Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ayodele Nzinga's poem CROWS


Tureeda Mikell, Michelle LaChaux, Ayodele Nzinga, Tarika Lewis celebrating the 80th b day of Dr. Nathan Hare at Geoffrey's Inner Circle, Oakland

photo Gene Hazzard




by anzinga
In conversation with Crows
ancient obsidian
sentries of the gate between worlds
they remind me to stand
in my integrity to know
what I know and stay the path
WolfHawkJaguar told me
"Don't give up
before the miracle
I have left the door open
expecting Olokun to fill my plate
I am empty
all paid for sacrifice
I am open for
Crow wisdom
the knowledge carried by trees
the treasure found in
with the dirt
water both running & still
& the dead
I am open
to the transformation
Oya whispers in
the wind blowing me
closer to home
than I have ever been
I am open
to dancing the dance
my ancestors
visioned me bringing to
the world before
I was born
crowswhen I was without
name or form
only purpose
I am open
to the wisdom
of those who
came before
those sent to guide me
& messages from
the universe
waiting for the dance
I stay the path
rocks and all
I remember
I am open
to calls from
the blue to
offer  third-eye
from beyond
the pale
that remind me
I know what I know
I am who I say I am

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