Monday, January 2, 2017

Chicago: Why Black Lives Don't Matter

Do Blacks have gun factories, bullet factories, drug companies where "Mollies" are manufactured to inspire homicide? Do Blacks have jobs that transcend the income of the gang related drug economy? Is Black beautiful or ugly these days? Are we still in the hate that hate produced syndrome? 

On the eve of New Year's Day 2017, a young man asked me what's going to happen, referring to the next president, Donald Trump? What is our condition today? I could only tell him what several of my elders have told me, i.e., conditions are worse than slavery. I concurred with my elders by referring to socalled Black on Black homicide. For sure, I told the brother with a most serious demeanor, there was no epidemic of Africans killing Africans in the American slave system (Ed Howard term). Putting on my dramatist hat, I said, "Nigguh, you did what, you killed ma nigguh, nigguh, you destroyed ma property? What da hell wrong wit you, nigguh, I don't care what dat nigguh did to you, some shit about you, him and some slave woman, so you go kill ma property over some wretched wench? Overseer, come get this nigguh outta here, whip'm til he bleed to the point of death, beat dis nigguh til he scream fa Jesus to help his black ass!"

In Chicago, the year ended with nearly 800 dead North American Africans. Black lives matter? Hell no, Black lives don't matter. Three thousand wounded and Black lives matter? If Chicago is not in a state of war, what is war? Is not Chicago on the level with Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, maybe worse? If white people were being killed in similar numbers, don't you think America would declare a national state of emergency? And sadly, this slaughter occurred in the home town of our out-going Black President. Was he totally helpless to stem the bloodshed of his brothers, sisters and children? No, Black lives don't matter, no even to many North American Africans. Many of us have failed as parents, adults and elders to inform our children we are indeed in a war, rooted in and driven by external forces but implemented by internal forces who have convinced themselves their lives don't matter. Deaf, dumb and blind, many of our youth are ignorant of who we are as divine beings in human form. We have been duped into the belief that we are worthless and can kill each other at will without consequence. "Yeah, I killed dat nigguh. Fuck prison, I can do 25 to life standing up!"

Perhaps the violence will stop if the white man will again claim us as his property. But why should he stop the violence, it's a matter of population control; it's a matter of economics, stupid! Imagine the benefit to the gun makers, mortuary industry, police departments, hospitals, jails, prisons, welfare departments. At the jail, the correctional officer told a departing inmate, "Keep coming back, keep coming back. I got me a yacht but keep coming back so I can get my son a yacht!" Yes, when the killers are apprehended they become a valuable commodity on the stock exchange: three million inmates @ $100,000 per inmate per year. Do the math. Most importantly, we are now constitutional slaves since involuntary servitude is legal for the incarcerated or the New Jim Crows! (Michelle Alexander )Yes, Black lives matter to the prison industry. And with the brothers incarcerated, the sisters go to college but in the words of Dr. Wade Nobles, "While the brothers are in jail and prison, the sisters go to academic prison where with every advance degree they obtain makes it less likely they shall find a husband their equal." Advance degrees don't matter, alas, last time I checked the girls outnumbered the boys at Howard University 14 to 1! A few years ago while I was speaking at Howard U,The Washington Post published a story that said many Black women shall never be married and have given up on the very idea!

So perhaps Black lives do matter to the American economy and mythology. After all, the supreme irony is that the most dangerous place for our babies is not on the street but in the womb! Ask Planned Parenthood how many Black babies were aborted last year? Ask them why the majority of their clinics are in our neighborhoods? Ask them about their racist founder, Margaret Sanger! Ask them what Hitler learned from her and her comrades that he applied to the final solution of the Jews.

Black lives matter, Black lives don't matter! For sure, if Black lives don't matter to us, they will not matter to anyone else. Please don't tell me that stupid racist poppycock about all lives matter. Let me see 800 white boys dead in an American city and nothing is done, no state of emergency is declared, it's business as usual.
--Marvin X

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