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Marvin X Interview with DJ-X1

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Black Bird Press News & Review: Terrible Tom Bowden's Blues Band joins Marvin X's Benefit Concert for the Movement Newspaper

Black Bird Press News & Review: Terrible Tom Bowden's Blues Band joins Marvin X's Benefit Concert for the Movement Newspaper

White Supremacy Drug War Blowback: Opioid addiction

 Marvin X speaks on White Supremacy Drug War blowback: America's Opioid Addiction

Common sense told us the drug war against black America would someday blow back on America, especially white America after the US government's delivery of Crack to the ghettos to finance the Contra war against the Sandinista  in Nicaragua. Journalist Gary Webb exposed the dirty deeds the US Government did when tons of Crack cocaine were made available to North American Africans to medicate their trauma from the lethal blows of white supremacy domination from a plethora of institutions that dehumanize our community at every turn, from economic deprivation, mis-education,
political disenfranchisement, nutricide from dietary deficiencies, mass incarceration, marital and relationship dysfunction, bombardment of fake news and Hollywood racist movies that induce fear and dread.

What goes around, comes around! As thou has done, so shall it be done to thee, the Bible tells us. Thus the current Opioid epidemic in America reveals even more plainly the discrimination in financing drug recovery that never occurred to a similar level during the Crack era. Who will deny that such financing is certainly due to the severe level of addiction in the white community, although this addiction does not discriminate. But why was not Crack addiction treated by the US government as an emergency? Yes, opioids, prescription and illegal, are devastating communities coast to coast. But didn't Crack do the same? Yet America's response was incarceration instead of mass recovery programs and massive government funds to finance them.

Crack, as I delineated in my recovery drama One Day in the Life,  was worse than slavery for North American Africans. Men, women and children were paraded and traded on the auction block of the Crack house. Five dollar Crack ho's put prostitutes out of business. Men and women performed homosexual acts, sometimes in the presence of their husbands and wives, to obtain Crack. In my play, the preacher (based on Rev. Cecil Williams of San Francisco's Glide Church) says, "Crack was worse than slavery! Didn't the slave care about his God, his momma, his woman, his children? Not the Crack slave, he don't care about nothing! The Crack slave is a funky, nasty slave!

And you got grandmothers and grandfathers on Crack. Somebody told me they know a great grandmother on Crack. She was leaving the old folks home, going into the streets to get that stuff the young folks was smoking. And grandpa wants the young girl, she wants the Crack, so grandpa ends up smoking the pipe to have fun with the young girl. Yeah, he bout to have a heart attack smoking the Crack pipe!"

For sure, Opioid addiction reduces some of the very best human beings into beasts and devils of the worse kind. We learned in the Meth epidemic, there are no boyfriends and girlfriends, only fuck friends, since, like Crack, the drug induces heightened sexuality.

We must ask why are people in such pain that they need medication? We came to the conclusion that White Supremacy is the root cause of America's pain and need for medication. Drugs are only a symptom of a deeper problem that is presently revealing itself in the Trump era, ignited, of course, during the Obama tenure in the White House. Thank God for Trump because he is bringing to the surface what has lingered in the deep structure of the American psyche. Thanks to Trump's mouth and tweeking addiction, he is calling forth all the demon spirits in Pandora's box. Thus, America has a chance to truly recover from its most severe addiction if she will only come out of denial, the first step in the recovery process. Well, let me say, the first step is to detox and then one can begin to recover. Once we rest from the stress, we can begin the process of untangling the conundrums that have bewildered and overwhelmed an entire nation of people for centuries, oppressor and oppressed alike, though Dr. Nathan Hare has informed us the oppressor and those who enjoy the privileges thereof, suffer White Supremacy Addiction Type I, we, the oppressed, suffer Addiction to White Supremacy Type II. Thus, the groups must seek recovery apart until such time as the addiction and residue has decreased to a functional level.

As per the recovery from White Supremacy, we agree with the harm reduction model of recovery that is utilized with drug recovery programs. We reject the notion that one shall be doomed to be addicted to white supremacy for eternity, which is why we rejected this aspect of the AA and NA model of recovery. We know that one can recover to the degree that he does not do great harm to himself or others. As a college and university English teacher, I had to recover from my own addiction to white supremacy that expressed itself in hatred of white people. When I had classes full of white students who were deaf, dumb and blind, with no concept of truth, I could not hate them but only desire to help them out of their miserable condition. I did indeed help them and they let me know they loved me and appreciated me for exposing them to the truth or reality of life as opposed to perpetuating their world of white supremacy make believe.

The drug addict is indeed a pitiful person, and most especially when addicted to the lethal dose of white supremacy mythology. So we want America to know the opioid addiction is a surface structure issue that demands attacking deep structure matters that yearn for solution, so this nation can truly be free once and for all times. Imagine, how wonderful America would be if and when she finally decides to truly recover from her 400 year addiction to white supremacy, if she would apologize, a key component in the recovery process; if she would made amends to all those she has harmed such as North American Africans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, poor whites and other whites she has made deaf, dumb and blind with the drug of white supremacy. Yes, the 1% must share the wealth with the 99%. Capitalist greed must be eliminated and adjudicated without further delay for the sake of the living, dead and yet unborn.

Our children and grandchildren deserve a better world than this. Let us be about the business of creating that world for them. The children are innocent and have done nothing but come here, like the Dreamers, so let us make the world a place where dreamers can live to realize their dreams to the fullest. Drugs can only medicate the pain momentarily, ultimately we must face the reality of our lives and walk in the light that dispels all darkness!
--Marvin X/El Muhajir (The Migrant)

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Marvin X talks with the Moorish Science Community on the History of Islam in the Bay Area

Marvin X talks with the Moors on the history of Islam in the Bay Areax  - Oakland.mp3


Marvin X In the Light Tour speaks to Moorish Americans on the History of Islam in the Bay Area

Marvin X extended his In the Light Tour to the Moorish American community today. He spoke to the Moors on the History of Islam in the Bay Area, recalling  a historic work he began several years ago His address was recorded with pics by The Movement Newspaper


Congressional Black Caucus

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Gentrification or the Re-colonization of America and the world, if the globalists have their way

 The very nature of capitalism includes the endless search for new lands and people to conquer, enslave and dominate. Inherent in the essential idea of a free market system is a by any means necessary take-over of land, resources and the almost free labor of subject peoples. Free market capitalism cannot exist without the essential component of free or almost free labor, thus capitalism was founded upon the acquisition of surplus capital from slave labor and its sister, wage slavery. The idea of workers acquiring a living wage  is anathema to the greedy capitalist swine, known as globalists in the present era. Thus the capitalists have constructed a cradle to the grave plan for workers. Workers are caught in a demonic system that ensnares every ounce of their mind, body and spirit, beginning with the myth-ritual of religiosity, no matter the religion, it is indeed an opiate of the people as the Communist teach. But religiosity is the Miller Lite potion of the opiate. The most toxic potion is the capitalist dance of death constructed by the petrochemical merchants in league with the pharmaceutical agents that include the drug companies who work in tandem with the mythical Dr.; Yacub's workers: doctors, nurses and undertakers (See the Myth of Yacub by Elijah Muhammad, Message to the Black Man).

In short, it is the food grown in the toxicity of dyes, fertilizers, and insecticides that cause the life of workers to be ephemeral that is even more shortened by the new Yacubian GMO gene altering of agricultural products.

Unless the masses of workers transcend their deaf, dumb and blind condition, they succumb to the overwhelming toxic environment of the myriad death dealing devices that ultimately destroy their spirit, heart (literally), body (literally) and soul. Only those who come into super consciousness can withstand the death blows of the machine constructed by the global capitalists to pimp them from the cradle to the grave.

Yes, along with religiosity, the educational system is the primary mechanism that initiates their destruction. Often, even before religiosity and white supremacy education,v the capitalist birth control death plan eliminates many of the potential no longer needed slaves before they exit the womb, especially in America when it is better to abort potential resisters to capitalism and slavery of the new era, yes, before they acquire the linguists of resistance and notions of ancestral dignity that they must uphold on the pain of death. Abort them in the womb, although the colonial conservatives say let them grow to maturity so they can be induced to be the global military machine to suppress those who resist colonial domination. Their leaders must be co-opted, assassinated, imprisoned or exiled. If the leaders survive the above tactics of domination and somehow regain the leadership of their people, such leaders must agree to the Miller Lite agenda of neo-colonialism that Kwame Nkrumah told us was colonialism playing possum, i.e., Nelson Mandela upon his release from 27 years in prison to become President of South Africa, a land in which the former revolutionaries are billionaires while the masses yet suffer landlessness, homelessness, poverty, ignorance and disease.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fasten your seat belt, tighten your air bag and get ready for Marvin X in Concert, aka, The Wild Crazy Ride of the Marvin X Experience!

Please order your Marvin X In the Light Tour 2017 T-shirt now. Proceeds benefit the Movement Newspaper. Price $25.00. For credit card orders, please call 510-200-4164. T-shirts will be available at Marvin X in Concert, Black Repertory Group Theatre, Saturday, September 30, 7:30PM, 3201 Adeline Street, Berkeley (One block south of the ASHBY BART Station). Donation $20.00.

Poet, playwright, director, producer, actress, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, will perform at the Marvin X Benefit Concert for The Movement Newspaper. Drummer Paul Tillman Smith said he will also join with "The Great X" at the Black Repertory Group Theatre, Saturday, September 30, 7:30PM, donation $20.00. For more information and/or reservations, please call 510-200-4164.

Terrible Tom Bowden and his band will perform for Maestro Marvin X's benefit
concert for the Movement Newspaper. Voice of the Black Arts Movement International.
Terrible Tom and Marvin X are products of Oakland's Harlem of the West, the 7th Street Black Arts Movement Business District. Marvin X acknowledges Oakland Post Newspaper Publisher Paul Cobb as a West Oakland product and childhood friend. Paul Cobb supported the first issues of the Movement Newspaper. Thank you, Paul Cobb!

Marvin X after addressing the Moorish American community on the History of Islam in the Bay Area, based on his unpublished manuscript by the same name.