Friday, September 9, 2022

Sun Ra - It's After the End of the World, Poem by Marvin X

It's after the End of the World, don't you know that yet?

Why are you trying to live after the end of the world
don't you know the show is over buddy
you had your joy
fell for all illusions
world of make believe
drank the Kool Aide
integrated with cream
coffee con leche
lived watered down Miller Lite life
submitted to low information vibration mentality
hoping to be free from black misery
got with yo girl had baby
now you babies with baby
you cute man is fine
baby need love knowledge overtime
baby genius til 3
baby go to school become dummy
socialized to white lies mythology
racist political ideology
sexual degeneracy
no more man woman children be
some trans human wannabe
sexual quagmire personality
cut off penis breasts enjoy child sex
kill all babies in womb or cannon fodder
what's difference except time
kill in womb or battle line
don't play with me
I see your tricks
tricks from left and tricks from right
tricks from day n tricks from night

Qur'an say to you your way and to me mine
The Devil planned and Allah planned, but
Allah is the Best Planner.

Allah says leave you alone in your inordinacy 
blindly wandering on.

Whether Thou warn them or warn them not, they shall not believe.

To you your way and to me mine. And the right way is clearly distinct from error.

Stay woke and square to bone
follow the rules
dutiful fool
work like Hebrew slave for gold watch
didn't work after retirement party
you fool 
didn't you know
wife tried to tell you so
you sucker fool 
loved good guys in white hat
now you know for fact
good guys the devil
bad guys Satan
where you now in bitches brew
between devil and Satan's sea of Big Blue 
don't wanna hear word from me
We 60s broke heroes
Askia Toure son say
We sacrificed to pave road for you
Freedom was no money thang to BAM/BLA revolutionaries
freedom was land and sovereignty 
nada mas
I repeat
Gansta Hip Hop want bling bling on WAY TO SING SING
gansta motherfucka
what's a preliminary hearing gansta ass nigga
don't confess to murder you didn't do
cause they convinced your time be shorter
don't turn state evidence against your partner
after interrogation with no water.

I preached Riker's Island Youth Prison twice
Boot Camp graduation
Boot camp graduates marched as I read Let Million Men March
Graduates got free college education if completed boot camp.
Dante went home from boot camp to ghetto death camp
Did revolutionaries meet him at the gate or Dante's boys from da hood?
Or Dante's mama who sent him money for zoo zoos and wham whams
Did Dante's boys appear in court for his defense
Mama came every court date, mama sent him every dime
You want to save Dante, meet him at the gate. Give him housing, job, education.
This is what America promised insurgents in Afghanistan, Iraq, if they lay down arms, pledge allegiance to constitution.

It's after the end of the world
You slouching toward Jerusalem
hat in hand
want Jesus to help you
but he's wanted man
telling truth 
no more water
fire next time earthquakes famine drought
wars rumors of wars
beginning of sorrows
Babylon America haven for every filthy unclean bird
Open borders let in the herd, and you spend $700 billion on national security
What you learn from 9/11 nothing
$700 billion and 9/11 happen
Some believe some know 9/11 conspiracy

Where NORAD nowhere
From Boston to Hudson River to Pentagon please
free me from your freedom free me from white lies
free me from planes don't protect your skies

We travel from city to city n what do you see
shithole America literally
walk in shit n piss 
tents for homeless vets
100,000 fentanyl overdose
prez don't say word
When last time Biden say word fentanyl 
Don't be sheep America
No Chinese model honey trap
Medical Dictatorship 
How your enemy sell you medicine
Common sense rejects that
You want electric cars but China owns precious metals or
go rape Congo like you used to do
Kill Lumumba's children or send them down into mines not schools so your green revolution can be hailed as the new thing to do.

If Trump is Devil
Who is Biden 
Satan's cigarette 
Biden say if a nigga don't vote fa me
he ain't no nigga can't you see
He define niggas based on left wing white supremacy
OH, there's a difference between left and right white mythology
Oh, one will hang you n one will throw you into the sea
Obama say he killed Bin Ladin where the body be
Hillery killed US Ambassador in Libya, she say
What difference do it make to me. Unleashed Arab Spring
Don't look like Spring to me. 
Gill Scott said Winter in America
this what it be
no baby food for babies
no napkins for bleeding women
no gas for the poor
no food for the hungry
no shelter for the homeless
no heat for winter
no cool air for summer
no electricity for electric cars
no ice for drinks in bars
no wind for windmills
no sun for solar panels

It after the end of the world
don't you know that yet?
people destroyed for lack of knowledge
while cell phone got it all
Where you at baby
that's yo call
is the virus real
is vaccine true
is conspiracy reality
is devil behind wheel
is justice just for them
no justice for us
you still believe In God We Trust
You think God would help ignut niggas like us
You free but you ain't free
don't wanna be free
ain't gonna be free
love motherfucking slavery
will push you out boat of freedom into slavery sea
why you do dat man why you do dat ta me
I sorry brother, cost money to be free
you pay me an' go free
no money no free

It's after the end of the world
You ain't heard that yet
better ax somebody
this shit is over motherfucka
gas chamber that way, follow line to left
What you say nigga
you ain't going without yo wife
better get in line nigga
fore I cut you wit ma knife

Nigga yo shit is through
game over fa you
fucked around wit pants off yo ass
time is up nigga
give 'm gas chamber pass

Wives women in booty line
all is fare in love n war
rape all women
men cannon fodder

you didn't know it's after end of the world
Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder knew
why you didn't get off cell phone
hip hop boy and girl
you so woke to this n that
but don't know shit n this a fact
ain't no believe, it's what I know
Call it science, call it show

It's after the end of the world
for man, woman, boy n girl.
--Marvin X

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