Friday, April 9, 2021

Poem of the mountain

 Poets made their way up the mountain to read

Happy poems
Apples flowers lemon poems
Sweet sour love poems
War poems to end war forever
Poets shouted from the.mountain
To the valley of sweet water rivers
Poems of the beautiful life
Sun dancing in the name of love
Always for love
Moments are precious
We rush up the mountain to escape hate
The wind in our faces 
Sometimes shutting mouths
The silence United us in love
We could only smile at the 
Green valley
Orchards vines for sweet wine
We toast and sing poems of love
We vow no more war
In homes lands tribes no more blood
Let the mountain be pleased
Let the sun purify our thoughts
Let us descend singing poems of joy that we live beyond the past
Yesterdays of ruin bitterness beyond measure
Boots on necks no more
Lies no more
Share the wealth
No greed from the mountain down
Let the valley be free
Drink sweet water
No sugar
Only water sweet pure
As we descend not like Sissyphus
To stumble again again
We defy all foes with poems
Like pistols to the brain
Truth destroys evil
We stand tall above the stunted ones
Devoid of hearts
Discarded long ago in a mad dream
We are not moved by such madness
Our poems echo into the valley
We hear children singing back to us.


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