Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paul Robeson play at Black Rep

Fresh from Paradise Island, BahamasTour
The Legendary
 Berkeley Black Rep
 "Keepers of the Culture" 
The NAACP Theater Award Winning 
"Best One Person Show"
"The World is my Home-
The Life of Paul Robeson"

14th Anniversary Glossy Color 2x3 Commemorative Poster 
Berkeley Black Rep. Grp
3201 Adeline Street 
Berkeley, California 
  Friday & Saturday - Oct. 28-29th 
Curtain 7:00pm  
    Tickets:  510/652 2120
Special Guest Appearance by 
Bay Area Performer of the Year 
Steve Harvey Show winner;
"Dee Dee Simon" 
The Black Rep Grp. was started in the 1950's by the late Birel & Nora Vaughn; High School teachers in Vicksburg, Miss.  to celebrate the contributions of Black Artists.  Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis named them the "Keepers of the Culture"  After three aborted attacks by the KKK one which almost harmed their baby daughter Mona; they were forced to flee Mississippi & settle in Berkeley Calif.  Thru persistence & hard work they continued their mission to preserve our culture & founded what is now the Berkeley Black Rep.   

Their revolutionary vision is kept alive today by that three year old baby girl that fled Miss. with them years ago their surviving daughter  Dr. Mona Vaughn Scott.  I am honored to bring my passion peice back to their stage. We hope you can support us.    
" In my humble attempt to use Art as a vehicle for social change. This 
is more than just a show for me; it's a prayer for the forsaken & forgotten.  A story of heart & hope, of broken promises & broken dreams, a love song for the brave & broken-hearted enslaved Africans, who found enough forgiveness in their tortured souls to live, laugh & love. To remind us as we're sharing this brief moment in time on this third Rock from the Sun; to embrace our common humanity with kindness."  
   Stogie Kenyatta

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