Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Harlem Housing Projects to be Domolished for developers

Harlem Housing Projects To Be Demolished!

July 8, 2016

I am a Harlem resident originally from Boston. I have received some disturbing news regarding my community, from a very reliable source that an identified billionaire housing developer has recently purchased three Harlem housing project developments from the City Of New York ,which will displace thousands of low-income families. 

•  The Polo Grounds Houses located on Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 155th Street,
•  the Alexander Hamilton Houses on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and also...
•  the Harlem River Houses also located at Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Harlem. 

These housing complexes which houses approximately 6,000 low-income tenants has been sold to a developer which will demolish the property and build 6,000 luxury condominium units ranging from 400,000-2.2 million dollars in early 2017 which 10% of the units being offered to middle income families with an average income of 58,000 a year through a special lottery. According to my sources, current tenants will be given a monthly voucher worth 1,000 dollars for rent and a small moving stipend to cover their moving expenses, but most tenants will not be guaranteed these vouchers according to a reliable source and many tenants will have to go on their own to find other housing.
I have contacted several housing agencies and the Mayors office regarding this situation and neither agency will issue a comment regarding this breaking news matter. Of course if I receive any additional news, I will update new information to my blog.

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