Friday, June 9, 2017

James Brown and Dr. Nathan Hare on the Good Foot


To answer your question, that’s part of what messed us up. Say you’re orthodox, as most people are, that means you dance or box or do anything with the right foot (we’re not talking of the wrong fit just now) backing you up, leading with the other. For most people they are starting with or pivoting off their left foot, for others it’s just the reverse but no matter, because they are doomed to comply or deal with other people coming from an orthodox approach, meaning they’re doubly challenged (as they say of people retarded). So you think of your right foot as your good foot, but for many of us it’s injured or sore, so we think of the other one as our good (not injured or sore) foot; and some of us don’t have a good foot at all, and ain’t had it for years, many injured in childhood without access to adequate medical care; so all of that just goes double. Then we might get to using the other foot as our good foot, i.e., our backup foot, until the other one heals; and just thinking of which foot is good (if neither is) confuses us again. So getting on the good foot gives us pause, so the scramble to get on the good foot becomes a syncopated frenzy of confusion James Brown called a dance (all the more if we don’t know what syncopated is, on account of our edjumacation), don’t care what it is. Like we be grinning all the time because we hurting somewhere in our self, but expected to thank God and put on a good face; so speaking of feet we can get turned upside down.   

Don’t start me to talking cause I’ll tell everything I know.

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