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BAM Poets Choir and Arkestra rock Oakland's Malcolm X Jazz/art Festival, 2014

Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra Rock Oakland’s Malcolm X Jazz Festival

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posted by Robert J. Carmack    a   re-post from Black Bird Press News
This past weekend I missed what I used to make every year when I lived in East Bay-Oakland area. The Malcom X Jazz Festival in San Antonio Park, Oakland California. this event is always produced by the Eastbay Arts Alliance  Celebrating Malcom X birthday.
Marvin X Poet & Bin Hassan-original Last Poets
Marvin X Poet & Bin Hassan-original Last Poets

The performances of Marvin X and the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir & Arkestra  Featuring
Don Murray &
Marvin X poet & living legend Don Murray saxes
Living legends poet Marvin X,  sax man David Murray and trumpet master Earle Davis 
Mechelle La'Chaux
L-R Tarika Lewis Violin & Mechelle La’chaux vocals
This was hardly a one man show. Other performers included Choreographer Linda Johnson and her dancers–Linda opened the show and stole the show with the beauty of her movement. There was harpist and vocalist Destiny Muhammad; violinist Tarika Lewis with her young students (awesome); vocalist Mechelle LaChaux, actress/poet Ayodele Nzinga; poets Genny Lim, Toreada Mikell, Pa
sister beautiful sistersisyetr  Muslims   malcom x festival  2014X and Tacuma King and girl with african instrument

african Dance students

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