Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dr. Nzinga on Lil' Bobby Hutton, model for revolutionary youth

The Defermery's are alive,
says the beige council woman.
They may be living but
Bobby Hutton is dead
and we have renamed the park
to keep him alive
surely you understand
life and death eternally binary
we are binary people
live or dead
black or white
in or out of favor
out of office
out of the city
on the other side
out of time
out of life
outside of life
Bobby Hutton is dead
Denzil Dowell is dead
I hope they claimed a token
for Denzil  somewhere in
Richmond I have cried on Center
St. after the sage burned out
& the egun gun danced
we claimed the corner
baptized it in the name
of Godz who favor drums
to let Huey know we remember
to remember
lay claim to him in all his parts
elevating the genius accepting
that flawed humans are the
handz of the  Godz
we remember to remember
a bowl of honey by the
cactus in the yard
we pray for the flower
& warriors who sacrificed
like graceful ocean divers
suiciding burning like fire
knowing they were never
meant to be slaves
their death marks the place
we crossed over
spirits walking waiting
to be claimed
we have renamed
Defermery and given it to
Bobby Hutton so that his spirit
has a place to grow
-- the beige
lady says we can have the trees
they are already ours we have claimed
them --
she can not give us what we
have taken
-- we don't want wampum
popcorn and beads we have taken
what we need--
a place to remember
crossing over
slaves who refuse
burning like fire
burn baby burn
we honor the fire
we honor the flames
Long live Bobby Hutton

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