Saturday, January 13, 2018

America is a Shithole!

You didn't know Trump was a  white nationalist? Now you know! You didn't know he was a devil? Now you know! Did you know Europe and America under developed Africa, Haiti and other "shitholes" around the world, the result of slavery, colonialism, imperialism, neocolonialism and globalism? Don't blame the white man for being white. Do you blame a dog for being a dog? Yes, Trump is the white lash. He's going to whip Toby back to Kunta Kinte, yes, with the black bull whip of white power! Welcome back, Kunta! FYI, America is the biggest shithole on earth, the filthy dungeon of oppressed people suffering wage slavery and mental slavery with full blown addiction to white supremacy type I and II (Dr. Nathan Hare).

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