Saturday, October 8, 2016

Laney College Theatre presents Color Struck by Donald Lacy; Marvin X opens with a reading from his play Salaam, Huey, Salaam

Alicia Mayo captures Marvin X reading Salaam, Huey, Salaam, at Laney College Theatre. He opeded for Donald Lacy's Colorstruck, 10/1/16

 Tureada Miken, Judy Juanita, former editor of the Black  Panther Newspaper, Marvin X. Judy reminded Marvin and told the audience, she remembers Marvin X at Merritt College as skinny as a toothpick. Eldridge Cleaver described him as a skinny Black Buddha.
 Marvin X in Laney College Theatre dressing room, getting read to go on stage.

 Master actor/commedian, playwright, author of Colorstruck, Sir. Donald Lacy
 Nurjehan, co-wrote essay in The Movement, Black Men Matter
 Nurjehan, assistant to Marvin X, businesswoman

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