Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Marvin X poem: The Reluctant Revolutionary

Marvin X
photo Kamau Amen-Ra (RIP)

I am contradiction
just to confound you
transcend your myth of me
submit to your rituals
I defy you to be me
not some pure spirit
righteous holy man
for your Crucifixion
I am the meta man
on the other side of time Sun Ra said
catch me on the other side if you can
I am not your leader
lead yourself
no more battles I don't need to fight
don't waste my time
I go to bed early
get up
write after midnight
as the wicked sleep in their sloth
dream of passivity
I am not your leader
lead yourself
you know everything
I can tell you nothing
you don't know
and you will do nothing I say anyway
hard to lead in the right direction, Elijah said
easy to lead in the wrong direction
dwell on my contradictions
not your own
I admit my sins
alcohol drugs beautiful women
yet I am productive on my agenda not yours
have you written 30 books
do you stand on the blood of ancestors
why you coat tailing me
use the mind God gave you
Mama told me
so I do
what yo mama tell you
follow me I will set you free?
follow me and I will confound you
from river to sea
just to be me not your myth
let me think outside the box of your dreams schemes iszms schisms
sects cults dogmatic ideological fantasies
I am not your Jesus, Buddha Muhammad
I am me fat and happy
naked unashamed
drunk high longing for hot wet pussy

revolution in the name of love
return of sanity through struggle like fanon said
let there be movement
a bowel movement at least
movement like a negro moving off zero into one
sun moving to moon
hate moving to love
sloth moving to action
unconscious to consciousness
even I must move when the people whip me into leadership
reluctantly I go into the dreadful night of political engagement
against will desire against joy and happiness to the ugliness
of political combat
in the ring with snakes rats liars thieves of the hearts and souls of men women children.
Must I go there so gently into that night of nothingness and dread
stressing my soul mind heart
tarring me apart from the writer I love
the joy of solitude naked into the night
full of Henny and dope
on the other side of time
I do not care if you are with me there
in the zone where wise men fear to tread
I live there love there let me be
I am not your leader
lead yourself
stand for self and kind
stand sly stone said stand
no more battles I don't need to fight
call me if you need me and I will do what I can
not what you want of me
how you want me to be
when you ain't you
fake as you can be
fake love in my face
fake hair fake eyes lips ass breasts
fake men fake minds
Chris Rock said everything about you is a lie!
man woman lie
only truth about you is you don't know the truth about you
denial is the clothing you wear
afraid to be naked truthful
ashamed of your vital organs
life giving yet your fear shame guilt abounds
consumes your being
you tremble at the nakedness of truth
you deny the undeniable in your fear and trembling
just tell the truth snaggle tooth
Rev. Cecil Williams said, "You want me to do everything, Marvin?"
People, you want me to do everything
as you consume your sloth and niggardliness
let me rest in my drunkenness sex
don't call me to repeat the days of yore
battles already won yet misunderstood
there is no need to fight when the victory is won
devils shall be devils
let the second line begin
let the celebration conquer death
devils shall kill our children
that is their job
murder under the color of law
police ain't the only killers
murder in the schools universities
murder in the food water
organic toxicity
murder in the air
murder in religious myth rituals
murder in wage slavery indirect welfare handout jobs for life
murder in the loving family full of hate jealousy envy
murder murder murder
murder in the mind
murder in the heart
murder in the love bed
let Shaitan kill love
let Shaitan kill two souls joined for life
let Shaitan kill husband kill wife kill children
hail to Shaitan devil within without
listen to the whispering devil who whispers into the hearts of men and women.
who dwells in the Silent Night song for all souls
let the revolutionary stand
transcend solitude for the communal
it is painful for the Shaman to leave his nest on the other side of time
but sometimes he must
rise above imagination into pure action for the better good
stop being the child in toy r us
be about revolution in his father's house
revolution in the upper room
revolution in the dungeon
revolution in the hearts minds souls of men women children.
--Marvin X

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