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No one does things better than Blacks by Phavia Kujichagulia

Revolutionary Black Queen Phavia Kujichagulia, Master Teacher of Pan African consciousness

Reply to Marvin X: No one does things better than Blacks


Ironically, Black folks are definitely geniuses. Teach Black folks basketball and we end up with a Michael Jordan. Teach Black folks golf and we end up with a T. Woods. Teach Black folks white psychopathy (insanity is not supremacy) and no one will hate Blacks folks better than we have been programmed to hate one another.  


No conversation, no understanding, no over-standing, no benefit-of-doubt … just unfounded, unnecessary hate, envy and jealousy. We have become a community of jealous, envious, simple-minded negro-American-haters…and ironically, we LOVE TO HATE because no one does things better than Blacks.  


Peace & Power  

Phavia Kujichagulia

Subject: Parable of Functional Unity by Marvin X


Imagine,  some married couples hate each other but have continued living together for decades. I have a long time married friend who swears he hates his wife and is convinced she hates him and everything he is about. Yet they are both living their best lives, nice home,  good retirement, though he has serious health issues.  Hers are imagined.  The doctors say there is nothing wrong with her, please go home woman,  we don't have time for your anxiety. Her anxiety is not being able to dominate and control her husband who is a free thinker. His knowledge is far superior to Hers but she doesn't have a clue. His car uses Supreme while her car uses regular. After 30 years of marriage,  he is finally convinced you can't turn a donkey into a stallion. A donkey will never win the Kentucky Derby. 

But in the ritual of Nigga Black African love lives, hatred is simply the icing on the cake of love. Recognize the icing. Scrape it off the cake if necessary and let love flow. 

I don't agree with you,  don't like you but I respect you because you are sincere. 

Functional unity is practical,  pragmatic,  beyond emotions, ideological persuasions, religiosity,  sectarianism and dogmatism. Functional unity is for the greater good of the whole community, beyond individuals and personalities. No more king for life, royal family jive. We all royal, holy,  sanctified, yet not without sin.  Who can cast the first stone? Didn't God say, "Find me one righteous man and I will save the whole town!"

Our duty is to save ourselves, family and community from destruction, from being deaf dumb and blind.  If we fail to do our duty, we shall suffer a great chastisement by Allah.

So we come together to  transcend our negative selves for the freedom of our people. 

Let us not hate each other more than we hate our oppresser. Didn't Malcolm tell you that you don't catch hell because you are Democrat or Republican, Christian, Muslim,  but because you are Black. But Black is not a color,  Black is a state of mind, a state of being in time and space. 
Black is not De Nile River but the Hapi River.  Come out of denial and get to Hapi! We came here together and we shall be free together or in continued neoslavery together.  

Unity, Criticism Unity.  

Do 4 Self. 

The world is moving against all unorganized people.

Didn't Frederick Douglas say no struggle no progress.  "Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and never shall."

Functional Unity.  Do 4 Self 

Saturday, November 6, 2021

parable beyond ignorance

 Parable of beyond ignorance

marvin x at his former classroom in the laney college theatre, where he taught, 1981, and produced his poetic drama in the name of love. he reads from a one act play about his last meeting with huey p newton in a west oakland crack house, salaam huey salaam, from the full length play one day in the life

parable of ignorance

Ignorance is a motherfucker. But not to know is not bad, not to want to know is a disaster. Alas, the Bible said the people were destroyed for lack of knowledge, not lack of money, property, but lack of knowledge. Some of us search throughout our entire lives to seek knowledge yet it escapes us because even when we come into the knowledge of a matter, we refuse the knowledge.  For example, a friend hated a friend but even after getting confirmation the friend he hated was a good person, the friend still hated the person. Yes, even after his best friends and mentors told him to give the person he hated  a pass, he could not do so because of the depths of his hatred. 

As I told him, the sad truth is that there were persons in my life I hated although certain of my friends did not go along with me, no matter how dastardly I made the crimes of the person I hated. They did not necessarily love them but they were not going to hate them to be in unity with me. They informed me that the contradictions I had about our socalled friends were not shared by them and they would persist in their political fellowship with my socalled enemies. Tonight, although I was totally disgusted with the recalcitrance of my friend after his supreme mentors gave Kumasi a pass, and I agreed with them, he yet persisted in his low information vibration mentality of full blown ignorance. At this point I ordered him out of my apartment that is the often custom when my friends transcend sobriety into the zone of ignorance. 

But again, do not think I don't understand the pain of my friend who lost a person because of the person his mentors and myself endorsed.
A friend of mine was assassinated by Oakland politicos and the block man I've mentioned but not named above was involved in the assassination, as he was involved in the assassination of Malcolm X's grandson, Malcolm Shabazz. Still the socalled conscious community gives this person a pass as he continues his global trek of satanism in the name of Pan Africanism. This snake rat forced himself upon my family in Accra and elsewhere in Ghana to implant his evil into the positive vibrations of my family. Fred Hampton, Jr. informed me this rat turd flea gave him misdirections so he could miss speaking engagements in the midwest and east coast. Fred volunteered this information to me, I did not seek him out, he sought me out. 

Inline image

Marvin X and Fred Hampton, Jr. at the Berkeley Flea Market

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Special Edition of Black Street Magazine, A Publication of the Black Vendors Association: Coming Soon Bay Area Black Streets Vendors Benefit Concert and Townhall, December 4th, at the Junkyard, 983 89th Ave., Deep East Oakland


Egyptsia at her booth on Lake Merritt, she is also Manager of the Black Vendors Association
photo Ken Johnson

Poet Dr. Neal Hall Deconstructs The Junkyard

"The junkyard is everywhere, they just hide it!"--Dr. Neal Hall, M.D., Poet, Nigger for Life

Marvin X on his friend and advisor Dr. Neal Hall

FYI, Dr. Neal Hall is a Harvard University trained ophthalmologist who retired to become an internationally awarded poet. His poem Dr. Nigger should explain why he gave up ophthalmology to write poetry. Did American white supremacy make him abandon his profession? His poem is poetic evidence of why he departed eye surgery to become a poet. Moreover, he said the medical profession cuts up Black people too much just to make money. After five surgeries on my eye and they wanted me to do number six, I called Dr. Hall for advice. Firstly he asked if I were in pain? No. After operation number six, will you be able to see better? No. Then don't do it, he said. They just want to cut on you for dollars. When my esteemed elder, Dr. Nathan Hare, PHd in Sociology and Clinical Psychology, heard I'd lost an eye, he said, "Marvin, don't worry about it because you've seen enough of this world!"  I love Dr. Nathan Hare but I want to see THE END of this movie called Pax Americana. Remember when we were at the movie house eating hot buttered popcorn and finger fucking our girlfriend with the same hand, but when we looked up from our rite of passage, the movie screen was white except for the words in black THE END. Can you save a patient terminally ill? NO. One of my friends was dying of cancer although she had outlived the doctors expectations for her life by several years. She put the hospice people out of her house. She employed me as her care provider although the main thing I did was pick up the jars of liquid morphine for her that she did not take but allowed her friends to steal for their use or to sell.  She was finally overcome by cancer and the energy she expended trying to save the youth of Oakland. She was called the Mother Theresa of Oakland, Ancestor Betty King. When her son was the victim of a drive by shooting in the late eighties, we think that really broke her heart. I used to go with her to meetings of mothers who'd lost sons to drive by shootings. After a few meetings, I could go no longer. The testimonies of mothers was too painful for me. So what killed Betty King, physical cancer or political cancer? Recall Dr. Hall's poem as he is trying to save the life of a white racist, was it the trauma of contradiction in the deep structure or was it surface structure racism that led my beloved friend to abandon his medical profession? 

In December, 1968, while underground in Harlem running from the FBI for refusing to fight in Vietnam, I worked as associate editor of Black Theatre Magazine, a publication of the New Lafayette Theatre. They arranged for me to interview James Baldwin at his apartment across from Central Park. He'd already written in one of his books of essays, "The idea of white supremacy has led white people to rationalizations so fantastic it approaches the pathological!"  

James Baldwin in Harlem, cerca 1968

Marvin X in Harlem, 1968
photo Doug Harris

FYI, Marvin's 1968 chapbook is claimed to be the begging of the genre Muslim American literature, Marvin X along with other Black Arts Movement poets, including Amiri Baraka, aka LeRoi Jones, Sonia Sanchez, Askia Muhammad Toure, The Last Poets, and many others who came under the Muslim influence, especially after the assassination of Malcolm X. But his death divided North American Africans in general and Black Muslims in particular, very similar to the Sunni Shia sectarianism. Marvin X refuses to align with any form of sectarianism. "I love the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I love Malcolm X as well. If you know the history of revolution, you know there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Study the French, Russian, American, Haitian, Mexican revolutions and note the treachery and reactionary moves by the various personalities in those theatres of war. Brothers who become enemies is war history. Brothers split the atom and it sometimes explodes from personality and/or ideological differences. Sometimes there are agents in the midst, formenting chaos and confusing, leading to a further splitting of the atom. Sectarianism is now full blown, a sect on every corner doing the life and death will of some schiek, imam, guru from a faraway village without electricity and clean water, but the holy man casts a spell on the sycophants who are willing to die for the mystery holy man, such is the thirst of their search for the reality of God, since they no longer believe in the mystery god Jesus. 

In the Sufi manner, Marvin X says he has transcended religiosity for spirituality. I don't need the myths and rituals or I keep them to a minimum and for my own sacred moments of devotion.

I say what the Sufis says, "I am in God and God is in me!" I say, "God has been good to you, but have you been good to God? Are you an ungrateful wretch, still praying when God has already answered? Spooked in religiosity, myth and ritual. When I ask brothers did they get Supreme Wisdom, one answered, "Yes, I got it but I didn't get it!" I've tried to get the best from Elijah and Malcolm, for surely we have been told nothing and no one deserves to be worshipped but Allah, not Elijah, Farakhan, Warith Din, no one and nothing, no woman, money, nothing. Our life and death are all for Allah. And the greatest Jihad is not without but within, i.e., the greatest holy war is to win your own soul from shaitan/the devil. 

Back to James Baldwin

That cold New York December, even James Baldwin had no heat in his apartment. But he said, "How can they talk about the Prince of Peace while they bomb the hell out of Vietnam? Christianity? Our condition proves they don't believe in Jesus, look at our condition. For a black father to raise a black son in this situation is a miracle. It's a wonder we all haven't gone stark raving mad! We're the only thing that happened here, nothing else happened here except us! 

He talked to me about Richard Wright, the top black writer during the 50s and 60s. Baldwin felt Wright was wrong to proclaim that Bigger Thomas was a metaphor for black rage that would one day end in murder, although Bigger's murder was by accident and stupidity.  Baldwin claimed Wright discovered in Africa that he was not African but an American, yes, a white man in black face. As I recall our interview of 1968, the audio tape was destroyed, Baldwin thought Wright was somewhat lost in Paris among the African intellectuals. Exile can dislodge one from the communal self. As one who suffered exile, it can cause trauma due to the disconnection in physical space but psychic space as well. In exile, we cannot fully understand the daily suffering of those in our particular national liberation struggle. Yes, internationalism is wonderful, Che style, Kwame Toure style, but tribalism is a mother..... You yearn to be back in your homeland, even if you were only crime in the street, and as Wright said in Native Son, your presence is a crime against the state. Richard Wright died under mysterious circumstances in Paris. Baldwin returned from exile and engaged in the Civil Rights struggle. Lately when I hear Baldwin speak with such passion, I wonder if his wisdom and creative energy was not wasted in conversations in, as he said, "airless rooms, talking to zombies in full blown addiction to white supremacy but in total denial, yet they seek to control the narrative with their White Fictive Theory while denouncing Critical Race Theory. I think a true or false test would end the discussion unless there are two truths, alternative facts and the pseudo validation of false narratives by domination in the verbal manner of S and M, San Francisco, South of Market, black leather domination from the world of make believe. 

Why is it so difficult to face reality? How long can a nation of people live on fantasy island? If the ocean is rising, why don't you pack up and leave the island or move further inland. Oh, you're going to stop the ocean from rising? Why don't you first clean up that island of plastic in the Pacific ocean three times the size of Texas? 

You psychosis is overwhelming you and the world. Yes, when the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch together. Who can follow you except the deaf, dumb and blind. 

Many of my people truly believe you know what you're doing, even when you know you don't know. Your monkey mind media of fake news reveals your ignorance while it parades and pontificates as intelligence, fair and balanced. Before you departed Kabul, you droned ten people, including seven children and said you were not to blame. It was the children's fault. What manner of lies can you not manifest to a believing world who go for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Santa Claus? 

I pray you enjoy Dr. Nigger:

Dr. Nigger

Dr. Nigger
Can you cure me without
touching me with nigga hands
Can you save my life
without changing my life
Can you dance soft-shoe while
humming those negro tunes
when my white life codes blue
Can you reach inside yourself
beyond the shit we put in you…
past painful moments we put in you…
past despair and hopelessness
we’ve put in you and
find that old black magic in you
to save my life without changing
all the shit we put in you
Dr. Nigger
Can you breathe in me
air free of nigga
from a nigger not free
to breathe in free air
Can you stay on the colored side
of the color line and reach across
without touching me with nigga hands
to restart my blue heart without
changing my cold heart
Can you reach past the life
we’ve taken from you to
save my life and not
let white life pass me by
Dr. Nigger
save my life
without taking my life
Cure me without
touching me with nigga hands
Dance soft-shoe while
humming negro tunes
while you save my life
without changing my life
when my white life codes blue
--Neal Hall, M.D.,
Copyright 2009

Black Love Lives!
Black Street Vendors at Oakland's Lake Merritt

White residents and merchants want them gone. In Richard Wright's classic novel Native Son, the lawyer who defended Bigger Thomas on murder charges, described his client thusly, "His very presence is a crime against the state, every glance of his eyes is a threat...." Invisible Man's mantra was "keep the nigga running!" In Destruction of African Civilization, Chancellor Williams said we've been running for 6,000 years, ever since the Semites came into Egypt and mated with our African mothers. The children identified with their white fathers in the grand tradition of the tragic mulatto syndrome, "Am  I black, am I white?" Chancellor said we fled from invasions, succession rites, famine, drought and other ecological factors. Diop proved linguistically and culturally as revealed in myths, rituals, burial customs and spirituality that West Africans are the direct descendants or Kemit or Egypt, Alkebulan. See his classic Cultural Unity of Africa. 

For sure, no matter if Blacks are officially banned from the lake or the City's project morphed and degenerate into a Miller Lite version of the North American African vision as celebrated by the North American Africans whose powerful presence so disturbed the peace loving residents and merchants along Lakeshore and Grand Ave.

James Copes of the Black International Marketplace at Lake Merritt and City Councilwoman Nikki Bas  in happier times. James, Chief organizer of the Lake Merritt black street vendors, has lost faith that the City of Oakland can transcend its long history of excluding Blacks from Lake Merritt. After months of police prohibiting parking on Lakeshore and Grand Avenues, James said  customers disappeared so we have no choice but to vacate the lake. The City achieved their aim to satisfy the white residents, merchants and prevent the recall of Councilwoman Nikki Bas.  Nikki appeared to be a friend of the Black street vendors but reelection is her priority. As we know, there are no permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests. 

Organizer of the Black International Marketplace at Lake Merritt, James Copes.

The Griot Speaks

At the Junkyard on December 4, 6-10, Marvin X will read poetry and discuss the status of Black Street Vendors on the streets of Oakland. The Black Vendors Association's organizer says, "At the end of November the City of Oakland's Black street vending project at Lake Merritt will end. The Parks and Recreation Commission asked James Copes, organizer of the Lake Merritt vendors, to present a long range plan for Black vendors that does not include Lake Merritt. Contrary to Parks and Rec, Mr. Copes asked me to write the proposal but include vending at Lake Merritt. Although the pilot project initially had the blessing of Councilwoman Nikki Bas, she was forced to acquiesce to the wishes of the mostly white Lakeshore and Grand Ave. residents and merchants who opposed the Black presence at Lake Merritt because of unruly behavior by some of the black street vendors and their customers, but we know that whites have opposed any black presence at the lake for decades, even before I was growing up in West Oakland and we were prohibited from the lake except on holidays like July 4th."

Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, First Poet Laureate for the City of Oakland

Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, The City of Oakland's First Poet Laureate, will join her indefatigable, peripatetic, irascible Teacher at the Junkyard. 

Marvin X and Dr. Ayodele Nzinga
photo Adam Turner

After Bar-b-Que Becky inspired Blacks to party and vend at the lake, residents forced the City to restrict the black vendors to one block on El Embarcadero. Police blocked parking on Lakeshore and Grand Avenues, thus killing potential customers from parking at the lake until vending died a slow death until many sought other sites rather than stay in a dead zone. James Copes, chief organizer, was one of the first to depart due to low sales. Of course the OPD achieved their purpose of killing customers. The Black Vendors Association has decided not to fight the pseudo white liberal residents desire to maintain white supremacy at the lake. On December 4th at the Junkyard, BVA organizer Marvin X will present vendors another plan to vend on the streets of Oakland, something Blacks have never been allowed to do. 

Master Percussionist Tacuma King, long time accompanist of poet Marvin X

Poet/organizer Marvin X and his favorite musician, Violinist Tarika Lewis.
FYI, Tarika is the first female member of the Black Panther Party.

Poet Samantha and Tarika Lewis, Violinist

We invite all Black Street Vendors to attend the event and become members of the BVA so we can fight for our rights in an organized manner. The reason Councilwoman Nikki Bas succumbed to the residents and merchants is because they voted her into office and threatened to recall her if she didn't remove the black menace to their peace and tranquility. If blacks were organized, including registered votes, Nikki would have had to respond differently, although she did make an effort but she knows what side her bread is buttered.

Marcus Garvey said get organized and so we must. All black vendors will receive discount tickets to attend this event at the Junkyard, located at 983 89th Ave., Deep East Oakland. For more information, please call 510-575-7148. General Admission tickets are $50.00, available on Eventbrite. Marvin X and Friends at the Junkyard, December 4, 6-10PM

About this event

Marvin X will be accompanied by percussionist Tacuma King, Violinist Tarika Lewis, and Oakland's First Poet Laureate Dr. Ayodele Nzinga. The event is produced by Black Bird Press and the Black Vendors Association. Funds will benefit Black Street Magazine, official publication of the Black Vendors Association and provide mini-grants for vendors to come up.

Maestro Marvin X and the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra performing at the Malcolm X Jazz Art Festival, 2015

Collage Adam Turner

We thank our sponsors 

for their generous support


Cornel West says, "Marvin X is the African Socrates in the hood, a combination Thelonious Monk and Marianne Williamson!"--Dr. Cornel West, Harvard, Union Theological Seminary

" If you want to learn about motivation and inspiration, don't spend all that money going to workshops and seminars, just go stand at 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland and watch Marvin X at work. He's Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland."--Ishmael Reed, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley

Friday, July 3, 2020

blame it on marvin x


Have you seen it?
When is the last time you’ve walked downtown
Can’t believe what they’ve done
But, i know this, for sure
Gwon. Go ahead.
Hope the streets don’t call me out on this
But, i BLAME Marvin X!

He started it!
He and Immamu
The great Baraka
Elombe, Kwame, Maya, Abubadika, Ed Bullins, Sonia Sanchez, Askia Toure’
Bobby, Huey, Emory, Karenga, COBRA in Chi-town, Ishmael...
Yebo! They should all be held responsible!

Damn right, i blame Marvin X and ‘nem
For being the main instigators that has brought the world
More than 50 years
Five loooong decades-plus
Of terrifying White terrorists, including Reagan
While shaking up liberals
The nerve of him, the never of them
Waking up “Negroes”
When they’re trying to keep sleeping

Don’t know bout ya
But, i still blame Marvin X and ‘nem
Not just these miserable social conditions
Of vicious European and American global imperialist monopoly capitalist white terrorism
For causing all this
Particular unruly and unauthorized behavior
Firing up folks
Coast to coast
From the Atlantic to the Gulf to the Great Lakes to the Pacific and beyond
To the continent and around our diaspora
Especially among these brave youngsters
Who have no idea
What they’re up against
Or, how to be scared!

Ya can say what ya want
But, i’m calling him out
The truth is Marvin X and ‘nem are to blame.
He has to be completely out of his mind
For outrageously envisioning a safe, secure, valued CommUNITY of
Self-Determined African people with homes, banks, stores, theaters, cafes, galleries, vendors
And, no poo-poo. Ooops, typo. i meant no po-po
Calling it the “Black Arts Movement taking care of Our Business District”
In the Spirit of our Kemetic-like destroyed Greenwood-Archer-Pine “GAP” area in Tulsa, Never
In the center of Indigenous OHLONE-land
Renamed “oakland” by the European and American killer and raper
Raiders and 49’er gold diggers

Who else ya gonna blame, but Marvin X and ‘nem?
For confronting the City officials
To first recognize this Black Arts Movement District
Then demanding they put up some street signs and posters
To loudly declaring our sacred Red, Black and Green colors of Liberation!

So, it is, indeed, Marvin X and ‘nem
Who WE have to blame
Cause he has now taken the damn thang
To an even higher level
Without any prior notification
Or, “official” Invitation
Have you seen this outburst?
Witnessed all this dangerous art?
On every block! Every street! Even in some alleys.
And, to my amazement…
Not one broken window.

Go ahead
Let’s blame Marvin X and ‘nem
There they go again inspiring so many creative Spirits
And, Bold, Brave Amazing Souls
Who seem to have been set Free
And, given this precious Sacred Space
While confronting the deadly military armor, tear gas, hidden cameras, threats of arrests and jailings
And, drive-by shootings and murder
From Euro-American “white” military-trained terrorists
Along with this deadly virus from who knows where (at the moment)

i’m for blaming Marvin X and ‘nem
For issuing this Call to Create
With nothing to fight with
But their weapons of Warriors’ vigor
Unfiltered imagination and unabashed creativity
Nothing but pray cans, paint brushes, magic markers, sharpies
Plywood, concrete and asphalt
Or, the walls of the J.P. Morgan Chase bank robbers and their ilk
These newer versions of the Splash Sis-Stars and Brothers
With profound messaging
Representing the real World Champions GIANTS WE all be
Yebo. This dude, Baba Marvin X
Always stirring Up Trouble!
Among the Blacks! The Browns! The Yellows! The Reds!
Lighting matches with words
That have sparked the creation of these new and old Black and Beautiful images
Of Truth and Black Genius!
Fully expressing our global Black experience, echoing Baba ImHotep Byrd!
Shouting and Exercising Our Mighty and Unstoppable Black Power!
And, futuristic Black Life!

Yebo, ya damn right it’s his fault
So, please join and help me
In putting the blame right where it belongs
And, while WE are at it
Sharing our utmost Gratitude to...
Baba Marvin X!
And, his many Black Artist
And, especially MOVEMENT-building co-horts
Past, present and after he, and WE
Are Long Gone!
Ase`. Ase`. Ase’-O!

by Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at
June 2020

Poets Amiri Baraka RIP and Marvin X enjoyed a 47 year friendship as Co-founders of the Black Arts Movement coast to coast. Amiri Baraka said, "Marvin X has always been in the forefront of Pan African writing. Indeed he is one of the founders and innovators of the revolutionary school of African writing. "

Bust of Dr. Huey P. Newton and Marvin X, his revolutionary comrade from their Merritt College days, 1962-64. 
photo art Gene Hazzard