Friday, November 22, 2013

Is the Black Bourgeoise Dangerous to our health?

It is quite possible we must conclude the class/caste known as the North American African bourgeoisie is dangerous to the health of common North American Africans. This caste/class within the American social structure is a well known type, especially in modern times. E. Franklin Frazier described them best as inhabiting a world of make believe that has a penchant for conspicuous consumption or crass materialism. Since they are bereft of original thinking and acting, they mainly exist as a buffer between the white supremacy rulers and the North American African masses. They may be seen as the overseer that originated in slavery, although even more profound is to understand this class derived from those Africans who sold us into the slave system. Today they enjoy the same mentality and will keep us in virtual slavery if and when allowed to do so. Although the masses toil from day to day, this class enjoys privileges approaching their white bourgeoisie comrades. A radical NAACP president recently said to me, "While our people suffer racial discrimination, the Black bourgeoisie remains enclosed within their gated villages, insulated from the perpetual suffering of their less fortunate brothers and sisters."

We must admit that although this group of collaborators and boot lickers enjoys a few crumbs from the table of white supremacy, making them positive apathetics since they have the wherewithal to expedite the liberation of their downtrodden brothers and sisters but do nothing, there is indeed a progressive element that must be acknowledged, although even members of this progressive element have been heard saying they are not sure they want to help get jack and jackie out of the box, thus sounding very Masonic is their  secret treachery.

And so while we would expect this upper class to be "leaders" in the liberation struggle, especially the progressive element, it is doubtful even this element will be totally beneficial in freeing their people. This element is so reactionary even when they are awarded grants to assist the less fortunate, they will block the implementation of said grants because they have such disdain for the masses they cannot stand seeing the masses enjoy a moment of respite. In sum, this class, including the progressive element,  play the role of "block man and block woman". For example, after three North American African mayors, Oakland, California suffers a degree of poverty, crime, disease, miseducation and political disenfranchisement that his totally overwhelming and absolutely disgusting for the once radical city, birthplace of the Western arm of the Pullman Porters and the Black Panther Party.

Politically, the North American African bourgeoisie has done the same nationally, nothing! The only bright spot is the recent election of Attorney Chowke Lumumba as Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi and the coming election of Ras Baraka as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

Will the North American African bourgeoisie transcend their class/caste identity to champion the liberation of the 2.4 million incarcerated men and women who are the New Jim Crow? Or will they salivate over the election of their class/caste brother President Obama as the New Negro King of Africa?

In the 60s, Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panthers told us you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. The masses must dismiss the Black bourgeoise as part of the problem and continue their solitary journey on the freedom train! Not only is the air, food and waster toxic in America,  but this class of sycophants as well. Only grassroots leadership that has recovered from the addiction to white supremacy can expedite the liberation of our people. Educators, religious, political and cultural leaders must be dismissed out right as representatives of neocolonialism or the New Jim Crow. These culture police are essentially Pharaohs magicians and thus only a Moses can dispel their reactionary magical hold that is anathema to our freedom. Let us all be a Moses, let us all assume the central command, thus when a spoke is broken, the wheel shall continue rolling up the hill beyond the myth of Sisyphus!
--Marvin X

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