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Rocket Man #1 vs. Rocket Man #2

 The Black Panther Newspaper featured articles on North Korea and its founder Kim Ill Sung, grandfather of present leader Kim. aq3

Since must at all times try to stay grounded in reality in this most dangerous of worlds, we must be careful not to misplaces our fears, especially after being told some time ago that the only thing to fear is fear itself. But for the fearful in this nuclear age, should we not ask who might possibly be Rocket Man #1 and #2? Thinking logically, Rocket Man #1 would be the man with the most rockets! And even though we might declare Rocket Man #2 is the man currently testing his rockets, we must yet ask who is the man that has used his rockets (atomic bombs) in the past? Rocket man #1 or Rocket man #2? Of course it is Rocket Man #1, again, the man with the most rockets. Now we must ask why does Rocket Man #2 needs rockets? Perhaps it is for self defense since we know he is still technically at war with Rocket Man #1. Is is not common sense for #2 to secure rockets since #1 has proven in the past that he is quite willing to send rockets to people similar to #2. Now as per the ability of #2 to acquire rockets for his self defense since #1 is known to utilize his rockets, thus the need to have a level playing field, certainly, we would expect #2 to call upon his neighbor who is known as the inventor of rockets and fire crackers, would we not? Furthermore, would it not be logical for the neighbor to assist #2 in order to keep a buffer zone on his border to keep Rocket Man #1 at length, since #1 is constantly encroaching at every turn? Clearly, we should suspect that Rocket Man #2 and his neighbor might just be in a conspiracy, in this  world full of conspiracies. Further, how many millions of people did North Korean lose in the Korean War? Shouldn't they by determined to exercise self defense after enduring transgressions and occupation by the Japanese and others? Are not half their population under US occupation at this hour? Wouldn't you be a little paranoid based on history, even though paranoia is when you imagine things, not when things have happened in the past and are likely to occur in the future if one is not prepared to prevent such, as the Boy Scout's teach: be prepared!

As per North American Africans, concerned about Rocket Man #2, we suggest they take a chill pill. If we know the history of the 1960s, North Korea was our friend, not foe. NK gave support and refuge to member of the Black Panther Party. Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver celebrated the #1st birthday party of their son, Maceo Ahmed Eldridge Cleaver at a party given by Rocket Man #2's grandmother, Madam Kim Ill Sung,  and the Cleaver's daughter was born in NK and named Joju by Madam Kim, thus we need not fear NK but do as I have suggested, send a peace delegation of progressive black women to talk with Rocket Man #2, for our sake and the sake of the world. We have no need for a nuclear Holocaust, surely you agree this must be prevented by any means necessary.

Peace delegation in North Vietnam meeting with General Giap, who defeated the Americans. North American Africans have friends around the world if you only knew. Stop thinking the USA is your friend when it has never, ever revealed itself to be such. It is not even a friend to itself. Ask the Native Americas is the US their friend. Whom did they say speaks with a forked tongued? Those who worship the devil shall go down with the devil! What book told you this, so called Negro, North American African, Aboriginal Asiatic Black man and woman?

As per Rocket Man #1, I don't know to whom he needs to speak with. He is surrounded by generals that we know abhor war. I don't know who can speak with #1 better than his generals. Are they not already engaged in enough wars around the world, too many to mention?

For myself, born in 1944, I have surely had enough of war: WWII, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, et al. Imagine, in spite of these wars, more people die from drinking toxic war, breathing poison air, eating food contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers and dyes. Can you believe the toxic waste of developed countries is dumped in the underdeveloped nations because they need the funds?

What if the nearly trillion dollar US military budget was redirected to organic food, water and clean air; education devoid of white supremacy mythology and youth given what the US promised youth in Iraq and Afghanistan if they laid down their arms and pledged allegiance to the constitutions of their nations: jobs, education and housing? Maybe our youth in the hoods and those incarcerated, upon release would indeed stand tall, salute the flag and pledge allegiance to the US Constitution.

--Marvin X

parable of conundrums and quagmires by marvin x

parable of conundrums and quagmires

from the Marvin X classic children's story Fable of the Black Bird, illustrated by Karen Johnson, A Marcus Books/Marvin X publication, 1972, San Francisco

Not solving a riddle can sometimes lead directly to a quagmire, but when a society is faced with a multiplicity of conundrums, the quagmire can only lead to the precipice, at which we fall headlong in the chasm. The dire situations facing the world today, are, for most people, and especially the so called best minds, overwhelming. This is revealed in the political world that is paralyzed by the  left/right paradigm of ideological dogmatism and party loyalty that turns people into sycophants of the worse kind, to the degree common sense makes no sense, especially as per the consent of the governed whose cares and woes are most often irrelevant to the politically engaged.

It is the height of tragedy to see that people must suffer for the political expediency of parties, e.g., Democratic and/or Republican. Surely, it does not matter to people living in tents under overpasses whether they are relieved from their suffering by Democrats or Republicans. This only matters to, yes, Democrats and Republicans!

No matter how dire the situation, Democrats will not seek nor accept funds from the Republicans to assist the homeless simply because it is not politically correct. So there is no help for the man robbed and bleeding on the highway unless a neutral party comes along such as the good Samaritan. Since common sense has been long gone from this situation, is there any wonder the people are overwhelmed at their inability to solve the conundrums of their lives and thus endure the quagmire as they stand at the precipice preparing to leap headlong into the chasm!

Denial is pervasive with those trapped in conundrums, many have no idea how severe their situation is until the concrete wall hits them squarely on the head cracking their skull. Wow, they say, on the way to the emergency room, wow! Maybe they were texing in their car or texing while walking when they hit the wall, but hit it they did and now the doctors must try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Humpty tries to convince the doctors he was awoke when the wall hit him--of course he didn't hit the wall! When the good Samaritan who saw him hit the wall visited him at the hospital and  tried to convince him what happened, the poor patient persisted in denial until the Samaritan departed in disgust.

Is there any wonder why we are consumed in the quagmire and stand at the precipice? In our arrogance, we dare not step back but leap forward flying through the air into the chasm until we hit rock bottom, breaking our bones and are no more.

But death itself is no reprieve for the Miller Lite life we lived and the response to freeing ourselves from the conundrums and quagmires, so even from the grave, we must apologize to our children for leaving them steeped in the madness of our making or not liberating ourselves from said madness but passing the toxic baton onto their generation for resolution that is all but impossible without the deep structure knowledge they sorely lack which is our ancestral wisdom, thus forcing them to sadly reinvent the wheel of misfortune.

Even when some are fortunate enough to connect with ancestral wisdom, denial appears and the youth refuse to admit that somewhere down the line our fathers and mothers went blind! Tradition is wonderful except the reactionary elements that persist into the present and linger into the future. This is precisely why we suffer such abominable conundrums and quagmires. We must examine the deep structure of our myth-rituals and delete the excesses that lead us into the world of make believe. The structure of our male/female relations based on domination and steeped in religiosity must be expelled from human consciousness or more precisely, human unconsciousness!

But few are willing to make such revolutionary changes often due to the privileges and perks in these power relationships.  As per women, they often linger in abusive situations because they become addicted to the "golden handcuffs"! They will suffer verbal, mental and physical abuse of the worse kind to maintain a life-style of conspicuous consumption, and the children as well. One woman said, "I know I'm just a whore in the disguise of a wife!

Unless and until we are willing to make a great leap forward, not into the chasm but the upper room of human consciousness, things shall remain the same. I say the tide is turning because you are turning the tide! Al Qur'an says, "If you flee in the name of Allah, you shall find many places of escape and abundant resources."
--marvin x

Author of 30 books, internationally known poet, playwright, philosopher, freedom fighter Marvin X is known by many names throughout his half century of writing and activism. He is known as Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland (Ishmael Reed); the USAs Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz (Bob Holman); a master teacher in many fields of thought, one of America's great story tellers, I'd put him ahead of Mark Twain even! (Rudolph Lewis).

One of the founders of the Black Arts Movement and most recently of Oakland's Black Arts Movement Business District, Marvin X is noted in the African American Museum of History at the Smithsonian, Washington, DC. His archives were acquired by the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, where he once lectured and worked as a researcher. He's also taught at San Francisco State University, Fresno State University, University of California, San Diego, Mills College and the University of Nevada, Reno, Laney and Merritt Colleges.

Marvin X has received writings awards from Columbia University, National Endowment for the Arts and planning grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. He speaks and colleges and universities coast to coast.

Maestro Marvin X with the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra, Malcolm X Jazz/Art Festival, Oakland. Left to right, Val Serrant, David Murray, Mechelle LaChaux and Earle Davis, a trumpet player who performed at Marvin X's Black Arts West Theatre, San Francisco, 1966.

Marvin X with students at the University of California, Merced, Kim McMillan's class on theatre.
Instructor McMillan says her students love Marvin and his writings, especially his play Flowers for the Trashman, a BAM classic. See Black Fire and the BAM reader SOS.

Marvin X is now available for speaking and performance. See the video Marvin X in Concert: Contact him at