Thursday, October 31, 2019

God gave Noah the rainbow sign no more water fire next time

I lived in Paradise
Next door to the fire Chief
His tree fell 
Broke our fence
We sued but lost
What niggas doing in Paradise
Where you get your money nigger
You dope dealer
Paradise burned
My patron's house
Fire Chief house
Every house
Every building
Paradise no more
beautiful space
Pine trees
Canyon no more
What about before the fire
Land soaked in Native American blood
No sharing the land
Yankee hill blood
I lived near Yankee hill 
Not far from Paradise
Spent five years in Cherokee
Five years in solitude
Rolling hills
Wild turkeys
Deer at my door
Went to Feather River to swim
We had cows horses
Horses love oats
Like a nigga love pork chops
Horses greedy
Push cows out the way
For hay, especially oats
Well water sweeter than juice
Never bought juice
After five years healing
Wrote five books
Return to city of madness
City of fear unhappiness
Trauma grief
But I was healed
Brain cells changed
I will never be the same
After solitude
After the hawk turkeys cows horses
Pine trees deer feather River swim
Bees flies lizards in my house
I never killed
Just asked to leave
And they did
Door was open
But Paradise no more
Cherokee no more
Yankee Hill stands
Blood soaked land stands
Native voices yet cry across rolling hills
Used to hear their voices in the wind.
--Marvin X

The Quid Pro Quo Negro

The Quid Pro Quo Negro

You do for me
I do for you
No one way street
Cali style
East coast know
Quid Pro Quo
Get real Negro
You got baton
Pass to me
Let's go to finish line
Don't hog mic Coltrane
Miles said
Coltrane said
I don't know how to stop
Miles said
Just take horn outcha mouth!
--Marvin X

Parable of why I gotta be a bitch

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Parable of Why I gotta be a bitch cause I don't wanna give up my pussy?

 One Day in the Life of Marvin X, aka, Plato Negro at Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, Oakland, aka, Black Arts Movement Business and Cultural District

Subject of the Day: Why I gotta be a bitch because I don’t want to give up my pussy?

A young lady stopped by Marvin X’s Academy of da Corner in an agitated state. She came up to his table but asked if she could sit down? He said please, come sit down. She sat down and said the following:

Marvin X, tell me why I gotta be a bitch cause I won’t give a nigguh ma pussy? Marvin X, a nigguh threatened to kill me last night because I wouldn’t give him my pussy. Marvin X, do I have to die cause I won’t give a nigguh my pussy? What am I supposed to do? And he ain’t even my boyfriend? He ain’t my boyfriend! We ain’t never had no discussion about giving him some of my pussy. I don’t even know him like that, but he threatened to kill me last night, Marvin X. What am I supposed to do? I don’t even know if his dick is clean! He might have AIDS or some other shit. He don’t know if I got some STD or HIV but he ready to kill me over my pussy. Am I a slave, am I supposed to give up my pussy to any man who says he wants my pussy? I ain’t no ho’. Marvin X, can you help me understand what’s going on with these nigguhs? Because I wouldn’t give him some pussy he said I was mentally ill, bipolar, manic-depressive, but the main thing that bothered me was because he kept calling me a bitch. I can’t understand why I gotta be a bitch. Help me, Marvin X.

Marvin X replied, “Well, brothers do think they own the pussy, that they have all rights to your pussy, even when they ain’t even your boyfriend. Men will claim shit that ain’t theirs to claim.
I’ve repeatedly told men, especially in my Mythology of Pussy and Dick pamphlet, that they don’t own the pussy, that they don’t have a pussy, that they don’t bleed five days a month. One sister replied, “Well, ma nigguh act like he got a pussy, he act like he on his cycle!” 

Sister, I wish I could tell you things are getting better but we just saw the man in Texas kill eight people, including six children, because he felt he owned his ex-woman’s pussy, even though she was married to another man, had five babies by her new husband, one by her ex-man, but he killed everybody cause he felt he owned her pussy. It’s sick, sick, sick.

But I still wanna know why I gotta be a bitch? Why I gotta be called mentally ill cause I won’t give a strange ass nigguh my pussy that God gave me? Seem like it’s the end of the world, Marvin X, is it?

Looks like it to me.

You mean these people ain’t gonna never wake up and change? You mean I gotta be a bitch til the day I die?

Well, you were called Queen during the 60s, so you’ve gone down the scale from Queen to bitch, ho’, dog, slut. We’ve gone from Black Power to Black Lives Matter. We lost power in the counter-revolution, so now we’re trying to regain our mental and physical equilibrium with Black Lives Matter. For sure, it only matters to us, nobody else gives a damn about Black Lives Matter if and when we don’t. So sadly, sister, yes, you will be a bitch until the man bitch gives up his man bitch behavior. If you ask me, he looks like a bitch, walking around showing his funky ass. Who wants to look at his black funky ass. And he calls himself a man? How can a grown man walk with his wife and children with his pants on his knees, showing his funky drawers? Then he calls you bitch, no he’s the bitch, the ho’, the slut, not you!

August 18, 2015
Marvin X
Academy of da Corner
14th and Broadway
downtown Oakland
BAM Business and Cultural District 

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Parable of the Mecca and Al Madina

Marvin X at Laney College, Oakland Ca
photo Alicia Mayo

I flee Holy City Mecca
like Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah
Like Elijah Muhammad for seven years
running from the haters of every stripe
money grubbers dogmatists polytheists
Al Madina my refuge in the Valley
wherein love flows in gardens of scented water
Unlike Mecca, Al Madina does not charge the thirsty hungry
There is plenty in the Valley of Al Madina
Chorus of birds sing loudly happy
like the people who dwell in the valley

Autumn leaves begin to fall
I swim in the cold pool
water warm in the shade
I want to stay in Al Madina
Eternity is my wish
but Mecca is the battleground
I must return to the zone
after my respite
Al Madina arms of love spread wide
country love simple true
They do not care to hear
Mecca stress strife wicked city life
Autumn leaves come after vines cut
Thompsons Muscat
Orchards soon come oranges limons
Almonds Walnuts Pistachio feed world
highways divide orchards
housing developments consume land
No matter traffic jams
Al Madina is Al Madina
farmers know love
Honor Mother Nature
Not like Meccans
care nothing for land
tradesmen and women
trade routes their joy
charge pilgrims for kissing Black Stone
commerce prosperity in religion their joy
Let me rest Al Madina
then return for the fight
truth vs. lies
there is no peace
truth shall never let lies
win the day.
--Marvin X

Monday, October 21, 2019

Marvin X at Laney College, Oakland Ca
photo Alicia Mayo

The Conversation

Time flies! It is hard to believe it has been twenty years since Dr. Cornel West and I were on stage
together. The occasion was the April 1, 2001 production of my Kings and Queens of Black
Consciousness Concert at San Francisco State University. The kings and queens included
Drs. Julia and Nathan Hare, Rev. Cecil Williams, Rev. Andriette Earl, Mr. and Mrs. Amiri and
Amina Baraka, Phavia Kujichagulia, Elliott Bey, Rudi Mwongozi, Avotchja, Tarika Lewis, Destiny
Muhammad, Ishmael Reed, Dr. Theophile Obenga, John Doumbia, et al. It was a seven hour
concert and Dr. West sat patiently in the audience for five hours before I called him to the stage.
Even though he may have been one of the best known participants, I considered him a prince.
And when he finally took the mike, he said, “There is so much darkness in my life, I don’t know
if I’m a king or queen!” No matter, he used the occasion to introduce his rap album produced by
his brother Cliff. If I’m correct, this album got him removed from the faculty at Harvard University.

Throughout the years, we met only briefly, usually when  he came to speak in the Bay Area. I would
sit with his family, including his mother, brother and cousins Fuad and Kwame Satterfield.
I consider Kwame my step son. West and I were together in Philadelphia for the 65th birthday
celebration of warrior journalist Mumia Abu Jamal, former Black Panther Minister of Information
wrongly convicted of killing a Philadelphia policeman. 

Our conversation on December 7, 2019, will cover a myriad of topics, including local, national and
global issues, displacement and gentrification, white supremacist education and the future of black
studies; police violence under the color of law; Oakland’s Black Arts Movement Business District,
especially since Bar-b-q Becky’s meltdown at Lake Merritt and the resultant occupation of the Lake
by North American Africans, including street vendors since the passage of SB946 that allows street
vending throughout California. Of course we want to discuss the upcoming 2020 elections and the
rise of white nationalism. Was it simply a reaction to President Obama’s election as the first black
president? I see President Donald Trump as the devil in the Book of Job. I’m curious to know Dr.
West’s take on Obama and Trump. I may share my fictional interview with President Obama. I
applaud Dr. West’s criticism of Obama that was anathema to many North American Africans who
considered him the messiah! I agreed with Dr. West’s comment, “We must respect him, protect him,
but check him!” Who is without sin and above criticism? I’m sure Dr. West and I can deconstruct
President Donald Trump. And I have issues with the Democratic party as well. I was not pleased to
hear West’s Democratic Socialist friend, Senator Bernie Sanders, endorse African population control
to check climate change. It sounded like some Margaret Sanger racist Eugenics to me. Perhaps Dr.
West can clarify his friend's statement. If time allows, I want to discuss the MeToo Era that is radically
altering sexual relations. 

On the so-called 400 years of our arrival, where do we go from here? How shall we make our way
back through the Door of No Return? How shall we liberate Toby back/forward to Kunta Kinte?

Let’s discuss global migration. I’ve been a migrant, living in exile among the poor throughout the
Americas. I appreciated Dr. West and Tavis Smiley’s national book tour on the poor. So what about
a redistribution of global wealth? What about fair trade, just trade? What about fair trade in the hood
among the multi-culturals? 

What do two North American African intellectuals think about Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Syria,
Saudi Arabic,Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan? West speaks from the overground, I speak from the
underground. It should be an exciting evening of edutainment! Be there or be square!
--Marvin X


Thursday, October 17, 2019

We're you there when the Earth Shook?

Were You There When the Earth Shook
1989 Quake, October 17

I was there
Hustling battle of the Bay T-shirts
World Series
On Mission St Eastbay Terminal
Then the shaking
Bricks fell off buildings
Latina woman pulled me into cove for safety
Caught bus to Oakland
On the bridge
It fell car went down
We walked back to terminal
Went to Tenderloin for Crack
TL dark
Arabs selling liquor candle light
Niggas line up
Enter one by one
Get Crack rent SRO room
Hindu Hilton
Smoke get paranoid
Run down Market Street
People running to and fro
Shocked going coming
Walking running in middle of Market St
Headed to Ferry
Street flooded
Stopped at Embarcadero hotel
Guests eating outside
Join them
Feel safe with white people
Tenderloin too dark
Darkies looting
Glad I escaped TL
Cool now
White folks cool
Hotel serving wine
Giving blankets
Soon wanted ferry ride home
Waded water across Embarcadero
White man coming back
I say think I can get on ferry
He say yeah you and ten thousand others!
Got to ferry
He was right
Ten thousand people trying to get ferry to Oakland
Saw blacks with glow lights
Pushing through crowd
Got behind them
Pushed too
We got on
Praise be to Allah
Got to Jack London Square
Stopped at Merriot for drink
Called estranged woman
She say come on over
Crack head fucker!
And then came Xmas in October
Vouchers for food clothes
Hotel restaurant first last rent
Furniture beds refrigerator washer and dryer 
Niggas in new suits pushing shopping carts
Eating steak lobster at Sizzler
Sell steak lobster outside Sizzler
For Crack
Trade vouchers to dope dealer for Crack
Nigga Xmas in October
Freeway fell
Brother in-law saved people
Fake news said niggas was stealing from the Dead
Niggas don't save people
Niggas steal!
And so it is!
--Marvin X 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Syria: Marvin X and John Woodford

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 9:00 AM, John Woodford
I agree with your conclusion. The presence of 25 - 150 US soldiers is alleged to be  a critical commitment by the oil-rabid Dems and Repugs to the extent that they agitate for escalation of violence which they excuse by wringing their hands about the need to avoid "abandoning an ally".

Trump is foul, but his reluctance to go into war adventurism--probably a reflection of the fact that he has earned his dough in the civilian vs. military section of our economy -- is the only redeeming feature he has shown. And it's an important one.

Fewer than 3% of the Kurdish people live in Syria. Anyone sincerely concerned about Kurdish survival would look elsewhere to demonstrate their support.

Syria is a sovereign state, and anyone sincerely interested in forestalling Turkish incursions in Syria would press for a firm international guarantee of the integrity of Syria's borders in consultation with the Syrian government.

Furthermore, when they talk of "abandoning allies,"  shouldn't the reactionary and the liberal US elements be confronted with the facts of what's happening right now with many million more of their "allies" in the Iraqi government they set up? 

Iraq is in crisis. And that is what the US left and right oil hawks, and their bunker state of Israel, relish to see as a result of their policies and actions not just in Iraq and Syria, but in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Venezuela  and elsewhere. Dismemberment, chaos, economic crisis, destruction of infrastructure, and deaths to millions via starvation, disease and warfare--- that has been the "gift" of  imperialist  "support" to the Middle East and Central Asia.

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 4:40 AM Marvin X Jackmon <> wrote:
When I asked my eleven year old grandson to deconstruct the Syrian quagmire, he was overwhelmed after I identified the plethora of characters in this theater of war that is very personal to me and my grandson. FYI, my son won a Fulbright fellowship to the University of Damascus. He gave me intimate details of his education in Syria and his studies at the American University in Egypt. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern Literature. Although I taught him and my other children Elementary Arabic, I never encouraged any of them to go to college and definitely not to study Arabic or Islamic literature. How ironic since I am considered the father of the genre  Muslim American literature, according to Dr.Mohja Kahf. I was recently interviewed by Duke University Professor Ellen Mcellaney for her chapter on me in her forthcoming book Blacks in American Muslim literature. She has invited me to read my poetry at Duke in January 2020.

But as per Syria, it is personal, not only because my son studied there before his transition to Paradise, but my association with Syrian poet/professor Dr. Mohja Kahf has endeared me to the Syrian struggle for liberation. I am horrified to see the destruction of this ancient land caught in global geopolitics.
As my grandson could not deconstruct the myriad characters in this Syrian drama, how many of you can? Who is not this in the Middle Eastern geopolitical quagmire? For sure the USA is there, Russia, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Issis, Hezbollah, Al Quida, et al.

As a black man who spoke fluent Arabic, my son told me the USA tried to recruit him on a daily basis, especially since he liked to swim at the American Embassy.
And the Syrian secret police interrogated him daily as well. Why was he swimming at the American Embassy? Why was he hanging around those filthy Palestinians?
My son noted the salvery conditions of the Africans in Syria, especially those whose passports were seized and thus were doomed to virtual slavery.

At the present moment, the American Left and Right are condemning President Trump for pulling out 25 US military personnel from the Kurdish stronghold. We applaud Trump for recognizing that after wasting 8 trillion dollars, the USA's effort has been an abysmal failure. Imagine, 8 trillion dollars lost in the desert sands of the Middle East and America cannot secure her borders from every filthy unclean bird! The global migrants at the US borders are the blowback of American imperialism and globalism. What goes around comes around. And yes, the chicken's come home to roost!