Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Marvin X new poem: I Cannot tell you of love

I cannot tell you of love
When you do not seek love
Cannot see love roaring in the surf
In the quiet mountains
You cannot convince me
Mountains hate
Bees birds little children
Even beaten lovers love again the same night
Their pain is love
How did we get here
Through the door of love
Ancestors sustained us
With love
Black lives matters
A call to love
There is no hate 
Black lives precious sacred as
All lives
No selective suffering
When we recognize
The poor are rich in love
See the lovers pushing shopping cart
Drinking together rut gut wine
But loving
Homeless lovers
Asleep in the alley
Hugging tightly against the frozen night
But loving like the rich
Or better 
With purity not money
Sincerity not money
Not even knowledge
Except the truth of love
The actions of love
Let haters hate
Drink their vomit
Until they are no more
And lovers dance
And praise the God
Of Love.
Marvin X

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