X: Attorney Amira jackmon; Nefertitti Jackmon, Executive Director of Six Square, Black Cultural District Austin Texas; Muhammida El Muhajir, permanent resident of Accra Ghana.

Daughters of Marvin X, Nefertitti and Amira, with Dr Cornel West,  San Francisco State University, Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness Concert, 2001.

As per daughters, fathers blinded by patriarchal mythology can totally escape the genius of their daughters, although in truth none of our children can escape the DNA of parents, including ancestral hopes and dreams of freedom. Children will consciously or unconsciously carry out such dreams. Parents shall be amazed when they see children carry out ancestral and parental dreams, even when children claim such dreams as their own, yes, in their ignorance and arrogance, although, at some point they will exclaim, "Oh, I see why I'm doing the things I do: I got this from you! Am I cursed?"
Parents are surely amazed and perplexed to see their children grapple with parental and ancestral dreams. Yet, parents may feel good that they understand the conundrum of their children's lives. I'm totally amazed that my mother said, "Son, you don't need a wife, you need a maid, secretary and mistress!" Mom told me this before I was twenty years old, no matter I had one son at 18 and another by 20, and thought I should be married." Mom said no matter, you don't need to get married!
Although I have the most beautiful children any father could want, thank God for the beautiful mother's, at 75 years old, I must confess Mama was right. Even though my children suffered fatherly abandonedment and neglect in their early years, even in their adulthood, they need fatherly advice,guidance and inspiration. I am there for them and they come to me for such, directly or indirectly.

I'm happy to share my wisdom with them so they can finish the journey of our family and pass it on to the next generation.
Marvin X



KPFA's Cat Brooks interview with Marvin X

 Marvin X at KPFA Radio, Berkeley
Photo Adam Turner

"I have been listening to KPFA's 6PM
 News Hour since 1962, after graduating from high school in Fresno CA and returning to Oakland where I'd spent part of my childhood on the streets of West Oakland.

When I entered Merritt College on Grove Street, my friends were Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. We sat in classes together, front row, three deep, and challenged the instructor to get one word out of line. We did independent study so we knew our shit!"

KPFA's Cat Brooks interview with Marvin X