Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nefertiti's Thanksgiving message on her father: Marvin X/El Muhajir

 Marvin  X, Laney College Theatre, 2016
photo Alicia Mason

Marvin X and oldest daughter Nefertiti (The beautiful one has come). Laney College,
Black Arts Movement 50th Anniversary celebration, 2015
photo Ken Johnson

I love this man who is forever optimistic in a world filled with daily tragedies, myths and lies. He is not delusional about the existence of such filth which causes the weak to walk bent over and on a jagged path. He just continues to insist on pushing forward, walking upright and going higher, rising above the fray and the frivolity that causes lesser beings to collapse, breakdown and give in.

He insists that knowledge can enlighten us all. He continues to seek after truth and consumes truth from the right, the left, the moderates, Muslims, Christians and as many other sources as are present, discriminating only against sources which seek to dumb down the masses.

He is a man who continues to dream and pushes others to dream big with him. Your interest or belief in his dream matters not. He waters, plants, nourishes until the fruits come forth.

Ashe' to a seeker of truth.
Ashe' to a dreamer of dreams.
Ashe' to a liver of dreams manifested.

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