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Rough Draft, Parts 1-3, Video/audio documentary: The Wild Crazy Ride of the Marvin X Experience

Video/audio documentary--Rough Draft, Parts One, Two and Three: 
The Wild Crazy Ride of the Marvin X Experience

Executive Producer Marvin X
Executive Editor Ken Johnson

A Black Bird Production

Copyright (c) 2021 by Marvin X/El Muhajir


"In his powerlessness and victimization, with nothing left to lean on, the black man is likely to mount the seesaw, if not the roller coaster of racial psycho-social dependency and messianic religiosity...on the one hand and the individual chemical dependent on the other. Marvin deconstructs both. In the bottomless caverns of addiction in any form, there seems no amount of religiosity, coke, crack, alcohol or sex sufficient to sedate the social angst and shattered cultural strivings."
--Dr. Nathan Hare, from Introduction, Somethin' Proper, the Autobiography of Marvin X, Black Bird Press, 1998

"Marvin reaches in and pulls from a life lived hard, deep, wide, high and low, i.e., a sacrifice in blood! At the root of sacrifice is sacred, which is of God and for God. He has lived and examined lives of the proverbial ten thousand black men and women. He gives us the truth of that experience, lived and examined."
--Fahizah Alim, Editor Emeritus, Sacramento Bee

"He is a deep sea diver who rarely comes up for air. And when he does, it is only for a moment!"

--Aishah Kokomon

"Courageous and outrageous, he walked through the muck and mire of hell but came out clean as white fish and black as coal!"

--James W. Sweeney RIP

"In terms of being modernist and innovative, he's centuries ahead of anybody I know!"
--Dennis Leroy Moore, filmmaker, Brecht Forum, New York City

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Marvin X, Executive Producer

Ken Johnson, Executive Editor

A Black Bird Production

Information: 510-575-7148

photoart Gene Hazzard (c)

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The New Black Man

 In A Special Edition of BBPNR We Shall Deconstruct The New Black Man

Below is James Rhode, 23, Dartmouth graduate, currently studying law at LSU

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Toward a Dialectical Deconstruction of Police--Did I miss the mark? Your comments welcome

Maestro Marvin X and the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra at the Malcolm X

Jazz/Art Festival, Oakland, 2014

photo collage Adam Turner

Of course it is a gross generalization to say all police are pigs. Phenomena has contradictions or let us say no phenomena is without a positive and negative component, a male and female, yen and yang energy. Human beings can be good as well as evil. Herbs can be therapeutic and also toxic. Socrates chose to drink the poison herb Hemlock to stand firm for truth, willing to die for truth. So truth is good for some, death for others. How many prophets have given their lives for truth, thus truth was good and bad, for truth is often a toxin when presented to kings, queens, politicians, preachers, teachers whose agenda are lies. Alas, when I taught English at the University of Nevada, Reno and said to the students my agenda was truth, they were aghast, "Teach, what do you mean by truth? We have no knowledge of truth."

As per Black people, one of my mostly white students said the only truth she knew about blacks was that her parents (and her father was a professor at UNR) taught her "Niggers are bad news." Once she began dating the black athletes, she no longer accepted the truth of her parents. She discovered sex with the black athletes was very good news! So the adage says one man's poison is another man's treat. 

Imagine the fallacy of racial myths such as the one above taught by the parents of my student. The dialectical confusion can be overwhelming thus transcending a synthesis, causing the student to become lost in a conundrum unresolvable. 

So, as per police as pigs, we know it is faulty logic is presume or declare all police are pigs since we know there are good pigs and bad pigs. I can give antidotal evidence of the good pig. I draw from the time I boarded the Amtrak train to the Central Valley of California and a black Oakland Police officer came on behind me and came directly to my seat and said loudly, "I see we have a celebrity on board this morning. Have a nice trip, Mr. Celebrity!" and he continued on his way. I wanted to find out how he knew who I was but since I was "riding dirty" I said nothing but a few weeks later  when I bought a ticket for another trip to the valley, the Amtrak clerk, a friend of mine, informed me the officer I described to him was a conscious black policeman and he did indeed know who I was, and should not consider him the enemy.

Further, a few months after the above incident, I was on an east coast book tour that began at Duke University, North Carolina, then up the coast to Philly, Newark and New York. The citizens of Newark blew my mind with the consensus that for the first time in their lives they did not feel negative pressure from the police as a result of Mayor Ras Baraka's administration that is now in its second term without any police murder under the color of law. Mayor Baraka ordered the police to walk the hood and greet the people with smiles. My dear friend, Amina Baraka, mother of the Mayor and his brother who is Chief of Staff, said she didn't know how to act with police walking through the hood smiling! FYI, after the George Floyd murder under the color of law, Newark NJ did not explode with protests and looting. There was no need, Mayor Baraka has issued his orders and also gave the gang bangers employment as security officers and gave them the opportunity for employment for the first time in their lives. For some of the brothers it was the first time they'd received a paycheck. 

Ironically, the Newark story has not made the news but the fake media narrative is that pigs will be pigs and will never serve and protect the people. Clearly, Mayor Baraka and his Chief of Staff, Amiri Baraka, Jr., have defied the myth that police are totally uncontrollable and must be abolished. In my interview with the Mayor and his brother, aka, Middy, Middy said, "My brother has an elected position, I do not. If the police don't act right, I can chop heads!" Why is the Newark model not emulated throughout this land? We think there are people who rather dwell on problems not solutions. Problems often pay more money than solutions. Consider this last antidote of a correctional officer at Alameda County Jail here in Oakland who supposedly told a departing inmate, "Keep coming back. I got myself a yacht, now I want to get one for my son, so I want you niggers to keep coming back!"

Do you think this officer wants problems or solutions? And consider this: the California Correctional Officers Union is the most powerful union in California. Do you suppose the union wants problems or solutions? After all, if crime was solved they would be unemployed, right? 

Why do many question the structural and systemic nature of racism and white supremacy. The police and other institutions, including businesses and academia, along with high tech and the military, are guilty of pervasive racism that is so problematic it will take not decades but centuries to extricate and, yes, to adjudicate especially as per equity and justice. The timeline for economic equity is two hundred and forty years for blacks to equal whites in wealth. 

In our good pig, bad pig paradigm, perhaps if we say capitalism is the blood sucker of the poor and must therefore be abolished and the police are the guardian of the capitalist blood suckers of the poor, then maybe the entire system must be destroyed, for sure, can there be a good blood sucker of the poor or only bad ones? We think there are no good bloodsuckers of the poor, no capitalist who want to exist without wage slaves and the cheapest price for materials of production. 

Have I contradicted myself with talk of good cops? Reality begs us to consider the Newark Model, thus there is a semblance of hope, yet when we extend such hope to other capitalist institutions, e.g., the educational institutions, we see our hope shattered because we know in the deep structure of such institutions is the undergirding motivation of capitalist greed with the corresponding necessity to perpetuate the world of make believe as delineated in Dr. Frazier's classic Black Bourgeoisie. Recall the absence of truth is the minds of my English students at the University of Nevada, Reno. Yet, they possessed the mythic "truth" that blacks are bad news!

Should we dismiss talk of dialectics, paradigms, structural and systemic conundrums and strike the bull's jugular vain to announce we are trying to unravel a toxic notion so pervasive in the cultural and economic matrix that we are doomed to settle for a few more centuries to reach the final solution to the Negro Problem. 

I have written before that W.E.B. DuBois was wrong when he asked how does it feel to be real estate? As a son of parents who were real estate brokers, I do know the difference between real estate (land, buildings) and chattel real
(personal property) that defined North American Africans. One may say what difference does it make whether we are real estate or chattel real, i.e., personal property? Well, we know there are those of us who want and do challenge our status purely on legal terms. Are we real estate, chattel or sovereign? 

If we are sovereign, our rights transcend the US constitution, 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments. After all, we had no vote in the matter of morphing from chattel slaves to wage slaves. In this dialectic, we advanced from bad slaves to good slaves, yet slaves none the less. President Donald Trump declared he advanced us to wage slavery that made us and America great again since under his regime we gained more employment than we've enjoyed since slavery.
I ask President Trump to give us the stats on wages, especially in the dirty south where many of us work three minimum wage jobs to survive.

Finally, shall this quagmire be resolved peacefully or violently? For sure, the essential question is not wages but land! Aw, yes, those undelivered 40 acres and mules that were aborted after the assassination of President Lincoln.

If we came here for labor and after our labor under the sun, yet find ourselves lost and turned out on the way to Granny's house (Whispers), and our children question why they have no inheritance like "other Americans", how can we answer them except to say we have been hoodwinked and bamboozled and ask their apology as my dear elder poet/revolutionary Askia Toure asked students during his lecture at University of California, Merced. 

I challenged Elder Toure' by saying our liberation was aborted by the overwhelming military power of the State, i.e., police, national guard, army, navy, marines, c.i.a., f.b.i, snitches, agent provocateurs, uncle toms, the ignut and mentally ill, not to dismiss our mistakes as revolutionaries that included drug, alcohol and sexual abuse of our women comrades in revolution.  

Surely, we now understand the contradictions in the dialectics of our liberation. We were thus good revolutionaries and bad, we had foibles and critical character flaws Shakespeare described in his classic tragedies. 

We suggest the coming generation study the writings of Cheikh Anta Diop on the North Cradle and Southern Cradle and the matter of comedy and tragedy. Of course the prototypical drama is the Kemetic resurrection of Osiris and Isis that symbolized the annual ebb and flow of the Nile or Hapi River, thus in this primordial African drama no tragedy exists, only comedy as symbolized in the annual resurrection of the Nile/Hapi River concomitant with the  Osiris, god of resurrection. See Kersey Graves, The Sixteen Crucified Saviors Before Christ, also Man, God, Civilization, John G. Jackson; Dr. Ben, African Origin of the Major World Religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. 

Resurrection is the essential myth/ritual of African lives,  and shall be for generations to come.  The resurrection myth/ritual synchronizes us with the ebb and flow of nature that is not gloom and doom but as Frankie Beverly said Sunshine, Rain, Joy Pain. If you must, call our essential narrative How I Got Ovah, the essential theme in the totality of our literature, i.e., how we survived and went on to thrive under the worse circumstances afforded any human beings on the planet earth. Thus we shall never accept defeat, never shall we succumb to a modicum of the slavery paradigm, not for a nano second. Elder Ed Howard gave a linguistic upgrade when he said, "We are not African slaves, we are African victims of the American slave system." Ancestor James Baldwin told me in my 1968 interview at his New York apartment, "Nothing else happened here but us, nothing else. For a black father to raise a black son under these circumstances is a miracle, but we did it generation after generation."

We must teach our children their heritage is national liberation and independence in the grandest manner of Haiti, total independence, no matter the concomitant sufferings down to this moment. We only know one thing about Haiti and ourselves: one day we shall be free. 
Just know this: the enemy will not tell you when you are winning. Remember the Congo, they only released Lumumba moments before Belgium submitted to an independent Congo although the struggle continues. Lumumba told us before his assassination by Tshombe and Mobutu at the request of the West, it would take fifty years for the Congo to be free. We yet await that moment throughout Africa, Middle East and the Americas. Tragedy is not our dialectic, only freedom in all its vicissitudes. 
--Marvin X

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

For farmers everywhere, India to Nigeria

Marvin X, University of Chicago, 2015

photo Burrell Sunrise

For Farmers Everywhere, India to Nigeria

"The king sold farmers to the ghost!"--Amiri Baraka

Ten thousand farmer suicides
India free market capitalism
No fair trade
Corporate slaves wanted
American way of death
We know the deal
No little man farms
Can little man survive big man
"The king sold the farmer to the ghost!" AB said
Politician Kings
Never touch dirt
Different dirt Kings love
Dirty deals in dark
Let farmers starve
Corporate food good for you
GMO seeds better for land
Let little farmers learn to stand
Don't fight big man
Never win
Guns back corporate Kings
And the ghost too
Little farmers where are you
Stick together your only hope
Fair trade or no trade
Free trade no trade
We grow the land
We sweat sun rain
Hands tough with pain
We up with sun
grow food til day is done
No deal with ghosts
Dear king politician
Let farmers farm
Save revolution.


Rice farmers Nigeria
slaughtered boku haram
savage islam
desecrate tombs of saints
burn african islam
Timbuktu university when europe in dark ages
only ignorant destroy knowledge
kill rice farmers for sectarian madness
Post Qaddafi Obama Clinton
What difference does it make she said
after us ambassador dead
arab spring she and obama spread
boku haram springs from Libya south
Tunisia man burns himself in freedom immolation 
Egypt routes Mubarak regime 
thousands before tanks Tahrir Square
muslim brotherhood win then lose
cliche cliche
more things change more stay same
back to army rule
west succumbs in silence
cry democracy vanish in desert wind
the west will guide then desert you
a whore in the night
on to Syria 
more destruction for pseudo freedom democracy
axis of evil working for what side
who is good who is evil in politics of global
we heard it said know when armies close to Jerusalem
the end is near
O, Syria 
Paul fell on road to Damascus
Who shall fall this time
all the armies are near
players in place
Saudi Arabia
Israel Gulf states
Armageddon is here
even Ottoman empire wants to play
Persia wants Tigris and Euphrates to Mediterranean
Israel wants it all
No matter gaza concentration camps 
Hamas will never disarm
like 200,000 Africans in American Civil War
Never will Hezbollah lay down guns for Zionist domination
Qur'an say slaughter in better than persecution
let us die than be slaves to those who learned nothing from Hitler madness we see
to model his works to repeat his myths
what wisdom is this what madness 
do not let myths destroy middle east
so many myths sects cults regimes tribes kings 
where is justice peace love happiness
freedom of women youth children who only want to grow 
make better world than parents caught in lies that bleed nations to the core

Back to Nigeria
senseless murder haram
death of innocent haram
boku haram no islam
what muslims worship death of innocent
what qur'an speaks such madness
what hadith sharia
show me the texts
no matter
no ignorance must prevail
only justice equality freedom
adl musawa hurriyah
kill woman for adultery not men
this justice
madness to me
she gave up pussy 
he gave up dick
chop both heads off 
seems fair to me
adl musawa

O Nigerial rice farmers
tilling soil
what sura ayat did you violate
Speak to me you murderers in the name of Allah
not my Allah nor Muhammad's
no prophets no holy books
books of some evil imam in tent with little boys
debauchery not sunna hadith sharia
you hide truth while you know

hatha ya'um jahiliya
jahiliya la islam
jahiliya haram
Muhammad said Iqra bissmillahi
read recite in the name of Allah
seek knowledge from Spain to China
La islam boku haram
Shaytani islam
la sunni shia sufi noi
murder of innocent no sirata al mustaqim
hadtha sirata shaytan

We believe in truth
we die for truth
life and death for Allah truth
no imam truth
his truth her truth
the truth 
Al Haqq!

Let farmers farm
let rice grow 
let people be fed

Let India farmers enjoy fair trade
no free trade slavery
--Marvin X

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Axis of Evil


Marvin X

photo Adam Turner

Axis of Evil 

pure unholy crusaders zionists house of saud
in league since time began
this is why no palestine
evil always hiding in curtains
robes of scarlet royal purple
parading holy books
pure evil actions abound
imagine endgame for fake prophets preachers
priests rabbis imams of satan
Jesus said synagogue of satan
Why don't children of Abraham
do works of Abraham
axis of evil abounds
truth tread underfoot
wickedness flies in drones
killing righteous
those who dare resist
Obama king of drones
droned US citizens
no matter
no trial
black evil evil 2
white supremacy 1
white supremacy 2 (dr. nathan hare)
axis of evil
you truly believe
evil shall prevail
like Poppa Doc and Vudun son
no consciousness
thought of tomorrow
evil forever
mighty strong evil
who can make war with beasts
colonialism forever
neo-colonialism play possum kwame nkrumah said
Axis of evil say
we have bombs for those who defy us
no matter truth of their lives
love of children husbands wives

apartheid not only South Africa
Nazis live beyond Hitler
out do Hitler
in barbarity savagery 
see Gaza concentration camps
ghettoes of America
China Muslim slave camps
untouchables of India dalits
slave masters never stopped loving slaves
capitalist wage slaves 
slaves in name of some god
who orders murder for disbelief infidels heathens polytheists atheists
madness morphs 
synchronicity symbiotic 
global ideologues 
of every stripe
neo-liberal fascist transhuman eugenicists technocrats 
pseudo scientists 
pontificating dreams of madmen women
margaret sanger hitler rockefeller gates

billionaire dreams transcend money since they have it all
dreams devouring children's hearts
pedophilia their minor scheme 
except blood to live vampire life in never never land
dreams schemes of axis of evil cohorts sycophants
pray for children encaged by frankenstein's devotees 
enslaved for sex 
s and m 
you refuse to believe they eat children like a mac cheeseburger fries 
nietzsche said beyond good and evil
sun ra said you so evil devil don't want you in hell
elijah said no equality 
you will discover they nasty filthy
you be shocked they not good guys girls in white hats

beginning of sorrows is upon you
may you walk straight path
sirata al mustaqim
may your children be safe from vampires zombies who surround global village from sea to sea

Allah the Greatest!
Devil planned Allah planned
Allah Best Planner
No matter axis of evil
comrades of iniquity.
--Marvin X

Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday ain't Black

 Black Friday ain't black

Black Friday white green
White like black plague
Green like Amazon slime
Praise be to conspicuous
Shoppers mad rush 
Headlong over precipice
Trample bodies beneath feet
into chasm of things
Plastic ephemeral toxic toys
For zombie girls boys
We wear the mask
No touching
Keep your distance
Shut church doors tight
Open strip club
Close masjid temple
No funeral
No visiting sick elders
Swim down River Amazon
See slaves on riverbank
Laughing at packing riverboats
To nowhere
No joy happiness when boats arrive downriver.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Death and Thanks in America

Death and Thanks in America

This day of thanks is full of death
we thankful thoughtful
families ate together
without masks
we are fearless we trust in God
immune systems too
dying dead all around
we escape death ritual for thankful meal
people we love most dearly
children grandchildren in-laws
we blessed to meet and eat
plague at our doorstep
we faced family death many times
today thanks for the living and dead
talk of ancestors good and bad
bad had bad teachers
no choice in criminal ways
family none the less
what families are all saints
give thanks
living dead yet unborn

America death dancing 
what goes round comes round
death to the world
death to America
this is not hate
call it fate
wash your dirty hands
stand distant from toxic ones
you should have done this long ago
may be too late
Ray Charles told you The Danger Zone is everywhere
Today give thanks 
tomorrow we vigilant
we shall live thankful no matter the plague
political winds economic woes
we are from cotton cane rice fields
we survived yesterday today
We do not fear tomorrow.
--Marvin X

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Five Years In my Solitude

Darrel Abdul Jackmon (March 1, 1964- March 18, 2002) and father, Marvin X

The Marvin X Jackmon family after his conversation with Dr. Cornel West, December 6, 2019, Geoffrey's Inner Circle, Oakland. Left to right: Attorney Amira Jackmon, daughter, Debra Jackmon, sister, Naima, granddaughter, Jahmeel, grandson, James, grandson, Sheena, niece
photo Adam Turner

 Five Years In My Solitude

For Duke and the Ancestors

Five years solitude
time to heal 
A thousand wounds of this world
Battles I didn't need to fight
fought not fearing death
Only Allah my fear
His arms wrapped me
as lover holds beloved
I stood straight on battlefield
a man child
When governor sent troops to slay me
Reagan said, "By any means necessary!"
I did not know awesome power of State
Did not care
Allah my General
Whom shall I fear
best soldiers need R n R
after death of dreams
death of lovers father mother
Even my child, my precious son
who walked talked laughed like me
gone at 39
Time came to heal
The thousand wounds
After flight exile capture
Jail prison
House arrest
Blacklisted whiteballed
Drugs to medicate
Smother pain of nothingness
I could not love my last lover
Or one before her her her
I was pain to them all
They only wanted to be loved
I wanted my creativity
But didn't know it
Misplaced aggression
Misplaced love
Serve the Creator God Sun Ra taught
God of discipline not freedom

Finally moment arrived
To escape my fake love
Insincere heart soul mind
She said you don't want me
Just my pussy
Why don't I mail it to you!
She said you told me I was ten in one, one in ten
you didn't believe your own words
Didn't you say, "Poets must study their poems?"

When my last lover died I died 
wallowed in guilt shame
my one in ten, ten in one was gone
my distant lover like no other
rocked my world to core
my angel gone into midnight air
I have missed you every day darling
I say your name every day
my friends knew I abused a woman angelic
distant lover I bow at your shrine of love
like no other
ten in one, one in ten

My patron gave me a place of solitude in the hills near Paradise
soon burned to ground
Near Yankee Hill
Ten acres in Cherokee
To walk out pain in my black heart
Down road from Feather River
I loved swimming in sun
Wrote five books
Five years in foothills
except for hawk
Wild turkeys deer frogs 
bees loved the Sage brush at my door 
always open for bees flies spiders
Lizards morning air
Even birds came through my open door
came inside for closer listen 
a chorus for my John Coltrane record
Even outside in trees
I heard birds call and response to John Coltrane
Can you imagine birds accompanied St. John Coltrane
Choral Arkestra Sun Ra would have loved
I couldn't believe bird choral sounds
as if birds don't know music

I told birds bees lizards spiders it was time to leave 
they left
I had no desire to kill them
Now and then my city friends came to visit 
but many wanted to kill kill kill everything
Bees flies ants turkey deer hawk
Please go home
Return to your wicked city
Kill nothing here
Go home to your killing floor
Leave me in my solitude
And prayers
For Native American souls I hear wailing from hill to hill in stone silence of day and night
When I left and the fire came
I wondered was fire justified
How can Paradise burn
We die to enter Paradise
How can Paradise burn
is it  the story of Yankee Hill
Across road
Did Yankee blood soak land under my feet
Land I hear in silence of screams
a thousand souls wailing to be heard not forgotten
Recognized for pain and glory of resistance
Why could we not share the land
there was enough, still enough to live in peace, love, harmony before "they" came
Why do plunderers love blood
Ritual sacrifice to gods of war
Ogun gods perhaps.
Here comes Ogun Squad.
Worshippers of Yakubian god of steel. 
No these are gods North cradle
Diop taught us about them
Tragedy murder primary theme
Pervasive in death myth/ritual
Model of critical white race theory
Study Krishna Black Black God
Indo-European caste 
Blue black god supreme
how black untouchable 
dalit bottom rail eternity
if white supremacy survives
but it won't
Caste must be destroyed
we are not your slaves
god is not slave of devils
who love fire
Study mythology
Ordeal by fire
Burning man annual fest
Long before pic a nigga
Pic a white burning man
annual family outing
In  name of Jesus you burned crucified pic a nigga
Jesus saved me
Only me can save me
I don't know what you came to do.
I came to praise His name!
But note critical rituals
No mercy gods of war
I do not know all the history
I know history
In my solitude

I gaze upon the land
Pine trees tall upright soldiers 
wanting to tell tales of victory
victory comes to all one day
Every dog has his day
A day for you
A day for me.
no escape
no hiding place
rolling hills
Tall pines
speak truth 
Were you just  unjust
Did you come in the name of love
Did you give justice love

Why is blood on the land
Listen to the silence shattering my ears
Can you hear God of Nature?
See sun blessing land
I Listen to birds early
Listen to cows horses
They listened to me
yes I talk with cows
They listen to my every word
Stand attention
I have witness
Cows not hard headed negroes
bull controls herd
Don't mess with his cows
He will make his way to you with horns of love
Like rooster guarding his hens
Don't mess with hens laying eggs.

Solitude took me back to Nature's God.
You don't know what to do
Observe Mother Nature
If Mother Nature do it
You do it
If Mother don't do it
You don't do it
common sense
not common these days.

Cows horses let you know 
if you don't come on time with oats hay
Ever seen cow horse stare 
looking mean like they starving to death
Staring into your window far away 
you feel strong vibe telling you bring oats hay 
in hurry
If you know what's good for you
Mister Human Being.

you arrive with oats

horses greedy
Push cows out way
Specially when you come with oats
Cow can't get one oat from a horse.
Better Ax somebody.

Long after I am gone
Fire comes to Paradise
Paradise no more
In Cherokee
Ten acres
Big house burns
My house untouched.
Praise be to the God Allah
If it is Him you serve
Serve Him/Her if you please
I serve my Lord. To you your way and to me mine: lakum dinukum waliya din.

Pine trees will speak again one day
Those who listen shall not be in denial of the screams deep down in roots 
In the bed and swift current of Feather River where I swim in the sun down the road from my abode

Five years in my solitude
I healed
Ready for battlefield again
Not to fight battles I already fought
Ideological dogmatism
Religiosity sectarianism
The low information vibration mentality
Not for me

As I prepared to leave the rolling hills I came  to understand the death of lovers
Who come for a time
Then go their way to other worlds
Some are only for the night
Some for years
Some for eternity
Some dissappear before dawn prayer.
no attachments
But to Allah
To whomever you serve as Allah

As we departed the beautiful rolling hills
We understood death of Mother Father son sister brother uncle aunt
Comrade brother sister warrior.
We understood death is life
Life is death
Rolling hills taught me to stand
I awakened each day 
gazed upon pine trees in regale silence
I honor hawk 
commanding sky
swoops down upon his prey
Hawk taught me silence of the killer.

I am ready for my city
I depart my solitude
Let the blood of this land be upon me as I return to the city to share the peace of my life
Alas, a man bought one of the five books written in my solitude
He said the peace in the deep structure of my book calmed his soul whenever he got upset.
And so it is
When a mother is calm
Her children are calm.
Thanks to my Patron 
Abdul Leroy James
May he rest in the Paradise that shall only burn with the eternal fire of love.