Friday, October 22, 2010

4 teens held in Berkeley, Oakland shotgun holdups

4 teens held in Berkeley, Oakland shotgun holdups

Markell Glover

Keiarris Hall

(10-21) 09:56 PDT BERKELEY --

Four men allegedly responsible for a rash of holdups in Berkeley and Oakland have been arrested and charged, police said.

Keiarris Hall, 18, of Antioch, Brynell Polk, 19, of Berkeley and twin brothers Michael Anthony Glover and Markell Antwan Glover, both 18 and from Richmond, used a shotgun to rob victims in different parts of Berkeley, police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss said.

The four robbed a victim on the 1300 block of Cedar Street in North Berkeley about 7:50 p.m. Oct. 13 and robbed another person at Russell and Wheeler streets about two hours later, Kusmiss said.

Also that night, a person was robbed by shotgun-toting suspects at Hudson Street and Boyd Avenue in North Oakland. A witness in that holdup gave police a description of the robbers' car as well as a partial license plate number, Kusmiss said.

On Oct. 14, Berkeley police Sgt. Brian Wilson and Officer Peter Lee spotted a car at Prince and King streets that matched the description of the car from the North Oakland holdup. They arrested the suspects and found property belonging to the robbery victims inside, Kusmiss said

Response from those who know them:

(Teacher) Response#1
I am from Oakland and I taught four of these young men as their teacher in Berkeley. It's so easy to look from the outside in and make sweeping judgements. As someone who has interacted with these men, I am here to reveal a little secret: All of them are polite and respectful. They came to visit me and some of the other teachers earlier this year. One of them I used to playfully call "my son." I looked out for him (and the others) to the best of my ability. They, like you, like me, and like any other person in this world, made choices based on their understanding or misunderstanding about life and themselves. They didn't murder anyone. ( In fact, they never got into a fight at school. ) They will likely be punished more severely than their caucasian peers in a similar situation. That ought to be consolation for those who judge their blackness as part of their crime. As for me, I see their humanity and know that they are still beautiful people.

(Student) Response#2
Okay now i dont know this boys, but i feel like yall going blowing this way out of proportion, and you guys are being some hypocrites, just because some young African Americans do something bad they have to be from Oakland, Im from Oakland as well as my brother is from Oakland but we not all criminals. These four young men made a mistake but dont everybody make a mistake i mean everybody isnt perfect. I say help them learn from what they have done. They should pay for thier consequnces but they shouldnt be tortured. Thats all i have to say, really you guys should just fall back and leave these young males alone.

(Teacher) Response #3
I know all four of these young men personally. In fact we here at B-Tech High School are in the building. We in the library right now reviewing all y'alls racists ignorant and retarded comments. This is the reason we label all of you Nazi's. The youth know how y'all feel about them and its Fonk forever. I'm confident that the younger people will make this world a better place, regardless what y'all think.

(Student) Response #4
I'm speaking as a student at B-Tech High School , and I find this very offense towards the young men especially because of the color of their skin. People have done worse than what these four have done and you guys are saying they should be tortured over a robbery?. Really you guys find something better else to do than blame the color of their skin and their backgrounds against what they have done. And answer this...if you are speaking up saying what were not doing , then what the hell are you doing to help us?

(Teacher) Response #5
Shame on all of you who threw these kids out a long time ago. You gave up on them as children. Your hatred and racism demonstrate that you don't know any of these kids at all. As a teacher who works with these kids every day, I know the good in them. I also know that you abandoned them a long time ago. I suppose they were left with the feeling, What the hell? -- if you can't join them, rob them. They committed horrible crimes but you all did too. You prejudge, give up, run scared, name call and bate today's youth of color and then act surprised by their actions. In my mind, you are as rotten as they are!

(Student) Response #6
you people are acting like they killed some one. i bet y'all wasn't say these awful things about Johannes Mehserle when he killed innocent (OSCAR GRANT) this is sooooo terrible. i Cant believe im in a world with all these wicked people. wishing and hoping gross and hurtful thing on young People..brain washers!!!!!!!!

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