Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Black Love Lives: The Pan African wedding of Aries Jordan and Muhammad Diaw of Senegal

 Mrs.  Aries Jordan Diaw, Mr. Muhammad Diaw and son Legend Muhammad

 Mrs. Aries Jordan Diaw and Muhammad Diaw of Senegal

 Showing off their rings

 Ghanaian American poet Samantha Akwei told the couple to call upon the community for support when needed

Aries sister and poet Toya, poet Aries and their mentor poet Marvin X. "The Dream Team" read together Marvin's poem What is Love? Aries is associate editor of The Movement, Toya, copy editor, Marvin X publisher. The bride is a grad student at Mills College.

 The cake

The maids of honor

All photos by Photo Artist Gene Hazzard

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