Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Now Available from Black Bird Press:Mythology of Pussy and Dick

This book empowered me. I didn’t know I had that much power!—Young sister

It helped me step up my game!—Young brother

Thank you, thank you, for writing this. I am going to make my son and daughter read it.—A Mother


of Pussy and Dick


Healthy Psychosocial


Marvin X

Warning: Contains explicit language

And youth who otherwise don't read, do read this book and even squabble over ownership, as if it were black gold!


We are fortunate to witness such openness and honesty, though it makes the smug uncomfortable in their fake comforts….

--Lil Joe

Mythology of Pussy and Dick is a compilation of everything Marvin X has written over the past 40 years on psychosocial sexuality in America and the world. There are those who will miss this opportunity to receive wisdom from our brother because of the language he uses to describe the male and female anatomy, his perceived objectification of women and men….

--Delores Nochi

Donation: $49.95

414 pages

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14th and Broadway, Oakland

Black Bird Press

1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702







Part One: Mythology of Pussy and Dick

Mythology Defined

Don’t Say Pussy

Mythology of Pussy and Dick

Tiger Woods

Gender Studies at Academy of Da Corner

Insanity of Sex


What is Love?

Part Two: For the Women


Parable of a Real Woman

Parable of Woman in the Box

The Comforter

Parable of Value

Women without Men

The Lonely Hearts Club

Political & Sexual Anorexia and Mama at Twilight:

Dr. Julia Hare and Ayodele Nzingha

Nisa Ra

Parable of the Bitter Bitch

Fahizah on Bitter Bitch

Dialogue on Bitter Bitch

The White Woman

Obama’s Last Ghost

In Search of my Soul Sister

Babylon Brooklyn

Black Woman’s Breast KO’s America

How to Love a Thinking Woman

Poem for Young Mothers

Womanhood Rite of Passage:

Bathroom Graffiti Queen

Parable of Woman at the Well

Wounded in the House of a Friend—Sonia Sanche, a review

Part Three: For the Men


Baby Boy: A Manhood Training Rite

Calling all Black Men

Abstract for the Elders Council


Abstract for a Youth Council

Memorial Day

When the Mate leaves, don’t worry, be happy!

Bitch Led Nigguhs

Toxic Love

How to Find a BMW (Black Man Working):

Dr. Julia Hare, a review by Marvin X

Part Four: Family

Parable of Family


Family II

Courtship: You Don’t Know Me

Parable of the Pit Bull

Getting Out



Malcolm and Betty, A Love Song

Malcolm’s Letter to Elijah

I Will Go into the City


The Other Woman

Confession of a Polygamist

Confession of a Wife Beater

I Shot Him


Moment in Paradise


When I Think About the Women in my Life


Parable of Children and the Catholic Church

Part Five: Rape and Violence

Partner Violence and Spirituality

Parable of Insecurity

The Dick and Gun

Parable of Man with Gun in Hand

Parable of Rape

Rape and Mythology

VIP Nigguhs and Rape

Confession of a Rapist

Eldridge Cleaver, Confession of a Rapist

Woman Stoned to Death

Parable of a Gangsta

Beyond Gang Violence, toward Political Power

A Pan African Pussy and Dick Tale

Parable of Pain

Anger Management During the Holidays

Part Six: Prostitution

Same sex marriage, straight men, prostitution

Dialogue on Prostitution


Fillmore Slim on Pimpin

The Maid, the Ho, the Cook

Negro Psychosocial Sexuality in the Post Crack Era

Pay da Ho ta Go

Part Seven: Gay/Lesbian

Poetically Gay

The Prince of Peace and James Baldwin

Parable of Purple

Same Sex Marriage and Black Liberation

Love Letter to Gay and Lesbian Youth

Parable of Women without Men

Fable of Rooster and Hen

Part Eight: Creativity and Sexuality


Sex and Drugs

Poetic Sexuality

Poetics of Love

Never Love a Poet

Parable of the Old Lovers

Part Nine: National Tour


Howard University, Washington, DC

Final Notes at Howard University

Comment from Philadelphia Locks Conference

Harlem Celebrates Amiri Baraka @ 75


Toward the Language of Love

Parable of the Moment

Letting Go

Joy and Happiness

Of Sex, Disease and Death

When Thy Lover has gone to Eternity

Separation and Divorce


Lil Joe Comments

Is Mythology Porno? OPD Swoop on Marvin X

For Whites Only?

Oakland Man Jacked in Sac by Youth for MOP

Comment on a White Woman, Tim Wise

Two Critics on Marvin X: Dr. Mohja Kahf, Bob Holman

Fly to Allah, review by Johari Amini

Letter from Shawn Fabio

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