Sunday, March 13, 2016

Marvin X poem: Beyond love, beyond hate, beyond mother-in-laws

Life has made us beyond just friends
Charlie Parker With Strings
Milford Graves said Charlie didn't want no strings
but had to eat feed his habit
Charlie just wanted to blow his horn 
wild as the wind
Sonny said My Brother the Wind
X said I am the Wind
a pleasure to my people
I am the sun
a pleasure to my people

Ra Ra
our love
blood mixed with love
beyond physical
love deeper than love
we don't even understand
deeper than Nancy/ Ronnie
deeper still
go deeper nigguh
deep down to the purple funk of love

love mama taught
transcend  human
divine love
we deny exists
in our terribleness 
Baraka said

let me hold you
Like Verdia held her husband
when he returned for love
she awaited him
arms wide as the sky
embracing  sins
she care nothing about
love is greater than sin
sin is a foolish thing
confounding simple minds
minds of fools
fools rush beyond love to nothingness and dread
what is sin but the beginning of love
love is  drama
the joy and pain of love
sunshine and rain 
Franky B said
no matter 
love came upon us that day
will you deny
miss wonderful
black and beautiful
sucking my soul into yours
when you walked upon me
outside Dwindell Hall
black and beautiful
coming down the hill
a bird in flight to love
and here we are
decades later
still friends
in spite of it all
what power is greater
God is Love

life is simply wonderful.
Think about it, my dear.
Think about the love of Verdia
who taught us both how to love
did we learn the lesson
from the Master Teacher?
think about Verdia
no shame in her love
pure simple straight no chaser
tell me lies all night son in law
spit in my face all night tellin lies
son in law
drink that plum wine and lie
while I tell you the truth of my heart
my life

you real a real nigguh X son
solid don't break solid don't break
youngsters say
solid. don't break.


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