Thursday, March 31, 2016

Marvin X Exiled in Mexico, Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra in Cuba

 Brother Dr. Cornel West and Black Arts Movement co-founder Marvin X, poet, playwright, essayist organizer, planner: Oakland Black Arts Movement Business District. Dr. West is down with Marvin X to make the Black Arts Movement District a reality, not only in Oakland but coast to coast.

I am in my joy
do not press me with negativity
release me in the name of love
please understand me
I am in love with love
murder is not my heart
love is the song I sing
let love flow in the creek
do not awake me with grief of the day
morning sun loving me
my lover is with me
sweet country girl
valley of my love
cotton grapes love
with me as we struggle
we did not know freedom of life was this
Mexico City Belize
black and beautiful free
arms flying wide in the joy of life beyond America esclavo
no esclavo in Mexico
Negro yo soy gringo tambien
Por favor, yo no soy Gringo
Yo soy Negro
yo soy rico
no esclavo
Por favor, yo soy Negro
no es rico yo soy escalvo
Negro es esclavo es vedad
por que Negro no es rico
Negro es gringo 

I am in the river beyond the day
the fishermen come with the daily catch
ah, the catch is good for lunch
ah, for dinner we eat fresh fish
ah, we go into the jungle into the night
what is that bird we heard in the night
we heard the bird
we walked into jungle night
we heard the sound of love birds
we walked
we talked of love
at the clearing we rested
drank water from the river
fresh water
on the other side of island was Cat fish
we eat not cat fish
they garbage men 
eat them not
ah, my lover comes to me in the river
we bathe in the river
we dry on the beach
sand flies attack us
love her blood
do mess with me
net don't matter
sand flies come through net
love her blood
sweet black blood
leave my lover alone
ah, how did we get here
so black so free
young and free
never again this ritual
never again a child born
freedom child
special child
beautiful one has come
rules dirty
rule Nefer
Big H rule
oh, who u ho
be qeeen Nefer
who don't know
Rule Nefer
man/woman no matter

let me suck lips kiss all of you
we free never again free
never again love
make love
in the river
we are one
in the river
she is the best of me and I am her
in the best of life
in the jungle
no money
pregnant she is Nefertiti
we are free
in the jungle
baby love in flight
I am yours my dear
I am yours my teacher
I am yours my student.
Take me Chapultepec Park
love me on Sundays as Mexico loves in the park
love me hug me embrace me kiss me in the park
family love lovers love love to love to be love beyond love
I am love
Cerca de Metro
we live and love
Cerca de Metro
Cerca Paseo de la Reforma
Cerca Chapultepec Park
Oh Mexico
teach me love
teach me your kiss
teach me to embrace
teach me Mexico
I am yours
--Marvin X
Mi hermano, US Poet Laureate Juan Herrera

Marvin X proposes a concert in Cuba of the 
Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra
ASAP 201

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