Monday, January 9, 2017

Dr. Nathan Hare replies to Marvin X: Slavery to Knavery

 Dr. Julia Hare, esteemed  wife of Dr. Nathan Hare
Left to right: Gay Plair Cobb, Marvin X, Mayor Libby Schaaf, Dr. T. Webb, Dr. Nathan Hare and Paul Cobb, publisher of the Post News Group.

Dr. Nathan Hare on Slavery to Knavery

Thanks for kicking off the new year with your assessment that the Emancipation Proclamation against Slavery has not been sufficient, implying we now need an emancipation proclamation against knavery (etymology, knave, servant boy; slave =captive servant). The knave thinks he is free but needs emancipation from his condition of knavery. Indeed  it might better have occurred before the emancipation against slavery. But late, as over against never, will be soon enough.
Back to work.
Nathan Hare
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On the eve of New Year's Day 2017, a young man asked me what's going to happen, referring to the next president, Donald Trump? What is our condition today? I could only tell him what several of my elders have told me, i.e., conditions are worse than slavery. I concurred with my elders by referring to socalled Black on Black homicide. For sure, I told the brother with a most serious demeanor, there was no epidemic of Africans killing Africans in the American slave system (Ed Howard term). Putting on my dramatist hat, I said, "Nigguh, you did what, you killed ma nigguh, nigguh, you destroyed ma property? What da hell wrong wit you, nigguh, I don't care what dat nigguh did to you, some shit about you, him and some slave woman, so you go kill ma property over some wretched wench? Overseer, come get this nigguh outta here, whip'm til he bleed to the point of death, beat dis nigguh til he scream fa Jesus to help his black ass!"

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