Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Killed Chauncey Bailey? The OPD or Your Black Muslim Bakery?

Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey

As Salaam Alaikum,

Here is the City of Oakland's request to the Washington D.C. Department of Justice to investigate the never reported IAD 07-0538, a police complaint filed by Chauncey Bailey's last story source Ali Saleem Bey. Case #07-0538 was filed 4 days before Chauncey Bailey received the story from Bey and two weeks before Bailey's murder by OPD connected Yusuf Bey IV. 

The never reported 07-0538 CPRB complaint outlined OPD's connection to Yusuf Bey IV and murder and attempted murder of Bey family leadership before the Bailey murder and false flag OPD raid on Your Black Muslim Bakery the day after he was killed, although the raid had been scheduled for the day before he was assassinated downtown Oakland at 7:30 am.

This will result in the DOJ re-opening the Chauncey Bailey murder investigation as well as Wills, Roberson, Waajid Bey and the host of crimes Yusuf Bey IV committed while in bed with Current Chief Jordan, ex Chief Tucker and the rest of OPD Chain of command through Officer Longmire, mentor of the  now convicted Bakery murder suspects. Longmire was obviously in conflict of interest and chief of the crime scene and leader of the raid on the bakery.

You have this information and the ability to call the City of Oakland CPRB director Patrick Caceres to verify this information, that makes this verifiable breaking news.

When presented less than the same evidence of OPD corruption, Chauncey in 2007 tried to report it, and he was murdered/assassinated to cover it up. Where are his Journalist brothers that were boo hooing at his funeral?  Just Report the facts if the larger truth is too scary for you.

When it comes to no fear reporting the Truth of oppression in the black community, Chauncey's absence is truly missed by the black community. Who filled or will fill that void, not the racist Thomas Peeling of the Chauncey Bailey Pimp Project, the de facto experts of everything relating to the  black Muslim community in Oakland. What they willfully chose not to report about OPD's hand in Bailey's Murder and cover up will pull the sheet off their making money off a dead black reporter, flipping it and attacking the people that Bailey was actually helping in his last story,the real black Muslim community, attacked and kicked out by OPD, replaced with infiltrators and Family Judas'.

The local racist corporate media has exposed themselves as anti black community in their reporting to date, after this notification the pressure of the truth will get out to the national media with or without you, by passing and exposing all local uncle toms/tommette reporters and fake "community" media.

Still Fighting for Justice
Saleem  and John Muhammad Bey
Bey Family spokespersons

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  1. Dr.G. of Vallejo writes: Thank you for continuing with your efforts to discover the case against the racist and vicious Oakland police.
    The evidence is hidden by professionals, and they are killers, all the same, but they cannot hide from those who do not fear them. May their crimes of the past be uncovered!