Thursday, April 30, 2020

charles brown/drifting blues (original version, 1945)

do 4 self n all thangs. do 4 self! Think 4 self. Act 4 self. vote 4 self. 

yes, we a lonely man\woman 
drifting an' drifting (charles brown) 
in a boat on the sea of global white/multiethnic supremacy. 
one paddle just slipped into the ocean and. 
the pirates have spotted me.
driftin n driftin
sea of white 
--marvin x

Migrating to Africa (BLAXIT) | Muhammida El Muhajir | TEDxTudu

Muhammida is the daughter of marvin x

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

One day in the life by Marvin X

Today I was at the Black Vegan Mobb Cafe on Lakeshore in Oakland. I asked a masked man if he had ordered? He said yes and informed me he was Geoffrey, owner of Geoffrey's Inner Circle, the prime black venue in the Bay. As I couldn't see his face, I said you ain't Geoffrey! He pulled the mask aside and I could see it was indeed him. When I asked how he was doing, he looked at me like I was a damn fool even though he knew it was a rhetorical question. Bad, he said.
You know they planned this long time ago. I sensed he was not just talking about Covid19 but the interlocking structural collateral damage, especially for black people who suffer perrenial social and economic insecurity. The subprime loan scam robbed North American Africans of our basic wealth, home ownership. Covid19 may be the nail in the coffin of black economic recovery, and the literal coffin for a people with multiple physical and mental health issues. Since America is giving out trillions of dollars to resuscitate the American economy and black businesses appear left in the cold, we suggest America issue a Reparations check to each North American African in the amount of one million dollars, just for starters!

As Geoffrey Pete departed the Vegan Mobb Cafe, I shouted, "Did you get your relief check or business loan?" Again, he looked at me with an expression that came through his mask, "Nigga, please!"

About the author

"He's the African Socrates in the hood."--Dr. Cornel West, Harvard University

"He's Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland."--Ishmael Reed, Lecturer Emeritus, UC Berkeley

As Black Bird Press Publisher and Editor, Marvin just released TARIK, a film script on the Moorish African who conquered Spain, 711 A.D. Gibraltar is named in his honor. The script is by Michael J. Satchell. He needs $150 million to make the film. If you have a couple of dollars, send him a donation: 

Order your copy from
Black Bird Press
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Book release: Tarik by Michael Satchell

Black Bird Press

Press Release
Contact Marvin X,

Black Bird Press is proud to announce the release of Tarik, a filmscript by Michael Satchell. It is historical fiction on the life of General Tarik Ibn Ziyad who led his army of Moorish and Arab warriors into Spain, 711 A.D. It chronicles his childhood and adulthood as a warrior. Gibraltar is named in honor of him (Arabic: Gebal=Mountain, Tarik). Because of racism, Tarik returned to Africa after two years, although the Moors remained in Spain 700 years. The script depicts Tarik's relationship with his childhood friend and later wife, Umm-Hakim, who accompanied his march into Spain with her own army.

Michael Satchell worked on the script twenty years. Marvin X edited the script as a book. This limited edition is for possible backers. The estimated film budget is $150 million. Your support and donation of any amount will be appreciated. A donation of $99.95 is requested for the book. A script reading is planned ASAP. For more information, please contact Michael Satchell@ 415-756-2146, email


Friday, April 17, 2020

Parable of the elephant and the roach

The elephant was such a giant creature, a roach could crawl over him unnoticed, unfelt. He was the biggest creature in the kingdom. Everybody feared him. He stepped on all who got in his way, just trampled on them or sat on them, crushing them to the earth. And then one day a roach crawled into his ear and sat down just as the elephant sometimes did.The roach wouldn't move. The mighty beast tried to shake him loose but he couldn't.

Soon the elephant developed an Inner ear infection causing him to lose his balance. He stumbled and stumbled until he fell and his dizziness made him fall again and again. All the creatures in the kingdom rejoiced and cheered at the sight of the great beast down on the ground, looking sad and pitiful. The roach didn't move from inside his ear. Then he decided to dance in the elephant's ear, further inflaming and damaging the beast's ear that caused an infection. Soon the beast lost it's hearing and stumbled about deaf dumb and blind. One day as he wailed and stumbled about he fell into a chasm and was no more. As he was going down the precipice, the roach leaped from his ear and landed on a ledge. The roach climbed back up to solid ground.


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Friday, April 3, 2020

Oh, Elijah, you told us the modern Babylon would fall

Oh, Elijah Muhammad, you told us America, the great nation of descendants of slave makers and so-called Negro slaves, i.e., Africans caught in the American slave system (Ed Howard term), would fall to her knees for her crimes against the righteous. You said her dollar would be used as toilet paper and no one would trade in her gold, silver and souls of men. You said her women would become the filth that filth produced. You said abortion was her death plan for the black nation. You said the serpent who deceived the world would one day be plagued with fires, drought, earthquakes, famine and all manner of diseases. You said she would be attacked by her enemies within, a house divided as she has divided the world.

Oh, Elijah, that dreadful day has arrived when sport and play is no more; nightclubs, bars, restaurants and many stores boarded; social and religious meetings, even funerals, alas, hospital visits not allowed; hugs and handshakes no more. The new Babylon is on the way of Greece, Rome, England, USSR, Egypt and other empires that are no more. Woe to America, you cannot be saved until you do justice to your former slaves and the native people you gave the gift of genocide.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Rich man blues by poet Marvin X

Marvin X attended a conference on Islam at Duke University. Some say Islam ain't the blues. Some say Muslims shouldn't recite poetry, but Marvin X says ain't Al Qur'an poetry, unless you are deaf, dumb and blind?

Africans came as slaves into the American slave system from Mali and Senegal playing and singing Blues, but you have never heard of  Ali Farka of Mali who performed with BB King and the Rolling Stones. Ali Farka said, "My people have been playing music you call Blues ten thousand years." He knew it as the sacred music of his people. Okay, Muslims from Mali arrived as slaves in the Mississippi Delta and their music became known as Blues. Other Muslims arrived from Senegal with their version of what we know as Blues. They also brought rice into the Americas, specifically into Gullahland, South Carolina. The lyrics of the Blues may have changed but the sound, cries, shouts and wails remain true to the aboriginal sounds of the adhan created by Bilal, the first muezzin or caller to prayer. His voice was so beautiful and his devotion to Allah so adamant that the Prophet Muhammad said, "In Paradise I heard the footsteps of Bilal ahead of mine!" Bilal was tortured for his belief in the One God Allah, yet he called out Allah even as he was tortured, "Al Ahad, Al Ahad, Al Ahad,  The One, The One, The One!"

Art by Black Panther Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas

Rich man blues

Rich man told me
don't no bitch love you
bitch love what you got nigga
don't no bitch love you
romance dat bitch all over da world
don't mean a thing
bitch love what ya did
but she love dat diamond ring

think you got her heart and soul
a goddamn lie
think you got her heart and soul
a goddamn lie
when you in your coffin
see if baby cry

rich man told me
don't no bitch love you
bitch love what you got nigga
that's a love dat's true

You ain't got nothin' nigga
how a bitch go love you
can't pay yo pussy bill nigga
think baby is true

baby lookin fa a long big black dick
stretch that pussy and asshole wide
She lookin fa a long big black dick
stretch that pussy and asshole wide
she want a nigga satisfy her pussy and
asshole walls side to side.

Take her to the Dollar Store
buy $20.00 of everything
she come out happy
like she got diamond ring

Rich man told me
don't no bitch love you
bitch love what ya got nigga
that's a love dat's true!
--Marvin X