Friday, April 7, 2017

40th Anniversary of Roots, Saturday, April 8, 2017, Oakland

Reverse Psychology: From Toby to Kunta

In my essay The Psycho-linguistic Crisis of the North American African, we discussed language usage as a primary component in the destruction of the African mind brainwashed with European language and mythology. But this psycho-linguistic transformation was carried out with the black bullwhip on the Black African's ass. It was "shock therapy" that forced Kunta Kinti to renounce his name or African identity and become the so-called Negro Toby! So how do we reverse the process to resurrect the African personality buried in the deep structure of the socalled Negro mentality, yes. that mind steeped in passivity, sloth and ignorance? Must not the whip be employed as it was in the original experiment? Well, what did Elijah Muhammad mean when he said, "We must force Black unity!"? What type of force must be employed? If it is physical force, then he meant the whip! If we sense a sado-masochism here, what was life in the American slave system?
--Marvin X

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