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Marvin X, Notes of an Artistic Freedom Fighter: Why are North American Africans Reactionary?

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It appears to me most of our activity is in reaction to our social environment. We wonder when will we become proactive rather than reactionary, such as protests against the police. After 50 years of dealing with police murder under the color of law, we seem to not understand the police are the front line in the war against North American Africans. In war, there shall be soldiers who fall on the battlefield, martyrs whom we must honor and praise, but the war shall continue until victory. We are not qualified for a frontal attack on the police, for we don't have the arms or the reinforcements they can bring to the battlefield. The only way we can deal with the police is with a secret society.

Here in Oakland, after the 1979 killing of 15 year old Melvin Black by the OPD, a police review board was established, but to no avail. The killings under the color of law by the OPD have continued, so the review board will not suffice, and most certainly will not give justice. The courts cannot give justice because the DA and the police are one. Again, as per revenge or retaliation, this is the job of the secret society. After the 1979 killing of Melvin Black, we rallied five thousand people at the Oakland Auditorium, but we were mocked by one of our elders who said retaliation should have been immediate and to hell with a rally and protest, even though the rally included Minister Farrakhan, Angela Davis, Eldridge Cleaver, Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour (Donald Warden) et al.

FYI, after the rally the police killing did stop but was soon followed by the introduction of UZIs, drive by killings and Crack, perhaps in the reverse order. Of course, through the years police murder under the color of law has resumed down to the present moment, in Oakland and coast to coast.

Again, I ask why are we reactionary if we truly understand this is war, perhaps, low intensity, but war none the less. Surely the strategy and tactics of war must go beyond protest. I've written elsewhere about working with the mothers who lost sons in drive by killings and police murder under the color of law. I have told how my own son lost his life by walking into a train due to mental illness. But, alas, we know that many of the homicides in our community are, in fact, suicides because often the person doesn't have the will to commit suicide so he/she puts themselves in a position so someone else can kill them. So the net effect is the same as my son walking into a train. Of course it is pure homicide in too many cases, especially with encounters with the police, and even Black on Black homicide, often due to sexual improprieties, gambling and petty turf battles. If you own turf, why do you run when popo comes?

The police are often simply as Minister Farrakhan called them, "Brute beasts in blue uniforms." If we read the text messages of the San Francisco Police officers that were recently released, we know these officers are indeed  brute beasts in blue uniforms who operate and  kill under the color of law because of their pervasive addiction to white supremacy (see my manual How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, Black Bird Press, Berkeley, 2007).

Nevertheless, we cannot isolate police from the society they represent--surely they do not represent us. They represent the ruling class and we should know they do not treat the ruling class neighborhoods as they treat us in the hood or down here on the ground. Some of us would be totally shocked to learn the different treatment accorded middle and upper class neighborhoods.

For sure, we must get it in our thick skulls that we are in war and the police are the occupying army of the oppressor. And we must also battle with the enemy within that is often in collaboration with the police. I'm speaking here of drug gangs who often operate with the permission and coordination of the police and other government agencies. We found this out during the Crack era when it was revealed government agencies supplied Crack to drug gangs, along with guns. Even merchants were part of the conspiracy because they allowed drug dealers to operate outside or inside their businesses.

And even the church plays a critical role because it accepts tithes from the mothers of drug dealing children. Often the preachers know if they talk against drugs, they will have no tithes from the many mothers of drug dealing children. After all, the drug dealer is the number one employer of our youth. As per preachers, I recall them  in Reno, Nevada, 1979. When I taught English at the University of Nevada, Reno, preachers, including Black preachers, did not talk against gambling or prostitution for the same reason as preachers in Oakland and elsewhere do not preach against drug dealing.

So as we learn to make the very necessary move from reaction to action, we must be cognizant of all the forces allied against us. And we cannot make war unless and until we are prepared to make war. Study the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Most importantly, we should understand our children and adults shall suffer causalities  on the battlefield. Again, we must honor the martyrs, honor the families of soldiers who paid the ultimate price on the battlefield, especially the innocent unaware of the battlefield. But we must have the necessary strategy and tactics for a continuation of a centuries old war for our liberation. It will not end in our lifetime, but we must do all we can to advance the struggle, then pass the baton to the next generation and make sure they do not need to reinvent the wheel of freedom.We applaud Black Lives Matter Movement.

Finally, as per the politics of 2016, we must get a consensus on our agenda that may be entirely different from the American agenda, whether Democratic or Republican. What do we want, even better, what do we need? We must put forth our plan for the next 50 to 100 years, for sure, they have their plan and it transcends the Democratic and Republican parties which are one. America is in a critical moment, especially after Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have exposed contradictions in the ruling class.

I don't understand why we are protesting Donald Trump. He's a white nationalist trying to save his people. You should and must be a Black Nationalist trying to save your people. If you are trying to save your people, why and how did you get time to protest what white people are doing? Again, as I said at the outset, you are a programed reactionary and have little or no desire to be proactive. Why are you concerned about Latino immigration? FYI, Latinos/Latinas have taken over this land or shall do so very soon. If you think they haven't, take a ride from Sacramento to Los Angeles through the Central Valley and see who has political power. Who had the power to issue driver's license to illegal aliens. Who had the power to make sure everyone can have health care, including so called illegal persons?

I suggest North American Africans be concerned about your own black asses and have a proactive agenda rather than a reactionary one centered on protest rallies and marches. I suggest you do like many Latino/Latina communities have done throughout the Central Valley: they have taken over the city halls, police departments, school boards, planning commissions. They are proactive and the immigration issue is a false flag because they have achieved de facto political power. As per North American Africans, study the regime of Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Ras Baraka. If you are grounded in revolutionary ideology, you can indeed seize political power without selling out as many if not most Black elected politicians have done, causing us to wallow in the present morass of madness and dread.

It doesn't matter that your first Black President has sent two million persons back across the border. There are more than enough still here to establish La Raza, La Raza, La Raza.

As per your President, his situation put North American Africans in a quagmire  quite similar to the stress we endured during  the O.J. Simpson trial. A friend said OJ stressed out the entire nation of North American Africans. We have indeed been under similar mental stress by the pure, unadulterated hatred and venom  that has been directed on the persona of President Obama day after day for eight years. As an agent of Globalism, he often deserved the criticism from those addicted to white supremacy as well as from those of us North American Africans who were forced to remove our rose colored glasses and admit he was merely a puppet of global white supremacy. And now we shall face the wrath and reaction of the white supremacy forces as they reclaim the White House and attempt to put the Niggers back in their place!

Yes, we need the United Front of all progressive people and ethnic groups because the Globalists care nothing about ethnic groups or national groups, and most certainly not gender groups. The globalists are about divide and conquer, so while we must unite with our fellow brothers and sisters suffering  oppression, we must come to the table with our own agenda as others will do. We, as they shall do, must come with an action plan, not a reactionary agenda in response to a battlefield incident, of which there shall be many more until victory is won. What did Malcolm X tell you, the only bloodless revolution is the Negro revolution; the only landless revolution is the Negro revolution!

I say, be proactive not reactionary. Plan for the next 50 to 100 years, but get a consensus on the plan so that we need not reinvent the wheel of freedom and we can pass the baton to our children without shame and guilt.
--Marvin X

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