Saturday, September 23, 2017

Gentrification or the Re-colonization of America and the world, if the globalists have their way

 The very nature of capitalism includes the endless search for new lands and people to conquer, enslave and dominate. Inherent in the essential idea of a free market system is a by any means necessary take-over of land, resources and the almost free labor of subject peoples. Free market capitalism cannot exist without the essential component of free or almost free labor, thus capitalism was founded upon the acquisition of surplus capital from slave labor and its sister, wage slavery. The idea of workers acquiring a living wage  is anathema to the greedy capitalist swine, known as globalists in the present era. Thus the capitalists have constructed a cradle to the grave plan for workers. Workers are caught in a demonic system that ensnares every ounce of their mind, body and spirit, beginning with the myth-ritual of religiosity, no matter the religion, it is indeed an opiate of the people as the Communist teach. But religiosity is the Miller Lite potion of the opiate. The most toxic potion is the capitalist dance of death constructed by the petrochemical merchants in league with the pharmaceutical agents that include the drug companies who work in tandem with the mythical Dr.; Yacub's workers: doctors, nurses and undertakers (See the Myth of Yacub by Elijah Muhammad, Message to the Black Man).

In short, it is the food grown in the toxicity of dyes, fertilizers, and insecticides that cause the life of workers to be ephemeral that is even more shortened by the new Yacubian GMO gene altering of agricultural products.

Unless the masses of workers transcend their deaf, dumb and blind condition, they succumb to the overwhelming toxic environment of the myriad death dealing devices that ultimately destroy their spirit, heart (literally), body (literally) and soul. Only those who come into super consciousness can withstand the death blows of the machine constructed by the global capitalists to pimp them from the cradle to the grave.

Yes, along with religiosity, the educational system is the primary mechanism that initiates their destruction. Often, even before religiosity and white supremacy education,v the capitalist birth control death plan eliminates many of the potential no longer needed slaves before they exit the womb, especially in America when it is better to abort potential resisters to capitalism and slavery of the new era, yes, before they acquire the linguists of resistance and notions of ancestral dignity that they must uphold on the pain of death. Abort them in the womb, although the colonial conservatives say let them grow to maturity so they can be induced to be the global military machine to suppress those who resist colonial domination. Their leaders must be co-opted, assassinated, imprisoned or exiled. If the leaders survive the above tactics of domination and somehow regain the leadership of their people, such leaders must agree to the Miller Lite agenda of neo-colonialism that Kwame Nkrumah told us was colonialism playing possum, i.e., Nelson Mandela upon his release from 27 years in prison to become President of South Africa, a land in which the former revolutionaries are billionaires while the masses yet suffer landlessness, homelessness, poverty, ignorance and disease.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir

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