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Dollar as toilet paper


Subject: The dollar as toilet paper

The  dollar is falling and shall be worthless and will be used for toilet paper. The black bird tells me Bitcoin will save you. Remember the Weimar Republic in Germany? When Hyperinflation hit and the value of the German Mark fell, it took a wheelbarrow of Marks to buy a hamburger.


See The Decline of the Dollar, Elijah Muhammad.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Parable of the end of the world

Marvin X at the University of Chicago Sun Ra Conference on Afrofuturism, 2015
photo Burrell Sunrise

Marvin X at San Francisco's Ocean Beach

photo Adam Turner

Parable of the end of the world

Master Teacher Sun Ra taught, "It's after the end of the world, don't you know it yet?" But how can it be the end of the world for a people who have yet to escape the ravages and residue of bondage, who have never exercised the human right of self-determination and sovereignty, national independence? How can it be the end of the world for a people who have awakened every morning with the beast's foot on their necks? Didn't you see the utter callousness of the pig with his knee on George Ford's neck, with the pig's hand in his pocket as if George was a chicken, pig or goat to be slaughtered? Yet these heartless beings have been doing this for centuries. When I hear of the migrant children separated from their parents at the US/Mexican border, I am saddened yet my mind reflects on how our ancestors, mothers, fathers, children were auctioned every New Year's Day, sold down the river, some to never see their loved one's again. 

Ancestor Amiri Baraka says in one of his poems, "They shall pay for every hurtful thing...." I don't think they have enough money to pay for the awesome hurt, trauma and suffering unto the present generations of Native People and African people, as well as Asians and poor Europeans they made suffer in this land so soaked with blood their sins may be irredeemable. And the irony is that this is such a beautiful land with plenty space for all who were here and who came here seeking a better world. 

Was it necessary to kill the native people, their animals, e.g., the buffalo, and to infect them with the myriad diseases of the Europeans, including smallpox, syphilis? In Dr. E. Franklin Frazier's little known classic Race and Cultural Contacts in the Modern World, he delineates how the European diseases were more destructive than their guns. Yet, have you flown from coast to coast and looked out the window of the plane to see hours and hours of vacant, pristine land? Why was genocide the preferred solution to the European intrusion upon Aboriginal lands?

The Moors, i.e., Africans, were/are known to have been in the Americas thousands of years before the Europeans, especially during the Middle Ages or Dark Ages in Europe when  Ghana, Mali and the Songhay Empires of West Africa were flourishing with Timbuktu, the greatest seat of learning while Europe groveled in darkness. If not for the Moors in Spain from 711 to 1492, Europe would still be in darkness. The African/Arab culture in Spain enabled Europe to come out of the Dark Ages in their Renaissance or revival when the Moors,i.e. Africans, Arabs, Jews, et al, translated Greek and African philosophy and scientific knowledge into European languages. And yet when the Spanish recovered their lands in 1492, Spain has never enjoyed the glory of Moorish Spain, of Seville, Granada and Toledo.u Moorish Spain has no glory except during the thousand years of the Moorish occupation that began when Tarik, the African conquerer crossed from Africa into Gibraltar, the rock named after him. Gibral-rock, Tarik, Gibraltar, mountain of Tarik. African historian DeGraff Johnson, African Glory, makes it clear that Spain was conquered by Africans. 

As per Moors in the Americas, there is no record of Africans subjecting the native people in the abject inhumane manner of the Europeans. Alas, not only were the Africans here when the European explorers arrived on their way to India, the African navigators guided them over here and the Europeans record Africans in the sea returning to Africa. (See the writings of Harold Lawrence or Kofi Haroun Wangara, Detroit)

Columbus noted Moorish Muslim Mosques as he entered the Americas. Por favor, the first United States treaty was with the Moorish kingdom of Morocco to end the Moorish kidnaping and slave trade of  Europeans in the Barbary Coast of North Africa that was the inauguration of the US Navy. 

Yes, one man's poison is another man's fruit. One man's sorrow is another man's joy. This is the way of the world: what goes around comes around. Yes, another cliche says every dog has its day. So it is not hardly the end of the world for the oppressed, wretched of the earth, slaves and wage slaves, exploited from can't see to can't see, from country to cities. What did the Whispers tell us about Olivia? She was lost and turned out on the way to grandmother's house. And so it is. 

Elijah said we are the lost-found in the wilderness of North America. We know who lost us and turned us out, but who found us? The God within ourselves since we prayed to Jesus but he never answered, alas, he couldn't save himself so how could he save us no matter how long we prayed until our kneecaps had sores. 

Elijah said get off your knees and stand tall, upright to the Lord of the Worlds, Master of the Day of Judgment, Rabbi-l-alamin, Maaliki Yaumi-din.  Michael Jackson said look at the man in the mirror and remember the time. Al Qur'an says by the time! Even the Bible tells us a time for you and a time for me, a time for war, a time for peace, a time to love, a time to hate.....

You holding up the end of the world because you don't know it's the end of the world.  But if  not for you, a new world is yet to begin. You walking around with your pants off your behind holding up our transition into the new world, beyond European economic domination or any economic domination not based on fair and just trade, not capitalist free trade or a socialist combination thereof. Alas, we have "Democratic Socialists" willing to cooperate and benefit from Chinese Communist slave camp labor, even black capitalist rappers and athletes who are willing to turn their heads to slave camp labor, including Muslim, Buddhist and even North Korean slave camp labor. The billion plus Muslim world sings Silent Night while their Muslim brothers and sisters are enslaved in China. The Democratic Party global capitalists, including President Biden, submit to the Communist Party slavery because 40% of the goods "made in China" are in partnership with American and European corporations. Alas, 85% of pills for Americans are made in China. Yet, China is our declared enemy? Would any sane person allow 85% of their medicine to be made by their avowed enemy?

James Brown told you about the Big Payback. And what else did JB say? Money won't save you, but Time will take you out. Yes, that awesome Time that we need not worry about. Master Sun Ra said we are on the other side of time, beyond time, beyond eternity, beyond your imagination. 

Imagine, you are guilty of nothing, thus you have nothing to atone for, nothing! What have you done except be a loyal slave to your master that you did not know was/is the devil. You thought he was god almighty, the good guy in the white hat. 

From the time of your arrival in the slave ships led by Captain John Hawkins of the Good Ship Jesus, yes, that John who had the miraculous conversion aboard ship and sang Amazing Grace, after which we became the critical component or rather commodity of the triangular trade, and ever since have been kept ignut, deaf, dumb and blind. You drank every drop of Kool-Aid John and his fellow pirates blessed you with, gulped it down by gallon jugs and still do so today. Negroes put five pounds of sugar in a gallon of Kool-Aid. LOL Don't let me talk about that Dirty South Sweet Tea! Lord Have Mercy! Enough sugar to kill ten horses. 

Covid19 ain't killing us, the precondition of our bodies and minds are killing us, Covid19 is the icing on the cake! Alas, we live in an environment of toxic air, water, food, miseducation, fake news, conspicuous consumption, love relations steeped in self and partner hatred leading to separation and divorce for the slightest violation of trust--no more til death do us part. At the slightest infraction we gone out the door only to connect with the same type of person except with a different name! And even those marriages that endure are often toxic love relations that endure only because of the golden handcuffs, i.e., too many perks to depart, so partners fake the funk.

I hate to repeat myself but Elijah taught you the Myth of Dr. Yakub and his three workers, i.e., doctor, nurse and undertaker. Dr. Yakub is today Dr. Fauci, assisted by the same team of doctors, nurses and undertakers. And as with Dr. Yakub, Dr. Fauci offers you the problem virus and solution vaccine. Thus in the words of our beloved ancestor El Haji Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X), you have been hoodwinked and bamboozled.  

As a result of the germ warfare soft coup of China, in league with the globalists, including Democratic Party sycophants and Margaret Sanger's Eugenicists babies, ala Bill Gates and his digital technocrats and oligarchs, you are now under the medical dictatorship of WHO. Alas, Ancestor Amiri said who, who, who who who?

Dr. Yakub-Fauci tells you not to wear the mask, then wear the mask, then wear two masks, then stay in the house (that weakens your immune system, e.g., didn't you let your children go out to play in the dirt, to eat the dirt to build up immunity to bacteria in the dirt?) 

Dr. Yakub-Fauci got you scared to come out the house, then tells you to get out the house, then says the vaccine may not save you, you may need to wear the mask for eternity. He's not sure, but the "data" shows it's a good possibility masks will be needed for eternity. But he's not sure. And for sure he's not sure of the long term effects of the vaccine since it has not been tested. 

Sun Ra said it's already the end of the world, don't you know it yet? Dr. Nathan Hare teaches us the Fictive Theory, i.e., everything the white man says is a lie until proven to be a fact. Get the facts, get the data and pray to your Lord the devil's end is here and this is your beginning. Cast away your fears. FDR told you the only thing you have to fear is fear itself!
--Marvin X

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Parable of the fool

 Parable of the fool

Marvin X at the University of Chicago Sun Ra Conference, 2015
photo Burrell Sunrise

We know the wise man can play the fool, but the fool can never play the wise man, although Shakespeare did indeed have wise fools in his plays. But, most often the fool is lost in his sea of foolishness. Even when he goes to school, he yet comes out the fool. Alas, often his teachers were fools. Thus they could not teach him anything except to expand his foolishness. 

The fool's nature is to wallow in stupidity and foolishness. The African proverb says when the fool is told a proverb its meaning must be explained to the fool. He dwells on the low information vibration mentality. When told the truth, he denies it for lies, half truths and sordid miscalculations of the one billion, ten hundred thousand illusions of the monkey mind as taught by His Holiness Guru Bawa. 

You may teach the fool day and night, pour your heart out to him, let him suck all the wisdom from your head, yet your wisdom is like water on the ducks back running into the pond. The fool has so many issues he cannot absorb your wisdom even when he tries. 

He sits at your table eating your most gracious food, yet in his utter madness tells you, "You don't know what people can be thinking when they sit at your table. They can be thinking about killing you." Then the fool says, "If I kill you, I will be famous, huh?"
--Marvin X

Sunday, February 21, 2021

On Dr. Cornel West and Harvard

I think my dear friend and brother, Dr. Cornel West, has exhausted his intellectual genius at Harvard. It is clear to me he doesn't need Harvard, Harvard needs him. His situation is a metaphor of North American Africans in the USA. From the beginning of our sojourn in the American slave system, we didn't need America, America needed us.
And we have been disrespected at every turn, every nano second.

Brother West, forget Harvard, let's establish the first black radical university in the Americas and the world. We have the talent and a 1.4 trillion dollar annual spending as a people. We can resurrect Timbuktu University in the West. Let's do for self. The time has come for you to transcend the academic nothingness of Americana. Your light shines brighter. Your shadow cannot stand beside you, thus it is time to distance yourself from the shadow!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Parable of why I will eat white people

Parable of why I will eat white people

Email to a friend,

How's Harlem? I was there this time last year. Wrote a poem Harlem Ain't Harlem No More. My daughter wanted to buy a house in Harlem but couldn't afford it so she moved to Brooklyn, Bed-Sty. Now Brooklyn Ain't Brooklyn. Her white tenants yelled down stairs for me to stop talking so loud because they had to go to work. WTF. My daughter said, "Well, dad, you know you do talk loud." 

A few days before when I came out the subway, two young white people were taking a survey so they asked me what I liked to eat. When I ignored them they walked away. As I awaited the bus, I decided to answer them. I walked over to them and said, "You want to know what I like to eat? I like to eat white people!" They gave me the strangest look. 

I told my friend on the phone that night if the white tenants bug me again, I going to tell them, "Next time I'm coming up stairs to eat them!" What a wonderful world!

--Marvin X

My Harlem friend responded,
Man I have not lived in Harlem since 2017 – I sold my house and brought a place in Tampa, FL  – I couldn’t afford Harlem either 😊  

I wish someone would tell me to be quiet in my own house – that is deep.  White folks move to the City and demand peace and quiet.  They threw the drummers out of Marcus Garvey park when I was in Harlem. It is was a weekly ritual but a handful of white folks demanded silence.... When I grew up the sound of congas was ubiquitous.

Right now I’m living in Tulsa OK and work in the old Black Wall Street neighborhood of Greenwood, virtually nothing remains and it won’t be coming back … not too different than the spirit of Harlem.




Malcolm and Martin

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rush Limbaugh, King of White Nationalist Propaganda is dead

Rush Limbaugh, King of White Nationalist Propaganda is dead

I don't know how we can know our enemies if we don't listen to them.

For sure they listen to us, to every word we say, e.g., see the FBI files on black leaders since it was founded. The FBI began with putting Marcus Garvey under surveillance. Of course we were under surveillance throughout slavery to prevent rebellion (See Slave Catchers and Resisters, History Channel). During the 60s the FBI'S Cointelpro, counter intelligence program, spied on specific leaders and black people in general. The FBI concluded we were very funny. 

I listen to right wing and left wing white supremacists. Left wing white supremacists? Yes, do you recall what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail? "I'd rather be with the KKK than phony white liberals!"

Didn't so-called white liberal Attorney General Robert Kennedy spy on MLK JR? When the director of the King papers at Stanford University was asked if it was difficult to research MLK Jr, he said no because the FBI had his every word!

Likewise, I study every word of the white supremacist media, left and right. I prefer the Right wing propagandists because the stupid shit they say is funny and the talk show hosts play more black music than the so called progressive white propogandists.

Rush Limbaugh was a funny guy.

I will never forget his quip, "The Congressional Black Caucus is the Caucus of black Caucasians." My daughter Nefertitti said she thinks he stole this line from Black People.

Well, a young black man told me a similar line, "The Black man is a white man dipped in chocolate!"

Rush and his gang of white supremacy propogandists remind me of my favorite quote from James Baldwin, "The notion of White Supremacy is so fantastic it approaches the pathological."

The recently retired right wing talk show host Michael Savage said perennially that white men invented everything in America. You mean he never heard of George Washington Carvel and the plethora of black inventors and their inventions too numerous to list? And he possesses the PhD? 

Rush Limbaugh was undisputed king of conservative white supremacist propganda. The only thing I will miss is his sense of humor. The left wing white supremacist propagandists need to get a sense of humor to invigorate their fake news. They take themselves far too serious, especially with their sins of ommision! Al Qur'an says, "Will you hide truth while you know?"



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Part 1 the wild crazy ride of the Marvin X Experience

Marvin X returns to Duke University

Duke University, Durham NC, has invited Marvin X to read in the fall.The theme is Prisons from the USA to Palestine. One of Marvin's classic poems is Palestine:

"Yes! Powerful my brother! We must never sell our precious Palestinian brothers and sisters for a mess of pottage!! I salute you!!"

--Cornel West

I am not an Arab I am not a Jew
Abraham is not my father, Palestine is not my home
But I would fight any man
who kicked me out of my house to dwell in a tent
I would fight to the ends of the earth
someone who said to me
I want your house because my father lived here two thousand years ago
I want your land because my father lived here two thousand years ago
Jets would not stop me from returning to my home
Uncle toms would not stop me
Cluster bombs would not stop me
bullets I would defy.
No man can take the house of another
and expect to live in peace
There is no peace for thieves
for those who murder for myths ancient rituals
wail at the wall
settle in Judea and Samaria
fate awaits you
you will never sleep in peace
you will never walk without listening.

I shall cross the River Jordan
with justice in my hand
I shall return to Jerusalem
and establish my house of peace
thus said the Lord.
Marvin X
Black Scholar Magazine, 1970

Marvin X at Gaza Protest, Seattle WA

BPP co-founder Huey P. Newton embracing Yasir Arafat, leader of Palestine. Marvin X said, "We
support Yasir Arafat and the Palestinian call for nationhood. We North American Africans desire
the same!"

If We Must Die by Claude McKay--from Attica to Gaza




If We Must Die

If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursèd lot.
If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!

Poem: Gaza Concentration CAMP by Marvin X

Seattle WA protest

GAZA Concentration CAMP

There are those who say we must restore peace to GAZA
concentration camp peace
Peace of genocide
no protest allowed
Submit to starvation
stunted life hell on earth peace
No protest
peace before anything
life even

GAZA sing silent night
Holy night
All is peace
All is right
Under shadow of death
No justice
boots on necks
Mass murder peace
At all costs
Hamas Rockets no avail
Iron Dome gift from USA
Iron Dome is saves
From land, air, sea you attack
Mighty Mouse
Iron Dome Mouse
Look at you
Wild wild west beast
No thought of justice
Just peace
Peace be still.
--Marvin X


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Land Question with Marvin X, Nefertiti Jackmon, and Amira Jackmon, Publishers and Editors of Black Bird Press News and Review

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Marvin X's Notes on the Land Question, A Conversation with his daughters Nefertiti and Attorney Amira Jackmon, facilitated by the African American Museum Library Curator Bamidele Demerson


Marvin X's Notes on the Land Question: A Conversation with his daughters Nefertiti and Amira Jackmon facilitated by Bamidele Demerson, Curator of the African American Museum Library
Oakland, CA, February 6, 2021

As I said at the opening of our conversation today on Zoom, I give all praise and honor to my ancestors, i.e., my parents Owendell and Marian Murrill Jackmon, for this talk on the Land Question, the essential question as per our liberation from American oppression. 

At my birth, May 29,1944, my parents were publishing The Fresno Voice, a black newspaper in the central valley of California, additionally, they were real estate brokers who sold most of the North American Africans their first homes in Fresno during and after WWII, since redlining was the practice of white real estate brokers. So I am honored to have had conscious parents or as they were called back then A Race Man and Race Woman, meaning they were for the people. Consciously and subconsciously. I have the spirit my parents blessed me with and I am happy to see my daughters, Amira and Nefertiti in the tradition. (And don't let me leave out my daughter Muhammida El Muhajir, now a resident in Accra, Ghana, and a leader in the Blaxit Movement that is urging Black Americans to return to the Motherland as she has done, along with several thousand young and old North American Africans. See her TED Talk and interviews on Al Jazeerah and the BBC.)

Muhammida El Muhajir, middle daughter of Marvin X. 

In the sometimes arrogant manner of her father, she said, "Dad, tell North American Africans don't come to Accra, Ghana without checking in with me! My Howard University alumnus, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, tried it but we ended up at the same house party in Accra!" Muhammida is the Pan African Editor of BBPNR. 

Today's discussion was centered on the Land Question issue of our magazine Black Bird Press News and Review, a quarterly that began in response to the need to have our own voice after the City of Oakland established the Black Arts Movement Business District, January 19, 2016, as part of its Downtown Plan for the next 25-50 years, although we were not aware of this plan until it neared the final report. 

The Black Arts Movement Business District comprises over 100 blocks from the Lower Bottom of 14th Street to Lake Merritt that Blacks have recently claimed as vending space, despite complaints beginning with Bar B Que Becky and Lakeshore Ave. residents. Just as Asians double park in Chinatown, Blacks park in the middle of Lakeshore Ave. since parking is limited.
This is a question of space and land that we have been perennially deprived of or severely proscribed. In this BAMBD area and a plethora of market rate housing developments and retail spaces that likely will be unaffordable for those artists, merchants and business persons in our designated BAMBD District. More than likely, rather than equity owners in the City of Oakland Downtown Plan for the next 25-50 years, we shall be museum pieces, relics of what used to be but is no more, archives at the African American Museum Library and the Oakland Museum of California adjacent to the end of our district at Lake Merritt.

Let me digress on black bodies in space and time

Imagine this: On a speaking engagement at the University of Virginia, I was invited by my host to sit in on a graduate seminar on Space. The professor noted that 900 slaves lived on one acre of land. I wanted out of her lecture at this point as it was overwhelming to me. And then later my host wanted me to see the house Thomas Jefferson built on the campus. When we arrived at the house, I asked him what brick did Thomas Jefferson lay? My host was disgusted that I could not appreciate the land use and labor of Thomas Jefferson. I was horrified that my host gave such honor and respect to such a devil, child molester and slave owner. Alas, my host was my nephew and I'd been invited by the campus NAACP that changed the room where I was supposed to speak three times to make sure few students heard me. This is not new. I have been invited to speak on college campuses and paid thousands of dollars but hardly any students were in the audience because the hosts didn't want students to hear my talk. 

Today's  Zoom discussion was centered on the Land Question issue of our magazine Black Bird Press News and Review, a quarterly that began in response to the need of having our own voice after the City of Oakland established the Black Arts Movement Business District, January 19, 2016, as part of its Downtown Plan for the next 25-50 years, although we were not aware of this plan until it neared the final report. In short, we were not to be an integral and/or equitable part of said plan, perhaps, an afterthought as we have been throughout our sojourn in the wilderness of North America, especially after we were liberated from the American slave system, with the critical help of 200,000 North American African troops who were made to disarm before we could achieve self-determination, sovereignty and full independence, thus our condition morphed into virtual slavery under short-lived Reconstruction followed by Jim Crow and raw white supremacist state supported terror, including KKK lynchings, especially slave catcher violence that soon became police violence under the color of law down to the present moment. 

As Guest Editor Nefertiti explained that land theft was an essential component of our disenfranchisement, beginning with the nullification of the 40 Acres and a Government mule promised the ex-slaves until President Lincoln was assassinated. Those without land became sharecroppers or virtual slaves. Black land owners were often prepared to defend their land with armed self-defense groups. (See We Will Shoot Back by Akinyele Umoja, and the classic Negroes With Guns by Robert F. Williams. Of course armed self defense by North American Africans reached its zenith with Oakland's Black Panther Party for Self Defense under co-founders Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton, 1966.)

The destruction of Black Wall Street, 1921, was defended by armed black warriors although the white racist massacre left an untold number of black victims not known even to this day.

In a summary discussion of the Land Question issue of BBPNR, Attorney Amiri Jackmon explained her community investment project known as MiniUP, based on twenty-years as a high finance bonds attorney. She is transferring her knowledge of finance to enable community development projects owned by the community. She explained the Land Trust is fine for low investment projects but not if investors seek a large return on their money. The land trust can be utilized to prevent gentrification, if nothing else. Since she expanded her portfolio to estate planning, she was asked about probate because so many Blacks lose their property in probate court, especially due to sibling rivalry, jealousy and/or severe mental illness, including fear of death on the part of the deceased relative, perhaps the reason they did not have a living trust. Attorney Jackmon said in California there is a very cheap document that can be filed to escape probate court and the expense of estate planning. 

African American Museum Library Curator, Bamidele Demerson, discussed his article on Property Rites in Gullaland, South Carolina. In his field study of the Gullah people, he noted their traditional property inheritance rites that were trans-legal, i.e., property descended through patriarchal lineage and housing and land was owned accordingly, i.e., the wife moved with her husband's family, a tradition well known in the Caribbean and Africa.

Marvin X noted that during the times he wrote at the home of a friend in Beaufort, South Carolina, she lived on the property of a Gullah patriarch whose family members lived next door or across the road from each other. 

Marvin X noted the Gullah young people have no love for their beautiful island property and seek to escape to Savannah and Atlanta, and New York, Bamidele added, and too hell with their island paradise. Yes, the Gullah Negro rather be in the cities of hell rather than their paradise islands that Ted Turner tried to purchase so much of the land they ran him out of the area! 

What did Malcolm X say in Message to the Grass Roots? "The only landless revolution is the Negro revolution."

In the first Great Migration, we ran from the south to the north only to become wage slaves, landless and disconnected from our elder's knowledge as well. The Second Great Migration back to the South began around 1970, if I recall of Nefertiti's remarks. New York Times writer Charles Blow's new book The Devil You Know calls for another Great Migration back to the South, only this time he hopes we will assume the necessary political power to secure ourselves on the land. I say it will be dubious without a military force for our Black National Security, including an Iron Dome air defense system to prevent another Black Wall Street attack by white supremacists full of rage, jealously and envy at Black National Liberation and political power.

Curator Bamidele asked Guest Editor Nefertiti if she will continue this discussion in our print issue and online conversations. She did not answer affirmatively but let me deal with my daughters because the Land Question is the only question as Malcolm X said, "Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice and equality." (Message to the Grass Roots, November 10, 1963)
--Marvin X

P.S. A video of this Zoom discussion will be available ASAP from the African American Museum Library and/or

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The next issue is April 1, 2021. Guest Editor is Dr. Ayodele Nzinga. The issue will discuss the
Black Arts Movement Business District, CDC under her direction.

Attorney Amira Jackmon writes billion dollar bonds for cities, states and corporations. She is a 
graduate of Yale, B.A., Psychology, and Stanford University Law School.  She has argued cases
before the Texas Supreme Court and won cases against Burger King and the Port of Oakland.
Her client, the late developer Willie Cook said, "She is the smartest woman I ever met, white or black. She represented me in my suit against the Port of Oakland, opposed by seven high priced lawyers and whipped them all without raising her voice!" 

Nefertiti Jackmon, former Director of Austin's Six Square Black Cultural District. She now leads the Housing Displacement Department for the City of Austin, TX. She is soon to take the helm of her father's Black Bird Press News and Review, a print and online magazine, A Journal of the Black Arts Movement. 

Nefertiti, Cornel West and Amira at the Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness Concert/Conference, San Francisco State University, 2001, produced by Marvin X.

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