Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fable of the Donkey and Black Friday

Shop Black, Love Black, Live Black, Die Black!

On yesterday, Black Friday, we set up Academy of da Corner on the Fulton Mall in Brooklyn, NY. It was heart breaking to see the mostly poor buying shoddy goods made in China at high prices, sometimes higher than Macey's. But Blacks filled the stores in tune with White Supremacy Xmas music blasting from loud speakers up and down Fulton Mall. As we sold and gave away books, we asked this question of males and females, "Did you pay your pussy bill?" Most laughed, smiled and nodded, others were in total shock at the question. But at least we got their attention, if only for a moment. For sure, this is also the season for partner violence, from now until Super Bowl Sunday, couples will fight over economics and sex, thus brothers (and sisters) are urged to pay your pussy bill to keep violence and abuse to a minimum. 

--Dr. M

Fable of the Donkey

In memory of Ali Sharif Bey

The so-called Negro is the donkey of the world, everybody rides him to success. If you need a free ride to success, jump on the Negro's back and ride into the sunset. He will welcome you with open arms. No saddle needed, just jump on his back and ride him to the bank.

The so-called Negro lives in Negroland, and the whole world is welcome, free of charge. He claims it as his turf, but not really because he runs whenever popo comes. Why would he run if he owns his turf, even kills over his turf, but runs when popo comes.

Anyone can set up shop in Negroland. They need not speak Negro. Chinese is fine. Spanish ok. Yoruba great. Arabic cool. Hebrew too! Don't leave out Japanese. Throw in French. They all sell to the Negro, they all ride the donkey. They wouldn't think of letting him ride them. They wouldn't think of him selling to them. He wouldn't think of selling to them.

From the heart of Negroland, everybody sends money back to their homelands. None of the money stays inNegroland. For what reason does a donkey need money? Is he going to eat it?
The donkey produces nothing other than transportation to the bank. Now people might take liberties with his women, give them little donkey babies. The foreign children like to ride donkey babies. They imitate donkey babies. Dress like them. Walk like them. Talk like them. Sing like them. Dance like them. The children love everything about donkey babies except donkey babies!

We wonder when will the donkey wake up and throw off his riders?

--Marvin X
from The Wisdom of Plato Negro, parables/fables by Marvin X, Black Bird Press, Berkeley, 2012. Order copies from Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702, $19.95.

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