Wednesday, August 9, 2017

marvin x says usa should send delegation of black women for peace to north korea

 marvin x

 angela davis, marvin x and sonia sanchez

marvin x says the usa should send a delegation of black women peace activists to north korea. the group should include former black panther party leaders kathleen cleaver and elaine brown. fyi, cleaver's son maceo celebrated his 1st birthday at a party hosted by the wife of premier kim ii sung. madam sung also named the cleaver's daughter joju who was born in north korea. elaine brown also visited north korea as a bpp official. other black women for peace should include angela davis, congresswoman barbara lee, poet alice walker, congresswoman maxine waters, sonia sanchez and former congresswoman cynthia mckinney.

kathleen cleaver

angela davis

elaine brown

maxine waters

barbara lee

cynthia mckinney

alice walker

sonia sanchez

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