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Marvin X: The Middle East Poems


Gaza Concentration CAMP by Marvin X

GAZA Concentration CAMP

There are those who say we must restore peace to GAZA
Peace in the concentration camp
Peace of genocide
Peace no protest allowed
Submit to starvation
stunted life 
hell on earth
No protest
peace before anything
Before justice
Before life even

Let the people of GAZA sing silent night
Holy night
All is peaceful
All is right
Under the shadow of death
Let there be peace
No justice
With boots on our necks
Mass murder but peace
At all costs
Hamas Rockets to no avail
Iron Dome is our gift from USA
Iron Domes is saving our asses
From land, air, sea you attack
Mighty Mouse you are
Iron Dome Mouse
Look at you
Wild wild West beast
No thought of justice
Just peace
Peace be still.
--Marvin X


I am not an Arab, I am not a Jew
Abraham is not my father, Palestine is not my home
But I would fight any man
Who kicked me out of my house
To dwell in a tent
I would fight
To the ends of the earth
Someone who said to me
I want your house
Because my father lived here
Two thousand years ago
I want your land
Because my father lived here
Two thousand years ago.
Jets would not stop me
From returning to my home
Uncle Toms would not stop me
Cluster bombs would not stop me
Bullets I would defy.
No man can take the house of another
And expect to live in peace
There is no peace for thieves
There is no peace for those who murder
For myths and ancient rituals
Wail at the wall
Settle in "Judea" and Samaria"
But fate awaits you
You will never sleep with peace
You will never walk without listening.
I shall cross the River Jordan
With Justice in my hand
I shall return to Jerusalem
And establish my house of peace,
Thus said the Lord.
--Marvin X (Imam Maalik El Muhajir)
Cerca 1970, Black Scholar Magazine

Marvin X and Mohja Kahf: Two Poems for the People of Syria

Oh, Mohja
how much water can run from rivers to sea
how much blood can soak the earth
the guns of tyrants know no end
a people awakened are bigger than bullets
there is no sleep in their eyes
no more stunted backs and fear of broken limbs
even men, women and children are humble with sacrifice
the old the young play their roles
with smiles they endure torture chambers
with laughs they submit to rape and mutilations
there is no victory for oppressors
whose days are numbered
as the clock ticks as the sun rises
let the people continue til victory
surely they smell it on their hands
taste it on lips
believe it in their hearts
know it in their minds
no more backwardness no fear
let there be resistance til victory.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir

Syrian poet/professor Dr. Mohja Kahf

Oh Marvin, how much blood can soak the earth?

The angels asked, “will you create a species who will shed blood

and overrun the earth with evil?” 

And it turns out “rivers of blood” is no metaphor: 

see the stones of narrow alleys in Duma

shiny with blood hissing from humans? Dark

and dazzling, it keeps pouring and pumping

from the inexhaustible soft flesh of Syrians,

and neither regime cluster bombs from the air,

nor rebel car bombs on the ground,

ask them their names before they die. 

They are mowed down like wheat harvested by machine,

and every stalk has seven ears, and every ear a hundred grains.

They bleed like irrigation canals into the earth.

Even one little girl in Idlib with a carotid artery cut

becomes a river of blood. Who knew she could be a river 

running all the way over the ocean, to you,

draining me of my heart? And God said to the angels, 

“I know what you know not.” But right now,
the angels seem right. Cut the coyness, God;

learn the names of all the Syrians.

See what your species has done.

--Mohja Kahf

let's support the reelection of black arts movement baby, Mayor Ras Baraka, Newark, NJ

Support the reelection of Black Arts Movement baby, Mayor Ras Baraka, Newark NJ  North American Africans should be proud of this young man I have known since he was a child. I watched him organize in the basement of his parent's house. I know the good inside his soul and his undying love for his people. Let the people know we support their desire for Ras Baraka to continue as Mayor!--Marvin X

Police: from Problem to Solution--The Newark, New Jersey Model

by Marvin X

 Newark, NJ Mayor Ras Baraka and Marvin X
When I was in Newark, New Jersey for the last rites of my friend and comrade, poet/activist Amiri Baraka, his son Ras then a city councilman but was running for mayor. He told me then, "Marvin 
we got Black brothers on the police force with legal guns who back us, i.e., the community." And I observed positive police/community relations. It is a different feeling when you know the police are 
on your side. As a matter of fact, during the time of the funeral the police were in and out of the Baraka's house socializing with and protecting Newark's "first family".  Police blocked off the block where the Baraka family lives in the hood. I was informed some of the officers had grown up with
the Baraka children or their parents had been part of the Newark black consciousness, cultural and political movement that was critical in 
the election of Newark's first Black mayor, Kenneth Gibson. In short, the police were an integral 
part of the community, as opposed to an occupying army. Now let's be clear, Ras informed me there were police who supported the opposition, but he felt confident with the percentage of officers on his (the peoples) side. Ironically, I was at the Baraka 
house once on AB's  birthday (October 7) when the opposition sent officers with warrants to arrest 
his sons for failure to pay child support. This was done by his political enemies to rattle his cage 
on his birthday. They do play hard ball in Newark and the opposition is serious. There are former Newark mayors who went down in disgrace for their negrocities (AB term, not mine, he wanted 
me to let you know) but have sons they want to be mayor. 
Amiri Baraka and Marvin X, friends 47 years
Of course Ras won the election as mayor, guided by his brother Amiri, Jr.'s (Middy) strategic 
planning. Their mother, Mrs. Amina Baraka, has kept me informed of her son's progress as 
mayor. Even the New York Times gave him brownie points for his first 100 days in office. Mrs.
Baraka informed me there have been no police killings since Ras became Mayor, although
brothers killing brothers has not stopped. Mayor Baraka has police walking through the hood,
Black and White officers, smiling and greeting the people. Mrs. Baraka said she doesn't know, and many people don't know, what to think of the white officers smiling so much.
lelt to right Dr, Molefe Asante, Mrs. Amina Baraka, Marvin X, Amiri Baraka, Jr., Kenny Gamble
But clearly, community policing is working, thus Newark can be and should be a  model for cities 
trying to upgrade their police departments from acting like brute beasts in blue uniforms. Why 
should police take the life of the mostly poor, mentally ill and drug addicted? Why would you kill 
a man hustling single cigarettes, DVDs and CDs? Why would you kill a man for a broken tail light 
or failure to signal a lane change.? Why should a man suffer a broken spine from a ride in the 
paddy wagon? 
Surely after all the hell the Black Panther Party suffered trying to combat police terror and brutality 
fifty years ago( and we celebrate their 50th anniversary for the sacrifice they made), we must try something new, unless we want to continue bumping our heads against a stone wall. We don't
have the power to defeat them because they have too much back up, e.g., the army, 
navy, air force, national guard, FBI, Homeland Security, etc. At some point we will need a 
reconciliation or things will go from bad to worse as happened in Dallas, Texas. The nature of the panther is to strike when it is backed up against the wall or corner.  After seeing with my own eyes
that there can be at least a symbiotic relationship between the people and the police, I've
concluded that we need to get brothers and sisters on the police force, especially in cities where
we are in the majority, and the white officers must be socialized to understand they work for the
people, the people don't work for them.  The people pay their salaries but not to be brutalized and
killed under the color of law. We agree with Chief Brown in Dallas who called for people to be the solution rather than the problem, to become police officers. All they need is community consciousness, similar to the police who arrested me in Belize, Central America, when I was being deported for entering the country illegally. While I was at the police station awaiting deportation, they 
surrounded me and when they had me in the center of a circle, they begged me to teach them 
about Black Power, the real reason I was being deported. Wouldn't it be nice if the American police would ask the Black Lives Matter people to teach them about Black Power rather than try to 
ridicule the BLM out of existence because just as the police ain't going nowhere, Black 
Lives Matter isn't either. Stay Woke!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

crazy house poem marvin x

die Sunday morn
pig n blanket death
lighter than feather
Mao said
North Carolina Negroes
pray with devil
Deaf dumb blind Negroes
can't smell funky devil in midst
Didn't Jesus escape through midst of enemies
smelled them
Shalom Alaikum
passed through midst of them
til Martha Mary came
bout Lazarus
Jesus said cool 
go home Mary Martha
don't moan
got Laz covered 
raised Laz dead Negro state
last act before crucifixion
playa haters said that's it that's all
healin' sick makin' blind see ok
upliftin' ho's kissin' feet ok
woman at well ok
go sin no more woman
cast first stone ok
But you fucked up JC
you raised Lazarus 
we can't have you round here raising dead
Masonic Negroes
preachers teachers politicians judges lawyers say keep Jack in box
don't want jack out
keep Jack dead deaf dumb blind
if he join brotherhood
pay degrees
Laz all right
he pay by degrees
he rise from shallow grave
Hiram Biff myth-ritual
let dead stay dead
Negro leaders
Culture keepers
Democratic Party Negroes
let dead stay dead
No independent thought allowed
Dead Negro Anglo-Saxon thought ok
Kayne no
Sista girl no
put Kayne back in mental hospital
crazy nigga dumb ignut
At least Beyonce talk black culture
no more lap dancer
black panther
lift every voice sing sista
hot sauce purse sista
big H girl
billion dollar black sista
Let Kanye be Kanye
Why we all gotta be all
politics is politics 
no permanent friends enemies
only interests ideology agenda
Huey Newton say Marvin X
What's yo program?
Kanye what's yo program
Beyonce what's your program
Problem program
Solution program what

better ax somebody
cross lynching tree 
Billie Holiday 
Strange Fruit 
let dead stay dead
cell phone dead
low information vibration dead
Won't call Miss Ann
Becky with good hair
Miss Ann/Becky say
Did you mean
Did you mean

Southern trees Strange Fruit
travel Southern roads without armor of God
South armed camp
men armed women
my North Carolina woman kept piece on night stand

South hunting season holiday
Negro coon hunt

Better know piece for peace South
What Akinyele Umoja say
We Shoot Back
Robert Williams say Negroes With Guns
Southern Negroes never go Southern roads without piece fa peace
Northern Negroes too
We read Negro With Guns
north south same same
North up south
Canada say South anything below border South

No matter
Deaf dumb blind church Negroes cry
oh devil we forgive thee
Jesus cried on cross lynching tree
Father, why did you forsake me?
dead god cannot help dead Negro
Jesus couldn't help himself
bleeding nailed on cross
hippy lookin' Serapis
Oh Serapis Christos
codified Jesus 332AD
Nicea Conference
father son holy ghost
trinity not for African Christianity
Separpis no Jesus
not the one
people shouted
away with him
give us the thieves!
This was black savior
nappy hair
bronze skin
no blue eyed devil hippy Serapis
even Black Jesus
couldn't save himself
Isis had to find his vital organ dick
put him together from Lebanon tree
Horus the Avenger came
justice baby
Horus Harun
virgin birth child
I come for you Seth
Agent of Darkness Devil Seth
Sun Set
I come for you Devil
You are not truth
do not weight scales with feather of truth
Mizan Ma'at
Seth you lie on the scales of justice
how can we believe in god couldn't save himself
he can save us if we believe
say sinner's prayer
saved now
covered by the blood
saved from racism
born again
hate niggas ok now
kill niggas ok now
niggas so traumatized
want no church no religion no god
communism ok
no jesus please
anything but jesus muhammad too
Yoruba Moorish Science 5%
spare me
religiosity spare me

Give me  golden calf
girls boys just wanna have fun
material girl material boy
material world
do not save us from Sodom Gomorrah
we smarter than god
we want the men angels
to hell with your daughters Lot
give us the men
and the many gods
fuck one god monotheism
imperialism in religion
let the polytheists rejoice
let us adore gods of our fathers mothers ancestors all
do not save us from polytheism
let us dance all night to ancestor gods
religiosity mythology ideology dogmatism sectarianism racism globalism atheism communism
capitalism multiculturalism
julia hare said is but another word for failed integration
True dat Julia
america segregated now more than ever
bank account segregated
11Am still most segregated hour in America
1PM Friday most segregated hour in Muslim world USA too
Sista Maryom Al Wadai say we need Nigga Islam no Super Sunni Saudi Arabian Iranian myth-ritual Islam
niggas on bottom Islam
bottom rail top Islam Christianity Communism Socialism
Democratic Party Republican Party bottom rail top
2008 Crash 19 Trillion gone
basic wealth black/ white america gone
middle class gone
home owners now renters
tent dwellers
sub prime low scam tricknology
negro removal ethnic cleansing gentrification
black homes white 
harlem white
oakland berkeley san francisco white
black lives matter sign in window
love the devil cause he give us nothing
work whole life nothing
retired gov. cheese nothing
don't have $10,000 in bank
ten dollars nothing
payday loan no payday
payday loan college students
trillion dollar dept student loans
never pay
slave for life
Gotta go to ma slave man
see you later man
can't hang
slave job fa life
contract worker
no benefit wage slave worker
Uber  youber juber

can children go to school 
no body bag children
what world is this
what kinna people are these
walk across street cell phone robot
don't see car on ass
don't care
where you at where you at
AB said Tales of Out and Gone
I say Tales of Deaf Dumb Blind
Where is your mind and why
you cannot medicate the pain of reality
pain of your father's sins
privileges you inherited but deny
this is why opioids  confound the land of the free home of the brave
how can one walk upon killing fields yet cannot feel blood beneath their feet
don't care they walk on ancestor bones yet ancestor voices wail in the wind
the deaf dumb blind don't hear don't care
let opioids consume their madness
they wonder as they wonder
families bleed with pain
loved ones gone so young
why must parents bury children
this is not natural
but what is natural these days
in this land of the loveless
minds consumed with data data data
money data
fame data
brand data app data
tweeters twaters
Instagram moneygram
Facebook friends
3000 friends won't send a dime
Bob Marley say wit ma friends don't need enemies
but every little ting gonna b all ite
every little ting gonna b all ite.

Crazy house called America.
When will you serve the least of these
liberate all captives in gulags dungeons
some in mansion dungeons
scared to leave the house
scared to get fresh air
scared to drive
might kill in road rage
wife knows her man crazy
she crazy too
think everybody want her man
do she want her man
do she want herself
blessed in mansion
cursed by self
self accusing spirit

Woe to America
blessed yet cursed
won't share the wealth
greedy pig
1% want it all
no heart no mind no soul
deaf dumb blind.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir (Arabic, the Migrant)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Marvin X Plastic Poem for Earth Day and Beyond

Marvin X
I don't want the Christian truth, Muslim truth, Communist truth, Capitalist truth, Hindu truth, Rasta truth, Kemet truth, Yoruba truth, I want the whole truth, so help me Creator!"
--Marvin X, revised from original quote in Jet Magazine, Negro Bible

Plastic man
Ugly plastic shoes
No daddy ugly shoes
No Stacy Adams
Plastic ugly shit
No daddy shit
Pants off behind prison gay shit
Anything advertised for sale no?
Punk is punk
Prison punk hood punk same
Weak is weak
Warrior warrior same
Solid don’t break solid
Weak nigga weak in hood
Big yard took
Solid don’t bend
China make
50 cent shoe
nigga pay $300.00
Trick nigga trick
Life trick
How you start how you end
Game don’t change
Better ax somebody
Bitch nigga
He in da mix
kill fa shoes
No hustle ass nigga
Wait fa bitch money ass nigga
Pimpin sympin
mama’s house bicycle pimp
Pimp first cousin sista pimp
Get real shamin’ game nigga pimp
Nigga ho’ love pimp
Baby mama pimp
What ho’ stay nigga
Ho’ come ho’ go nigga
Ax Fillmore where his ho’s
Where day go
Mental hospital
Church ho’
Preacher pimp
Ho’ church ho
Dress so tight
Can’t listen preacher sermon
Eyes stuck ho’s ass
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
Ho’ heaven ho’ go
Fillmore say don’t beat ho’
Ho’ come back
Marry go round ho
Fillmore say.

Poor ghetto nigga kill fa nigga shoes
Fuck dat bitch ass nigga
Yeah I smoked ‘m took shoes
Took money too
Ma baby mama gotta eat
Baby too
Pampers fool
Plastic car
neon lights fish
japan radiation fish
plastic whale fish
sardine can plastic fish
plastic islands bigger 'n two Texas
Plastic island bigger’n two texas
No matter
International waters plastic island
plastic dicks pussies
plastic ho's
plastic love
plastic cell phone sex
no touch feel sex
text sex climax
baby I lick ya stick ya
cum girl cum
cum phone cum
ho suckin fuckin
pimp listening
make dat white man cum ho'
get ma money bitch
don't spend all night wit dat nigga can't cum
fuck him
get white trick cum quick
git ma money bitch
all niggas sick
Nigga lie say I’m woke
Nigga comatose
Sleep in eyes walkin’ dead
Plastic cell phone dead
Crack hand dead yesterday
Cell phone hand dead today
Dead is dead
Freddie’s Dead
You heard?
Freddie’s Dead

Freddy sick
ho' sick
pimp sick
trick sick
wife home sick
children sick
plastic tv sick
preacher sick
teacher sick
what song say
preachers gotta preach new way
teachers gotta teach new way
wake up everybody

square bitch sick
square nigga sick
can't rap pussy date sick
Ho’ know nigga hit pipe go limp dick
Plastic dildo purse sick
Limp dick nigger
No rap nigga
All niggas ain’t Kanye P Diddy Jay Z
all niggas can't rap
crack got no rappin' niggas pussy first time history
no rap nigga got pussy crack rock pussy no matter pussy pussy
nerd got pussy old man grandfather get pussy
no age grade square shit
grandfather got rock
grandfather get young pussy
crack rock mama son pussy/dick
Sleep in same bed love
Let me serve you son
Fuck dem crack ho’s son
Let me suck yo dick son

crack rock father/daughter pussy/dick
father daughter baby cum love
Muslim/Christian father daughter love
daddy tongue kiss daughters crack love
auntie turn out niece pussy pussy love
niece want dick auntie want pussy pussy love
fuck dat nigga bitch
you ma bitch bitch
plastic dick love
wild wild west love
drop rock get cock love
hiv love
std love
suck dog dick love
bitch Rottweiler love
better get me a Rottweiler up in here
fuck a nigga dick

no rap no rhyme
crack rock talk square nigga talk
restaurant dinner bitch no eat
text message at $100.00 dinner
no talk
date wonder what up
I'm hip hop dude
get wit it
My generation gotta phone fuck
can't eat shit fuck phone
love ma plastic dick phone

no smile grin
$100.00 dinner phone fuck dude
plastic mind
hip hop plastic
plastic rhymes
sleepy time tea raps
where you at where you at
African precious minerals for where you at
low information vibration
no google conscious knowledge
where you at
pussy and dick songs
kill pussy and dick love
shower curtain plastic
sofa loveseat plastic
plastic conversation
Pseudo conscious Kemet
Moorish Science
Islam Supper Sunni

pay my phone bill daddy
Want some pussy
Pay phone bill
$700.00 phone
where you at
plastic phone
Plastic mind
What Amiri Baraka say,
“Where the soul’s print should be there is
Only a cellulose pouch of disgusting habits!”
plastic love
after nut then what
no look no talk
darkness love
don't wanna see you
look in eyes
climax wait
gotta call wait
hold nut please
answer phone
baby daddy call
I love you Dante
oh, baby baby
wait baby daddy
Dante make me cum
juices flow
Niagara Falls cum
Dante Dante Dante
Baby Daddy gotta go gotta go
text me BD
Next night
Dante no show
Plastic sex night
oil based love
petrochemical love
heal me doc
red pill
pain kill
no love kill pill
pain alone pill
anxiety stress
woman woman love pill
who is true
illusion pill
plastic love
just want appreciation pill
let me overdose true love pill
kiss me here there everywhere true love kiss
no one night stand please
Kiss you here there everywhere
No one night stand please
True love night
No alcohol drug night
Natural freak night please
Natural freak nigga please
Show me give me
Nathan Julia 60 year love pill
George Barbara Bush 70 year love pill
no seven minutes
after nut then what
no talk
no politics
don’t like you nigga
Jaguare Mercedes Benz nigga
Fake phony weak material boy
Material world nigga

gotta good job baby nigga
boss love me
only nigga on top team
hire white asian
tell me train them
take red pill
I am Job faithful to God
African  slave ship job ass nigga
Door of no return nigga
No jump ship nigga
Triangular trade nigga
Slaves sugar cane rum trinket ass nigga
Toussaint broke spell ass nigga
Vudun democratic society nigga
Let me dance my drum my god nigga
You dance
We dance
Drum call gods
All nigga gods
Cept jesus god
Fuck jesus god
Servants be obedient to masters god
Nat Turner god good
Dessellines kill mulattoes god good
Dessellines, I told you to prune tree
Not uproot it! Toussaint said
Denmark Vesey god
Gabriel Prosser
Black Thunder god
You my woman
Help me
Free our people woman
Gabriel say
Woman say I’m down Gabriel
Got yo back
Got yo front too Gabriel
Black Thunder
freedom or death
Black thunder
Harriet Tubman
I could’ve freed more slaves
If they had known they were slaves
God of liberation god
Liberty or death god
Cotton field nigga god
Sugar cane nigga god
Rice field nigga god
eternal job nigga god no god
Eternal job nigga god bitch ass nigga god
30 year fake gold watch nigga god
Let boss fuck my wife at xmas party nigga god
Jesus ass bitch nigga god
Dead god nigga jesus god dead
Bleeding cross lynching tree
Strange fruit jesus nigga god dead
Resurrection Nile Valley god
Hapi river god
Osiris Isis Horus
no cotton now
sugar cane
blue trane job
chain gang job for life
doing life
get pennies now
cage bird pennies
for life
13th Amendment Slave
death row slave
No sun moon stars
no human touch love
no wife no woman no cry
Bob Marley say
solitude plastic cell love
plastic fork love
Gang kill love
pay guard cell phone sex love
guard got yacht son need yacht love
call call call
pay me I call
baby come pay me guard say
pay God
all things possible
pay me
Guards run governor love
we say gov. do
what part you don't understand
My man
Revolutionary pay too
plastic move world
work it dog
work it
plastic water
petrochemical plastic food
you love it eat it like hog to slop
greasy soul food
kill mama food
cut mama legs soul food
eat mama gone
soul food love
Sick love
greasy slave food family love
no talk family dinner
tv loud football white man talk
Niggas run pig ball brain dead broke ass niggas
no love talk
family trauma no healing talk
Family predator no talk
Family know he rapist nieces nephews
Family sing Silent Night
plastic tv white man nigga slave athletes
control family love
no politics
family crazy nigga wanna tell truth
muzzled like dog
let's talk money bitches plastic car talk
plastic cell phone talk
Plastic rich nigga tv talk
muzzle crazy nigga black truth talk
Talk Jordan's Sean John
50 cent slave plastic shoes $500.00 talk
But we woke woke woke
plastic shoes mind dead woman blond hair woke
pants off behind man woman child woke
Know latest raps woke
know nothing woke
fake phony pseudo woke
bleaching cream woke
korean hair woke
korean eyes woke
korean nails woke
appreciate you
appreciate you
Salaam Alaikum
Salaam Alaikum.
--Marvin X