Thursday, April 14, 2011

America--Get Ready for Revolution

American--Get Ready for Revolution

It should be clear to any blind man, or any deaf and dumb person that dissatisfaction brings change. Surely, it is only a matter of time when the dispossessed Americans shall rise up to overthrow the greedy corporate-global finance, military complex of blood suckers who have stolen the basic wealth of Americans to satisfy the greedy scoundrels who will perpetuate and defend white supremacy to the bitter end.

We look forward to the day when the poor rise up as a united fist in the face of the robber barons, the Wall Street bankers and global financiers who care nothing for the poor, jobless, homeless, incarcerated and mentally ill.

The blood suckers of the poor are seeing their last days in North Africa and the Middle East. Throughout the Americas, save North America, the people are throwing the free market capitalist system into the dustbin of history. They see a more socially responsible way to bring about economic vitality, a way that transcends wretched wage slavery and putrid consumerism, the world of make believe based on materialism, or desiring what we do not need, an addiction worse than the addiction to drugs.

And yet the North American need for drugs to medicate themselves from the nothingness and dread is so profound that in the last few years forty thousand people have lost their lives in Mexico in the competition to feed the Gringos their medication needed to numb them from the trauma of living in their world of make believe.

The wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan are for the sole purpose of protecting the American greed and need for oil to perpetuate their world of make believe, yes, call it American Exceptionalism, the delusion and illusion that White Supremacy is the order of the day and must be maintained at the point of the gun.

Let the true American patriots arise from the ranks of the jobless who have been tricked by the Globalists, the homeless tricked by the Wall Street pyramid schemers who duped them of their basic wealth with the sub prime load scam.

Let the homeless seize their property back from the banks and mortgage companies who were in conspiracy with the Federal Reserve to rob the poor, enticing them with quick fix gambling notions of instant wealth that was nothing but a typical pyramid scheme that should have banked the bankers into prison cells, yet they were rewarded and had their coffers replenished while those tricked were forced into homelessness and mental depression, if not suicide and homicide, many physically abusing their mates when the true nature of their condition was made plain.

Let the Americans transcend their addiction to white supremacy, although they will not be able to do so without a program of detoxification and recovery, unless revolution itself shall be their process of recovery, for in revolution they may discover their true friends from their true enemies.

They may come to realize the global capitalist bandits do not discriminate, that they pimp white workers as well as black, Latino and Asians, pay all women less than men for the same labor to perpetuate the patriarchal system of superiority and domination.

Surely it is time for the oppressed Americans to come out of their deep sleep caused by the Monkey Mind Media and white supremacy mis-education, based on degrees that will not help them obtain jobs in the present era, not while the bandits outsource to China, India and elsewhere. And even this outsourcing is a grand deception because American corporations share ownership with factories in China, India and elsewhere, thus USA corporations are guilty of seeking cheap labor to avoid paying American workers a living wage, while the CEO get mega bonuses, but American workers only get notices their labor is no longer wanted or needed.

Let the American workers seize the factories and corporations as a human right, for wage slavery must be abolished just as chattel slavery was abolished in the Civil War. Let their now be a Second Civil War to adjudicate the crimes of the present era wherein 1% possess wealth equal to that of 90%. By what right should a minority not share the wealth? Only by the right of capitalist greed.

The people in the Middle East are pointing the direction that Americans must ultimately travel if they are to reclaim their human dignity and divine right to joy, peace and happiness.

Do not be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Democratic and Republican parties who themselves are pimped by the corporations through lobbyists who will promote the sale of your mother for a price!
--Marvin X

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