Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Last Days of Whitey

 The Last Days of Whitey

We are now in the last days of Whitey. We know hubris or self pride is the stuff of dramatic tragedy. Hubris was well known in Greek tragedy and especially in the plays of Shakespeare. The historical record is pervasive with nations and civilizations such as Greece and Rome who came to their end when hubris overwhelmed their sense of reality. As we know, psychosis is the total break with reality, when the delusional persons mind-set reaches the severe with full-blown mental atrophy. Hubris combined with moral depravity hastens the downfall of civilizations, especially when accentuated with economic and military adventurism. 

Do these last days of Whitey fit the prescription of the American endgame, wherein she has overextended herself by an addiction to narcissism that lies in the deep structure of the national hubris, also known as white supremacy? The condition is so severe most people cannot unravel the conundrum. The psycholinguistic crisis is overwhelming itself. What shall we call ourselves, what noun, pronoun, what are we today and what if we decide to transform into some other human or demonic configuration in the morning? What if our grand desire is to kill children in the womb, or in the schools, in the hoods, or the global eternal wars? After spending 700 billion annually for the military, how in the hell can we expect our children to be safe at home? Baldwin told you, "The murder of my child will not make your child safe!"

You supply guns, dope and miseducation in the hood, mass incarceration that perpetuates destruction of family and social harmony, then you are utterly shocked when drug addiction and overdoses proliferate suburbs and rural towns and cities. You are so demonic that after the pharmaceutical industry floods communities with opioids, you allow Chinese and Latin American drug cartels to overwhelm America with fentanyl. Yes, your banks are more than happy to do the money laundry, after all, America is about money and nothing else.  

As we know, hubris is a mental blindness, saturated with arrogance, so even though examples of nations in atrophy abound, our psychosis includes mental blindness to the extent we see other nations in or on the way to destruction but do not imagine their fate shall be ours. Alas, you created Banana Republics but you cannot conceive that you are speeding toward the Banana Republic yourself. You are the greatest nation in the world and you run out of baby food. A short time ago you were oil independent but after allowing green heads to plan your future, you see Green may be great for the future but it can do nothing for $7.00 gallon gas in California. And don't speak of your useless $700 billion national security budget when you cannot secure your border from every filthy unclean bird as the Bible says. Yes, Babylon has become the habitation of devils. You cry about the low birth rate of Whitey while you promote abortion at every turn. But that's not enough depravity. Sun Ra said, "You so evil the devil don't want you in hell!" Now you want to cut the penis off boy children and put them in dresses. It is an abomination that the primitive societies avoided with manhood and womanhood training rites so there was a clear and precise distinction between genders. The girls knew they were women after their first cycle. The boys knew they were men when they returned from the woods and forests with the lion on their shoulders. Yes, simple, common sense shit that defies the people Smarter Than God, the title of my poem. 

Whitey cannot stop his rush across the precipice, for he is in full blown addiction to the insanity of white supremacy, a psychosis or total break with reality. Again, Baldwin said it best, so I paraphrase, "The notion of white supremacy has driven white people to rationalizations so fantastic it approaches the pathological." 

Whitey's end is your beginning, for sure you have never enjoyed a nano second of freedom, justice and equality since you were kidnapped and brought to the hells of North America. All you've known is slavery, suffering and death. NO self-determination, no sovereignty. Yeah, Lincoln freed you, then gave you the 13th  Amendment to put your black asses back in slavery under the US Constitution with involuntary servitude down to the present moment. So let Whitey go and be thankful God is handling the matter as He did with Job. What did God tell the devil, "You can do anything to Job but kill him." So rejoice North American Africans, and demand nothing less than your 40 acres and cash in the trillions for you long overdue reparations. 

--Marvin X

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Marvin X at Berkeley Juneteenth, Sunday, June 19, 2022

We heard by the Black Bird that Marvin X's Outlaw Magazine was given out at Fresno's Juneteenth at the Convention Center. It was also distributed at Berkeley Juneteenth. Marvin X's grandchildren assisted the poet distributing his magazines and books. The poet/scholar autographed his works for the folks.

Naima, granddaughter, Marvin X, Jahmiel, grandson

photo Adam Turner

Marvin X

photo Adam Turner

Marvin X

photo Harrison Chastang

MILES DAVIS - Human Nature

Miles Davis - Hannibal - LIVE 1991

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Was Monk


Was Monk

Was Monk here there

on other side of squares

where was Monk in time on time beyond time

Did you do Monk time or listen 

mind blasted against time

who makes time

grows time

beats rhythms energies 

if you please

from where Monk's world

did you ever get there

how could you when you square

Did Monk ever come to your world time rhythms beats

Monk danced

did you watch his feet as he stepped in Monk's world

beyond square ass low life world of nothingness make believe

Leave Monk alone in sacred space

Sonny said Space is the Place

Monk said Round Midnight is the right time

Round Midnight Round Midnight.

--Marvin X

Monday, June 13, 2022

Please give a generous donation to the memorial for Journal of Black Poetry Publisher/Editor Dingane Jose Goncalves


I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe, https://gofund.me/13c554f3

Even a small donation could help Marvin X and Planners reach their fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

Thanks for taking a look! Black Power to the People. All power to the People!
Marvin X
Co-Founder, National Black Arts Movement

Tentative Memorial Program for Dingane Joe Goncalves, Founder,The Journal of Black Poetry 
Venue, East Oakland Black Cultural Zone, CDC, Carolyn Johnson, CEO
73rd and MacArthur,  Oakland 
Saturday,  August 27, 2022

1. Musical interlude,  Tarika Lewis, et al.
2. Youth Poets Open Mike
3. Rev. Mutima Imani, Libation and Mistress of Ceremony 
4. Norman Brown,  Welcome 
5. Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing, Bryant Bolling 
6. Obituary,  Dr. Oba T'shaka 
7.Poem by Oakland's First Poet Laureate,  Dr. Ayodele 
8. Black Arts Movement poets
Askia Toure,  Haki,  Last Poets,  Avotcja, devorah major, Kalamu ya Salaam, Phavia Kujichagulia, Judy Juanita, Fritz Pointer, Marvin X 
9. Eulogy,  Dr. Sonia Sanchez 
10. Words from Goncalves family, Barbara, Abina, Amma,Sabira
11. Music by Violinist Tarika Lewis
12 Comments 3 min ea 
12. Repast
Carolyn Johnson,  Black Cultural Zone CDC 
Dr. Ayodele Nzinga,  Black Arts Movement Business District CDC, City of Oakland’s first Poet Laureate 
Delores Nochi Cooper,  Founder, Berkeley Juneteenth Association 
Ustadi Kabiri,  Junkyard Cultural Project 
Dr. Oba T'shaka,  Emeritus Professor, Black Studies, San Francisco State University
Cinnabar, Laney College 
Marvin X,  Black Arts Movement, Black Bird Press, Black Vendors Association 

Left to right Dingane Jose Goncalves, Publisher and Editor of the Journal of Black Poetry. On right his brother Dominic Goncalves. The Journal of Black Poetry was the Bible of the 60s Pan African Poetry Revolution. Guest Editors included Haki Madhubuti, Askia Toure, Marvin X et al. Kalamu ya Salaam wrote, "Playwright Ed Bullins and poet Marvin X had established Black Arts West, and Dingane Joe Goncalves had founded the Journal of Black Poetry (1966). This grouping of Ed Bullins, Dingane Joe Goncalves, LeRoi JonesSonia SanchezAskia M. TourĂ©, and Marvin X became a major nucleus of Black Arts leadership." Nikki Giovanni's first published poem appeared in the Journal of Black Poetry. If you were a Black poet in the 60s, no matter from America, Africa, the Caribbean or Asia, you were welcome to publish in the Journal of Black Poetry. Only Black World Magazine had a wider circulation but it didn't match the number of poets published in JBP. Thank you Dingane Jose Goncalves, you Cape Verde, Boston African! LOL

Although not pictured, Dingane Jose Goncalves was on the staff of Black Dialogue Magazine, along with (Left to right) Aubrey LaBrie, Marvin X, Abdul LaBrie, Al Young, Arthur Sheridan and Duke Williams. It was because Black Dialogue Magazine was inundated with poetry that Dingane founded The Journal of Black Poetry. 

Poet Playwright Ed Bullins RiP, contributed to the Journal of Black Poetry

Sonia Sanchez and Dingane were dear friends and comrades in the BAM revolution.

Nikki Giovanni's first published poem appeared in the Journal of Black Poetry.

Left to Right: LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) and Larry Neal, Co-Editors of the BAM anthology Black Fire

Journal of Black Poetry, Marvin X Guest Editor
Art by Ben Caldwell

The Journal of Black Poetry featured this collection of leaflets promoting the Black Arts Movement coast to coast. Upper left is a Sun Ra and Poets (Askia Toure, The Last Poets, Marvin X, et al.) at the New Lafayette Theatre's
Workshop. Upper right leaflet promotes Marvin X's refusal to fight in Vietnam. Lower left is LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) at the San Francisco Black House. Lower right is a leaflet promoting the Last Poets at Harlem venue The East Winds.
Journal of Black Poetry, Marvin X Guest Editor

Haki Madhubuti contributed to the Journal of Black Poetry

Co-Founder of the Black Arts Movement and Co-Editors of the Journal of Black Poetry, Askia Toure and Marvin X

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy by Marvin X


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How to Recover from the Addiction to White supremacy (Type II)


"Marvin X is Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland."
--Ishmael Reed, Lecturer Emeritus, UC Berkeley

"Marvin X is the African Socrates teaching in the hood."
--Dr. Cornel West, Harvard University

"Marvin X has always been in the forefront of Pan African writing. Indeed, he is one of the founders and innovators of the revolutionary school of African writing."
--Ancestor Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones), Black Arts Movement Co-founder

Black Bird Press has just reprinted Marvin X's classic How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy: A Pan African 12-Step Model for a Mental Health Peer Group, foreword by Dr. Nathan Hare. The police lynching of George Floyd has rocked the consciousness of human beings around the world, but the problem has existed for centuries, from the slave catchers to the police of today. And North American Africans suffer internal violence as well. It is this latter issue that concerns this manual for a mental health peer group, based on the AA 12-Step model, revised for addiction to white supremacy Type II, as described by Dr. Nathan Hare. The officer(s) who lynched George Floyd under the color of law, suffer Addiction to White Supremacy Type I, while George suffered Type II. Whites who suffer Type I must work out their problems, and North American Africans, and African throughout the Diaspora, must find the way to recover from Type II, for we are in many ways "the other white people." Blond wigs and weaves, bleaching cream and attraction to European values of materialism, reveal we are black men and women dipped in chocolate, as Marvin X was told by a young man. Marvin X revises the AA 12-Step model for our purposes, adding the 13th Step: discovery. After all, after recovery shall we attend meetings forever as if we have traded one drug for another. After recovery, we must discover our mission is the liberation of our people throughout the Pan-African world.
In Wretched. of the Earth, Dr. Fran Fanon told us, and Dr. Nathan Hare (Black Anglo Saxons) concurs that the only way the oppressed people can maintain their mental equilibrium is through radical action for true and lasting freedom from all forms of oppression, although white supremacy is the most cunning and vile drug in the world, addicting entire nations and continents.

In his Foreword, Dr. Nathan Hare says, "Who knows, but it may be that Dr. M's (as he calls Marvin X) movement of recovery from addiction to and from white supremacy is offering us a final and effective change to begin to "sit down together" to get together and get our heads together...."

Dr. Mark Christian compares Marvin X to Walter Rodney, Steve Biko, Frances Cress Welsing, Bobby Wright, Nathan Hare and Dr. E. Franklin Frazier. "What I am most impressed with is Dr. M's Pan-Africanist perspective.

How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy is not a book to read but a manual to work. As they say in recovery meetings, "It works if you work it! 

Detoxification from White Supremacy
Twelve Steps (13)
Step 1: We are not powerless over self-hatred, racism white supremacy thinking but our lives have become unmanageable
Step 2: We have come to believe that a power within ourselves can restore us to sanity
Step 3: We have made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God
Step 4:We shall make a searching and fearless moral inventory
Step 5: Admitted to God within and without the exact nature of our wrongs
Step 6: We are entirely ready to have God remove defects of character
Step 7: We humbly ask God to remove our shortcomings
Step 8: Make a list of all Africans and others we have harmed
Step 9: Make direct amends to such people
Step 10: Continue to take personal inventory
Step 11: Seek through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God
Step 12: Carry the message to the Pan African world and other humans in the global community
Step 13: Discover Pan African consciousness and join the cultural revolution

Also available from Black Bird Press


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