Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day at Geoffrey's Inner Circle

We spent Mother's Day evening enjoying jazz and dinner at Geoffrey's Inner Circle, the first class venue in Oakland's Black Arts Movement Business District. I invited my associate, Nur Jehan, and my patron, Hasan James and his wife. We were entertained by Dr. David Hardiman's Sextet. Guest vocalist Nina Causey was outstanding with her renditions of Stormy Weather, My Funny Valentine and other Black classical tunes. Dr. Hardiman channeled Miles Davis when he accompanied Nina with a muffled trumpet on My Funny Valentine. 

Photo Art by Gene Hazzard

As usual the food was excellent and reasonable. Where else can you enjoy live jazz, aka, black classical music, for $10.00 and dinner for $10.00? This is every Sunday from 6-10PM. Geoffrey's Inner Circle is located at 410 14th at Franklin Street, downtown Oakland. 

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