Sunday, May 4, 2014

Order of Myth-Ritual Dance Drama: Marvin X & the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra, Malcolm X Jazz Festival, May 17, Oaklands

 BAM Godfather Ancestor Amiri Baraka with bassist Henry Grimes. In honor of Baraka, Marvin X and bassist Henry Grimes performed together at New York University tribute to Jayne Cortez and Amiri Baraka, Feb 4, 2014.
 Sonia Sanchez, Queen Mother of the Black Arts Movement

 The Black Arts Movement Poets Choir & Arkestra, University of California, Merced, 2014

BAM Godfathers The Last Poets, Umar bin Hassan and Abiodun

 Marvin X and Poet Paradise Jah Love (You love everything about me but me!)

BAM Asian poet Genny Lim, Marshall Trammel on drums in b.g.

 Zena Allen on Kora

 Queen Tarika Lewis

 Black Arts West Theatre, 1966, musician Earl Davis

 Black Arts baby 2.0, Aries Jordan, poet

 Kalamu Chache'

Katiba Pittman

Linda Johnson, Raynertta Rayzetta, Val Serrart, Tumani

Marvin X and the Black Arts Movement  Poets Choir & Arkestra 27 City Tour in honor of Amiri Baraka

Malcolm X Jazz Festival, Oakland
May 17, 2014

Tentative Order of Service, untimed but 60 minute max

As-Salaam Alaikum
Words of meditation  Suzzette Celeste

Scene One

Woman on Cell Phone Scene

Order of Scene

Song I don’t know what you came to do….Mechelle LaChaux, Akestra join and Linda Johnson dancers,  Poets Choir join with response

I don’t know what you came to do but I came to praise His/Her name:
Ida b. Wells
Clara  Muhammad
Amiri Baraka

Marvin X reads Amiri Baraka poem DOPE

Ayodele Nzinga Woman on Cell Phone

Scene Two

Paradise Jah  Love
They Love Everything about you but  you  poem
Parable of Oscar Grant—Paradise ( optional, depending on time)

Scene 3

 Arkestra—Tacuma, Tarika, Earl Davis, Marshall, Zena (Zena solo leads to Marvin X)

Marvin X joins Zena  in a duet with  Again the Kora poem

Scene 4

Introduce Poets Choir for poem or two

Genny Lim
Ayodele Nzinga
Aries Jordan
Kalamu Chache’
Umar bin Hasan, optional but desired
Abiodun, optional but desired
Lakiba Pittman

Scene 5

Linda Johnson dancers present
Second Line processional to exit through the audience:  Dancers, musicians, poets

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