Friday, April 15, 2016

Party of Lincoln sinking

Party of Lincoln sinking
funky party of Lincoln
neo dixicrats faking
Nigguhs say I'm woke
I'm woke
ain't blinking
solid ain't bending
old negroes
loyal democrats
don't care what democrats say
vote fa me
set ya free
vote fa me die fa me set ya free
young people say Bernie Bernie Bernie
man fa me
socialist communist
better than capitalist
hang nigguhs fa jesus
prison house full fa jesus negores
liberation army africans
ain't fa jesus
pray to Allah
anin't fa Bernie
ain't fa Trump
sho ain't fa hillery
clinton/bush crime family
in bed with house of saud
house of israel
white house
nigguh no house
no land
no plan
space walking
moon sand
won't strand
like man
woman strand
queer stand
he no stand
nuts in sand
stand nigguh stand
git nuts out sand
git a plan
nigguh stand.
--Marvin X

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