Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Poem for Nikki Giovanni

Oh I love
Beautiful black women
Dirty south women especially
Big H women
Picked me up at my daughter's house
Told my daughter
"I'm taking your dad out
I'll bring him back in the morning!"
Ain't ask me shit
Take care of a nigga
Southern style
Like Carolyn
Winston Salem NC
I'm drunk
With August Wilson Amiri Baraka
Whispered in her ear
"Can I go home with you?"
"Come on!"
Stayed seven months
Wrote autobiography
Thanks Carolyn
Appreciate you
Cali girls no match
Love Call girls too
Gave me beautiful children
Never raised my voice never
Never whipped them
Mother's discipline
Despite no good father me
Abusive crazy poet
Lost in imagination
Traveling Space Ways
Sun Ra style
Beyond time
Love you
Beautiful black women
Hate you
For spoiling me rotten
Mother in law said
"Who dat nigga
Think he is
King Tut?"
Love you
Beautiful black women!

Can a black man hold a stop sign

Can a black man hold a stop sign in Oakland
A stop sign
Mexicans can
White men
Can a black man hold a stop sign
stop gentrification
Speed it up
Black lives Matter stop
Must he be PhD
to hold stop sign
Remember Post office
Only job for PhD Negro
Can a black man hold stop sign
For developments
He can't afford to live in
Wave sign up and down
He won't show up on time
After pay day?
Pants on behind
Holding stop sign?
---Marvin X

Marvin X on the rights/rites of women

If truth be told, and it must, many religious based myth-rituals must be cast into the dustbin of history. Aspects of patriarchal manhood and womanhood rites of passage are archaic and dehumanizing and female genital mutilation is chief among them. Why should women be deprived the pleasure of their clitoris? Only a man would originate such a myth-ritual. It is past time for men to stay out of the affairs of women. It is her body, not man's. What right do men have  determining what women do with their bodies, whether it is deprivation of sexual pleasure or abortion? I'm against abortion, but it is none of my business! If you are against abortion, don't put your seed into a woman who is pro-abortion!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Parable of the man who went to Ignutville

There was a man who traveled to Stupidville on his way to Ignutville. In Stupidville he observed people doing the most stupid shit imaginable. They talked stupid shit, did stupid shit, lived stupid lives, went to the malls to buy stupid shit, came home and made stupid love in the dark without saying a stupid word to each other. Why say shit to a stupid motherfucker?

The man departed Stupidville and traveled on to Ignutville. After observing the people in Ignutville, he went into shock and was taken to the hospital. After a few days he was released and continued his observation of the citizens of ignutville.

They didn't know the time of day, the year. Didn't know they were slaves and/or descendents of slaves. After all they drove bigger cars than the slave master. While the slave master drove Fords and Toyotas, the slaves drove Escalades and Masaraties, yes, even while they lived in the projects.

If the master knew nothing else, he knew he was white, but the slave wasn't sure if he was black African or white European in black face. He loved the white Jesus, worshipped the white woman standard of beauty. His ignut woman loved wearing a blond wig and in the deep structure of her mind, she wanted her man to be a white man. She would be satisfied if he would become a white man dipped in chocolate. She was so ignut she called 911 so the white man, her real man, would rescue her from any abuse her black man inflicted on her, whether verbal, emotional, spiritual and/or physical. 

The white man was her true husband, boyfriend, lover, protector. Such was the level of ignorance in Ignutville.

Parents were so ignut in Ignutville, they sent their children to public schools where the enemy could teach their children the proper white supremacy mis-education. They sent their children to white colleges and universities, then were shocked when their children came home hating them and everything they were about even though the ignut children didn't even know what their parents were about.

The parents didn't understand the children had been taught they were nothing ass black nigga students who were so ignut they couldn't think logically or write coherently. Some of the students suffered mental breakdowns. When the students came home, parents knew their children were not the same. They suspected their children were on drugs.
The ignut parents never imagined their children were in full blown addiction to white supremacy. 

The man fled Ignutville trying to figure out how to get to Saneville. He called upon his GPS device to guide him to Saneville.
--Marvin X