Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Wisdom of Plato Negro

Marvin X at Laney College Theatre, Oakland, 10/1/16
photo Alicia Mason

It's not about what Trump will do, it's about what you will do! You said Obama didn't do anything, but what did you do the last eight years? Since you know everything, did you teach the people everything you know?
Now that the she-devil is out and the he-devil is in, what difference does it make, the devil is the devil no matter what time or place.

You can talk about US immigration, but I dare you to visit Mexico and overstay your visa! The last thing any human being wants is time in a Mexican jail. But those ex-patriot Blacks I met in Mexico City during my 1970 exile, decried North American Africans in the US who remain here despite racist treatment. The Mexico City Blacks had no sympathy for those who wanted to remain as neo-slaves in the US, "They deserve such inhumane treatment."

Cry baby, cry baby, suck yo mama's titty! Why you crying about a white devil? You had a black devil, what did he do for you? Out of two plus million in prison, he freed two or three hundred, or is it two or three thousand. That ain't shit! He should have given a general amnesty since most of the incarcerated are doing time for non-violent drug crimes and mental health issues. Most importantly, if they'd had money for proper legal representation, they wouldn't be doing any time at all. How many bankers are doing time for sub-prime loan schemes? The only reason Bernie Madoff is doing time is because he stole from the rich. But the mental prison is far worse than the physical prison. Mumia Abu Jamal is in prison but his mind and spirit are free. You are free but mentally incarcerated, yeah, doing life in the big yard! During my stay in prison and jail, I did what I do out here on the big yard: study, write and teach!
It ain't about giving Trump a chance, rather you need to give yourself a chance. You life is not dependent on Trump. Was it dependent on Obama? Don't ask someone to do something for you that you will not do for yourself!

When will you stop being reactionary and become proactive? When will you stop being destructive and become constructive? Here in Oakland, the Black Arts Movement Business District is part of Oakland's Downtown Plan for the next 25 to 50 years. We BAMBD planners are developing plans for our future in Oakland. We want to build, not destroy. A few weeks ago there was a big fire on my block which was national news. It destroyed an apartment complex that was nearly complete. I'd watched the construction from the beginning, then I watched the destruction. It was slightly heartbreaking to see the work of the builders turn to ashes and rubble.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir
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