Saturday, July 16, 2016

A poem for Big D, Donna Jackmon-Hart

Oh, Big D
I look out at the Bay waters
Amtrak to Fresno
early sat. morn
we celebrate your going home
to your Lord
from whence you came
Job said naked I came
and naked I go
Big D
we think of the good in you
and praise it
the wonderful lies you told
time after time
you so good
a nigguh would buy the Brooklyn bridge
from you
and you would sell it with that smile and grin
knowing another fool believed your lies
oh, the lies you told about me
of course I think I'm great
but you made me greater than I could imagine
never will forget when I came to Seattle
and you told your boss you couldn't come to work
you had lost contact with your brother who was in route
to Seattle in his private plane
you told your boss you lost contact with me somewhere
over Lake Tahoe
Girl, you lied so good
damn near got the whole family killed when that mafia nigguh
gave you $10,000.00 to keep for him
Big D, now who would give  you  ten thousand dollars to keep
but a damn fool you convinced with that smile, grin and funny laugh
so we'll miss your lies Big D
but we'll remember you and you know
one day I will write even more about you
the fantastic life you lived
but I know for sure
I won't be able to tell your story better than you.
Peace and Love forever
Your brother,
Marvin X

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