Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Axis of Evil: America, Israel, Saudi Arabia

The hotspot in the global village is the Middle East, especially with the on going war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.  Of course this is simply the rise of the Persian empire and the demise of  Israel and Saudi Arabia along with her cohorts in the Persian Gulf and other Super Sunnis (Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, et al) in their eternal war with Shia Islam as represented by Iran or the Persians.

We said long ago that the war in Iraq would not truly begin until the Americans departed, although there are still 16,000 American “contractors” hanging around the US embassy. We knew the Super Sunnis would never allow the Iraqi Shia Muslims to establish a stable regime, so the sectarian battle is just warming up with the Axis of Evil, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel fanning the flames of sectarian chaos in Iraq. Meanwhile the battle has now engulfed Syria with the same major players on the battlefield or supplying all the necessary men and weapons of war.  Events have spilled over into Lebanon, especially with the entrance of Hezbollah in the Syrian quagmire and the counter offensive by the reactionary Sunni forces now bombing and maiming in Lebanon.

Those who are shocked to see Israel and Saudi Arabia uniting should have known they have always been in league otherwise Arab oil money would have closed down Israel decades ago and we would have seen an independent state called Palestine.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are now even closer due to the recent   American/Iranian agreement  over nuclear weapons, although there are no facts the Iranians have such a program. 

It is shameful and hypocritical that Israel has the gull to protest the agreement while she possesses  a nuclear arsenal free from inspection by the global village.  And the deaf, dumb and blind Americans suck the Zionist’s asshole, supposedly out of guilt for what Hitler did to them. Ironically, the Zionists are out doing Hitler with their treatment of  Palestinians who exist in nothing less than concentration camps in Gaza and the West Bank.

Who do the Jews think they are, surely not God’s chosen—what God would have such devils for his children, only the God of  Evil.

Why should not Iranians have the Muslim bomb? Jews have the Jewish bomb and Christian Americans have their bomb, so in all fairness and a level playing field, why should not Muslims, no matter what sect, have the Islamic bomb? For sure, the only people who have used such weapons of mass destruction is the white man upon the Japanese Asians.

To prevent the Iranians from having such nuclear weapons is more reason for them to obtain such weapons, since it is clear there are those who want to subject others to nuclear blackmail, who want to be the hog with the big nuts while others must submit to them in the manner of stunted men and women, in the best condition of the colonized man and woman.
--Marvin X

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